In Random Reality TV News, Guess Which Famous Jackson This Persian Pop Princess Is Dating?

December 24, 2012  |  

Source: Bravo

After I get my Sunday night fill of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” I turn my attention to reality TV drama of another sort — the “Shahs of Sunset.” This show follows a group of Persians in Beverly Hills who are living the glamorous life and trying to balance their parent’s expectations of excellence and tradition (such as Muslims and Jews sticking with their own kind) with their own desires, which are basically work hard and play even harder — and drunker.

Last night, one of the oddballs of the group, Asa, dropped a bit of a bomb when she introduced the audience to her longtime  boo. Asa is a refugee and doesn’t live quite as luxuriously as some of the other cast members — mostly because she’s spending her time trying to launch a pop career rather than doing something more stable like going to law school as her mother wishes. Anywho, when we found out who her man — or shall we say, her daddy — is last night, I can see why she thinks she might have a chance of making it.

The shah let it be known that Jermaine Jackson Jr. is her boo thang and he has been for two years now. After pointing out that as far as Persians are concerned, dating a black man is a major no-no, Asa proved she’s on that K Michelle with zero f**ks given. Not only does she call him “daddy,” and not just in the bedroom, she also talked about being very traditional and cooking him dinner every single day. And not just like, here’s some meat and potatoes. She busts out a four-course vegetarian meal for JJ on a daily.

Guess we can see why he’s not going anywhere. I wonder what Janet and them think of Asa though…

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  • André Stark

    this is not surprising. once you et out of your group you find that the stereotypes that were perpetrated by your group prove to be false. She is an artist and is dating another artist. Further JJJ’s dad is married to a Muslim Woman not surprising

  • steffiqt

    JAnet’s fiance’ is middle eastern, so ASSA fits right on in!!

  • Lue Blacknell

    I do not understand-is it Jermaine Jackson, Jr.? I thought the real/fake-looking Jermaine was married to a Middle-eastern woman? So this would be his son-right? It has always been obvious that most of the Jacksons’ have an identity problem. I watched this show & they seem to be “Persians World- meet Jersey Shore.” Just a bunch of materialistic drunks!!!!

  • Kitsy

    Yes. I was…surprised! When she was fawning all over him last night it didn’t look, or sound like love. She was speaking to him the way a h*e speaks to her pimp (the “daddy” thing is case in point!)

    I want to know what her parents think. Do they know? Do they pretend not to know? She said her mom was supporting the whole family on like a $30K per year salary. If that is the case, I don’t get how she seems to be living this leisurely lifestyle, unless it’s all on his money. Maybe he is supporting her family on the side and that’s why she’s able to be public with it. Hmm…

  • JacPo

    If I’m not misaken Hazel was Jermaine’s only black wife. The last one (Jermajesty’s mom) was also Persian.

    • Leslie Rene Anderson

      *snickers Jermajesty….

  • Miss_Understood

    I was sooo shocked by this revelation because I always thought Iranians or “Persians” as they still like to call themselves hated Black people, also he was mad creepy-his voice sounded like the dude that narrated the Thriller video and Asa’s alleged struggle. If you watch the show, you know that not only are Asa’s parents struggling, she also CLAIMS to struggle while at the same time living in a mini-mansion, driving a Mercedes, burying $30,000 in gold in her yard and drinking water infused with REAL diamonds! I know Michael had all the money but JJJ can’t throw some money her family’s way?

    • JacPo

      Don’t forget, Jermaine has no money. He’s been fighting child support for a few years now and no matter what he says you know that’s why he petitioned to have the spelling of his name changed.

      • Ladybug94

        Unfortunately changing the spelling of your name doesn’t effect paternity or proof thereof. He can change his name to Cookoo Cocoa Puff, if he’s the father, he’s the father.

    • Caramel

      His voice (JJ) creeped me out too . . . bedroom voice on TV Dude, control your perversion for the Persian . . . made my skin crawl.

  • GymJunkie43

    If you watch the show, Asa is all about staying true to your ethnic features, yet she is dating a man, whose family has surgically removed every ounce of their ethnic features: nose, pigment, hair, etc. Interesting how some races can’t stand black people…..unless they are rich and famous. Makes black men look very self-loathing and desperate….sad. I could never date a person who admits that their culture sees me as beneath them.

    • Cleo

      You better preach..shoot look at Michael Jackson his whole entire estate is left to three white children. The hardworking black family from Gary Indiana legacy and money will be left to white people. Smh.

      • JacPo

        The church can’t say “Amen” to that one. Michael left his money to his children. No matter how we view their paternity from the outside, the man said they were his kids and he was the only dad they’ve known, so he left his money to his children just as anyone else would do.

      • Caramel

        I bet Joseph has a problem with that too!!! I know I would if MJ was my son.

    • Miss_Understood

      I wanted to like Asa but her whole image is game! She is probably only with him because she hopes he can help her weird music career…How down to earth can you be dressing in designer clothing, driving a fancy car, living in a beautiful home, etc while your family is struggling? Either they aren’t struggling or she is a selfish bish!

      • JaneDoe

        I didn’t get that either… When I saw her house and her bragging about the 30k in gold buried in the front yard and considering her parents is living/working situation I am still very confused. I really wanted to like her but after the past few episodes of the second season she is pretty much down there with all the other cast members. Except Lily, I like Lily

    • So does Janet and LaToya dating and marrying NON-BLACK males also make black females look “very self-loathing and desperate” as well?

    • Lee

      But did Jermaine Jackson Jr alter his features? If not, than the rest of the family doesn’t matter. You may have a point about some races not liking black people unless they are rich, but only Asa and Jermaine Jr. know whether their relationship is based on something substantive, not you or I.