Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Ne-Yo’s (Almost) Baby Mama Threatens To Sue Him For Talking Too Much

December 24, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

Being dragged to court by baby mamas is no strange occurence to men in the entertainment industry. In fact, it almost seems as if having baby mama drama is some type of clause that is built into their talent contracts. But, having drama with an almost baby mama? Well, that’s something new; something that singer and songwriter Ne-Yo can tell us all about.

TMZ is reporting that a woman named Jesseca White is threatening to sue her ex-boyfriend, Ne-Yo due to issues relating to a child that the two almost had together. How do two people almost have a child you ask? Well it seems that back when Jesseca and Ne-Yo were an item, Jesseca gave birth to a child whom Ne-Yo believed was his. In 2009 he found out that it wasn’t, but only after paying Jesseca $575,000 in a settlement agreement and signing the baby’s birth certificate did she confess that the child wasn’t his.

Considering how ugly the situation was they both agreed to a confidentiality clause, which prohibited them from ever publicly discussing what happened. They both did a pretty decent job upholding their ends of the bargain, until now that is. Ne-Yo recently opened up regarding his bout with baby mama drama during his September 2012 VH1 Behind The Music special where he expressed how distraught and heartbroken he was over the paternity nightmare.

Since the airing of the show, Jesseca has hired high-profile attorney Gloria Allred and is threatening to file a lawsuit against the singer claiming that his revelation during the special was defaming to her because it depicted her as “a harlot who lied, broke his heart and then vanished” and has subjected her to much ridicule and harassment. A letter from the attorney also claims that Jesseca has been so distraught and mentally tortured over Ne-Yo’s comments that she has been unable to work, had to file for state aid and is even suffering from intense “nausea, vomiting and hair loss”.

Catch this though, she’s claiming that she hopes she and Ne-Yo can settle things amicably in court, otherwise she has no choice but to sue him.

This is probably one of the most off-the-wall things I’ve ever heard, but I’m sure it isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Honestly, it seems like she should be the one paying Ne-Yo, not the other way around. But, a binding contract is a binding contract and if Ne-Yo actually agreed to never go public with the information, then he just may have to pay up.

What do you think? Is Jesseca completely delusional and looking for another come-up or was Ne-Yo wrong for publicly discussing the situation after he agreed not to?

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  • Guest360

    I think she’s doing the most by bringing up what this is doing to her. Throwing up? Losing your hair? Really? Calm yourself. This aint that serious of a situation lol. But she does have a point. They both signed a confidentiality agreement. He broke it. Therefore, he should pay for it. I can guarantee you if the roles were reversed, Ne-yo would have gone all out and sued her for every cent she owns and he would be well within his rights to do so. So I can’t say that she isn’t in the right here. Though all this extra stuff she needs to leave alone. You’re already winning. You don’t need to paint yourself as a victim who can’t work because she’s so sick over this. You look like a loon lol

  • Bobby

    This is why DNA paternity testing should be required at the moment a baby is born to unmarried parents!! If he had taken a test the day the child was born all of this would have been avoided! And, before any one says married women can have baby by someone other then her husband the law states when a married woman gives birth its assumed her husband is the father!

    • Kharrison

      I think that paternity tests should be administered every time a baby is born. It is so many children growing up being treated unfairly by their supposedly fathers because of questions about paternity. Married or not, patenity test need to be required for all

    • CA Pullen

      I agree absolutely. The minute that child comes out of that woman, A DNA should be done. This will save these black guys (particulary) a lot of headache and foolishness like this. You have so many women play game with these men and children, it should be mandatory. This girl lied about the baby being his and Ne-yo unfortunately sign a document keeping it under wraps. I hope he has a decent attorney. What did she do with that $575,000 settlement he gave her? I wonder did she use it for the child or did she buy expensive bags, shoes, etc. I think she just want more money out of him. Gloria Allred she needs to take cases that is worth her time. She represented one of Herman Cain’s mistresses and she didn’t get anywhere due to she signing a confidentality agreement. This will be interested to see how this case pans out. Unfortuanately, people don’t want to learn the lesson, they need to be careful who you laid down with. Just because the woman is attractive, you don’t need to sleep with her. I don’t care if she is black, white, bi-racial. arabian, asian, etc.

  • Miss_Understood

    Why did he sign the papers and pay her a settlement???

    This is a low down, dirty, scandalous broad and she is only bringing more attention to herself by filing this lawsuit and hiring hoe-chasing defender Gloria Allred! She apparently isn’t too embarrassed to get his hard earned money…absolutely reckless and shameful!

  • Trisha_B

    He signed them papers so he shouldn’t have spoke on it, b/c i bet if she wrote a tell all book, he would have thrown them papers in her face. BUT that part about her not being able to work, loosing her hair, throwing up was too much lol. She’s reaching w/ that. She’s using that to get more money out of him. Wasn’t he suppose to still see the baby? Why didn’t he take her to court for visitation or ask for that money back?

  • RATCHET!!!!! Its unfortunate that Ne Yo has to be the one to dig in his pockets for a woman who lied and tricked him but if there was a contract then he’ll probably have to dig even deeper…smdh

  • Pivyque

    If he signed papers not to talk about it and did anyway, she has every right to sue. No matter how ridiculous the situation is.

  • Charla

    She’s disgusting. Not only did he give her half a million for a kid that’s not his but she has the audacity to sue him for telling everyone how she lied and tried to trap him. She blew the money and now is suing for more. Where is the real father? And I hate Gloria Allred attention seeking self too.

  • Q

    After that episode of BTM aired, the model, Jessica White, posted on her twitter that she was not the girl. And there are actual pictures of the “baby momma” with Neyo and the boy.

    • Miss_Understood

      yea I just googled this chick, the ironic part is that she does kinda look like a busted biscuit can version of the model Jessica White…maybe Jessica White is the one here with the real case because if I were her, I’d sue this scandalous mud duck!

  • marie

    are you sure you have the correct Jessica White in the picture? The one in the pic is a Victoria Secret’s model. Pretty sure she didn’t have to apply for state aid…