Slow Down Inspector Gadget: 11 Ways Your Inner Stalker Is Showing

January 18, 2013  |  
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Searching for people on Facebook. Making “surprise” visits to special someone. Repeatedly messaging people over and again despite no response. If you think any of these behaviors are normal, guess again, you might be one step away from being a stalker. Yes, we normally think of a stalker as some creepy person who tries to murder you in your sleep, but believe it or not, it doesn’t take much to display stalker characteristics. In fact, many people do little things, without realizing they’re being a bit of a stalker themselves. Here are some things you might be guilty of doing that show the stalker in you after all.


Creating a fake profile on Facebook

There is is reason why Facebook is called facebook, and not Facebooks. Why? Because you’re supposed to only have one account! Somehow, people seem to think creating multiple Facebook accounts is okay. It’s understandable if you want to keep work professionals away from personal content,  but when you’re using this account to add friends you wouldn’t normally add from your usual account(an ex maybe?), or to look at profiles you wouldn’t usually look at, you are being a stalker…

Pretending you need something from someone’s workplace

So you find out the man that you’re crushing on works at an insurance company down the street, so what do you do? Show up pretending to be “interested” in insurance of course! And somehow in the process, you manage to make yourself believe that you actually might be interested in insurance. Stop lying to yourself…you are stalking!

Doing a drive-by

Ever driven by an ex’s place to see what they were up to? Or even strolled past your worst enemy’s home? NEWSFLASH: This is stalking! Let’s be real, if a stranger were to do this, they would easily be considered a criminal offense. Just because you might know the person, it doesn’t mean you’re not being stalkerish too.

Looking at someone’s Facebook profile multiple times but never adding them as a friend

So you search someone on Facebook just to find out information about them, but don’t add them because all you wanted was to see what they were about…If this doesn’t sound like stalking just from the description alone, then I don’t know what is…

Adding someone you don’t know just to get info

This one is almost like the last one, except in this case you actually do add the person. Ever add someone from your workplace to your Facebook even though you never actually talk to them at work? Either you have a crush on the person or you’re just trying to find out information about them…another stalker tendency.

Showing up uninvited

Not all surprises are good, and if you’ve ever shown up at an event uninvited, this falls in the bad surprises category. Yes, it may be tempting to see a certain person you’ve got a thing for, but it can also come across as creepy. Do yourself a favor and just say no to this behavior…at least for your own self pride.

Following someone to confront them

Ever been so angry at someone that you followed them around just to confront them? You might have even been so angry that you followed them all the way home.  In some cases, it might be to tell off a man that is playing you, or even just to yell at a friend who you feel betrayed by. Either way, following someone who doesn’t want to be followed is stalker type behavior.

Going to an event just because someone (who is not yet your friend) is going to be there

I’m sure many of us our guilty of this one…going to event just because a certain someone is going to be there? ***sigh*** yet another way in which Facebook can unknowingly turn people into stalkers. Can you imagine a world where we couldn’t see who was going where from Facebook? Oh wait, that’s what the real world used to be like…

Searching them on Google

What can’t you find on Google these days? Pretty much nothing…which is why Google is the perfect weapon of choice for a stalker. It’s so readily available that even us normal people get tempted to search up people to find out information. No, we’re not talking about celebrities here. We’re talking about searching up a colleague at work, an acquaintance or any person you know of but never talk to. Searching once or twice is normal, but anything more than that is becoming slightly stalker-like.

Contacting someone multiple times even though they never respond

Ever instant messaged someone to say hi and they don’t respond back? You start thinking maybe they didn’t receive the first one so let’s try again? Hmmm, still no response…then you think maybe they changed their phone number, let’s give them a call only to be greeted by their voice mail? WARNING: This is the point in which you should stop contacting them because you are wandering dangerously into stalker territory.

Befriending people around your person of interest

Saving the best for last? This sneaky stalking tactic involves friending up a few of the the people around someone, until you finally get the nerve to talk to the person yourself. In fact, you might even justify this with excuses like being shy, or trying to learn more about the person. Either way, it is definitely is a mild form of stalking.

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