His Thing Does What Now?? 15 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Male Private Part

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Men tend to say that the female reproductive organ is the most complicated of all the human body parts, making analogies about pulling levers and twisting knobs in a factory to work it properly. But their seemingly straight and straightforward member has some interesting behavior of its own! From impotence to sensitivity issues and showers versus growers, here are some of the most fascinating facts about the male sex organ.


If he doesn’t use it, he’ll lose it

Like any tool God gives you, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! The flow of oxygen to a man’s member that happens during an erection is essential to the health and maintenance of said member. Without regular erections, men can experience shortening of the penis over time. So be generous with your man, even if you’re not “in the mood.” Or else you may find yourself disappointed when you are!


There are “showers” and “growers”

The length of a man’s flaccid p*nis is no indicator of how long it will be when erect. (Makes you feel bad for those guys being teased in the locker room!) A man with a small member might experience growth twice that length when erect, while a man with a long one can experience no growth at all. So don’t judge a guy by the bulge in his pants.


Men overestimate

Whether they should or shouldn’t be, most men are not humble when talking about their own private parts. When asked, the average self-reported size was 7 to 8 inches. In reality, the average you know what is 3 to 4 inches long.


He’s got a soft little underbelly

Or at least his little man does. Most healthy men surveyed reported being the most sensitive to sexual pleasure on the underside of the shaft and head. Closely following those areas in the pleasure department were the upper side of the head and shaft, as well as the sides of the p*nis.



Sensitivity decreases with age

It’s hard to pinpoint at exactly what ages, and by exactly how much, but there is a definite decline in sensitivity in the private for men, as they grow older. However, rarely does a man complain about this to a doctor. That’s probably because your gorgeous body on top of his gets his imagination going enough to make up for the lack of sensitivity.

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Vibrators aren’t just fun—they can be helpful!

Vibrators are not just for women. They can also help men climax. Vibrators have even helped men with spinal injuries—those that really struggle to orgasm—reach completion. So, imagine what one could do for a healthy man…


Half of his man is hiding

Just as you can’t see the roots of a giant tree, you can’t see the entire male private part. In fact, about half of it is tucked inside the pelvis and attached to the pubic bone. This does little to affect your sex life, but it’s an ego boost for guys.


His private is an ecosystem

There are 42 unique types of bacteria living on the male private. However, this number is lower in circumcised men. Don’t worry—it’s healthy bacteria. Nothing to be afraid of when you’re down there, ladies.


There *could* be a link between circumcision and HIV

There is a certain type of bacteria called anaerobic bacteria that can live within the moist folds of an uncircumcised male p*nis but dies when a man is circumcised. Some research suggests that this bacteria causes the immune system to respond in a way that makes it more susceptible to the HIV virus.


Circumcision is not the norm

You may have found most men to be circumcised, but that has a lot to do with where you live. Worldwide, only 30% of all men are circumcised. Jewish and Muslim men make up for 70% of that figure.



Impotence is a legal issue

Women may get shafted (excuse the blatant play on words) in many parts of life, but their rights to sexual pleasure are not overlooked! Impotence is grounds for divorce in 24 states. And they say “lack of communication” is the reason for the divorce rates…


Men suffer from “P*nis Panic”

Officially called “Koro,” there is a real and widespread hysteria amongst men that their privates may disappear one day. Could explain why they’re always grabbing themselves—just checking it’s still there!



The French are rude for a reason

The French might be cocky for a reason—they are reported to have the largest average male member size, at 6.2 inches. Single women, do you know where you’re going on your next vacation now?


Men are big self-helpers

The average number of times a man will “release” in his lifetime is 7,200. The average number of those that will come at the work of his own hands: 2,000.


The boomerang

All those crazy positions you and your man are into today could cause a shift in, um, things tomorrow. If a p*nis bends in a certain direction regularly, overtime it can become permanently curved.

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  • Mei

    Hmm. Have to wonder if this is religious jargon to get women to have sex with their men more, or if there’s any actual science behind it.

  • Dave Branch

    Lack of sensitivity, lost sensitivity with aging, lack of lubrication during intercourse, the need for Viagra and lubricants…ALL result from genital mutilation, from which females in the US are legally protected. The studies related to AIDS are also a scam, condoms protect best, but “circumcision” also removes interferon found in the foreskin, and one of the body’s strongest immune system components.

  • jack

    Stupid article, especially written by a clueless female.

  • Karmaceutical

    My man is a grower, for sure! Flaccid, his member is only like 3″; however once fully erect he’s two handfulls and more of pure solid 9″ enjoyment!

  • Danielle Williams

    don’t believe the French thing.. but everything else heyyyy I feel educated haha

  • Linsee

    Or at least his little man does. Most healthy men surveyed reported
    being the most sensitive to sexual pleasure on the underside of the
    shaft and head. Closely following those areas in the pleasure department
    were the upper side of the head and shaft, as well as the sides of the

    so basically, his whole p*nis….
    good to know.

  • Brian

    I hate to break it to you people…but that Congo study was flawed. It used a non-scientific internet survey

  • chanela

    At least men know how women in the natural hair community feel about shrinkage. LMAO

  • chanela

    i <3 men and their schlongsssssssss

  • LiiSH

    All those positions can cause a permanent curve you say?…. :::goes to sign up my man for yoga::: He gonna learn today! How to get that sweet spot LMAO!

  • faydee

    Very informative. Thanks.

  • Interesting. Ijust read a study yesterday that mentions that the longest body parts were actually found in men from Congo. French are better endowed than Americans based on the same study, but are nowhere near the top

  • Treen

    Welp, guess I’ll be moving to France. 😉

    • i knew a French man with an African….

  • bvictorian

    Because we adhere to certain brand and adsafe guidelines and that word is not compliant with those policies.

    • GeekMommaRants

      Thank you for your response. My comment is not meant as an insult. We have body parts with names, using biological names should be compliant with everything. This is my only point. Again, thank you for the explanation.

      • bvictorian

        We agree. Unfortunately we just don’t make the rules.Thanks for understanding 🙂

  • bvictorian

    We adhere to certain brand and adsafe guidelines and that word is not compliant with those policies.

  • Just saying!!

    Wow. Didn’t realize that abstaining from sex was putting him in harms way. I’ll find out the rest later…ain’t got time for all these clicks!! Lol

  • Pet

    Well well well. Fascinating. Really informative. I had no idea that its possible it could permanently bend. What a finely crafted piece of work *bookmarks*

  • RJA

    Best. Article. Ever. This was worth the clicks!

  • Nikki

    I wish they mentioned why the traditional Jewish circumcision is controversial.

  • Kay

    The average is 3 to 4 inches long….. *crickets chirp*

    • Yeah, I bet some guys be wishing they could pull the other half out of that pelvis! (Slide 8) LOL… how informative, you learn something new everyday because I sho didn’t know that!

      • Kay

        Me neither lol.

    • SL

      exactly! the largest average size is in Congo-Brazzaville I think, at 8.something inches; even the UK beat France, so that was totally inaccurate :/

      • Live_in_LDN

        Haha yeah it sounds like that title of a blaxploitation ‘adult’ flick

    • Live_in_LDN

      There are a lot of Congolease immigrants in France as well as other African immigrants from the former French colonies. It makes sense.

  • Mike

    MN does it again. Knowledge for the women AND men. Thanks. I don’t believe in that “koro” thing, though.

  • JD

    I was so excited to learn more but I refuse to click

    • Mike

      Its worth it. All men need to click cause we don’t know it all.

  • GalaxyEmpress

    So many pages to click…. Ain’t nobody got time for that!