Ladies, You’re Not Off the Hook! 9 Mistakes That Women Make in Bed

December 29, 2012  |  

Not too long ago, we posted an article on the most common mistakes men make in bed. Well guess what, ladies It’s YOUR turn. You didn’t think you were getting off free and clear did you? Sure, is geared towards women but that doesn’t mean we can’t check ourselves every once in a while – especially when it comes to sex. While I’m sure a lot of my sistas are holding in down in the bedroom, there could be a few things we probably need to address. Men often say that it is hard (no pun intended) to have bad sex but ladies, please don’t pat your collective selves on the back. We have work to do! Let’s explore these common female frisky faux pas.

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  • ash651

    Mismatched libido! Lol oh well, guess I gotta learn 2 be a morning person nxt time

  • I worked with a girl who flat out told me she refused to make any noise during sex. she wasnt like it was embarassing to her or anything, she just wouldnt do it. weird

  • Great advice but I pretty much do everything that’s on the list (and in some cases don’t). My thing is silence though, I’m not a faker – not on purpose, but if it’s not good my mind will wander then I’ll catch myself and think ‘da mn … I’m not even acting like I care’ this has happened on a few occasions.

    • flyer27

      you swallow? blow bubbles? you haven’t met that dude yet

      • Clearly lol

        • flyer27

          So easy to tell. I know you play the “eeewwwww ill never do that or good there” roll, but in the future when you do, you will forget about being boring. Young stars, smh

          • I actually don’t do that. I think you think I’m younger than I really am. I have a young face.

            • flyer27

              k. your loss.

  • bigdawgman

    Get Google Chrome or Firefox, and add the ad-blocker plus extension. No more ads!

  • Koyta

    I have realised that after having my second (and last) child, I have no desire for sex. My husband wants it all the time. Me not so much. Is there a female viagra. I am in trouble.

    • bigdawgman

      Go see a doctor, it could be hormonal. Them babies can throw you all out of wack.

  • willie


  • Oooooook

    Blk people web articles are dumb and country. This was the worst! It’s such a sad article.

    • bigdawgman

      Oh, and Cosmo is such an intelligent site with thoughtful and insightful articles??? GOH!

  • LondonTown

    Laying there like a dead fish didn’t do Kim Kardashian any harm!!! They all wanted to hit it.

    • Mia N

      Rule of thumb.The lighter you are the more you can get away with.If you more than just light–like not black at all,girl can lay there and just go to sleep,period!Kim studied that handbook,and acted accordingly!

  • Ladybug94

    What’s up with the loud ad. I turned my volumn down and it seemed liked MN turned theirs up some more. geesh.

    • bigdawgman

      Get Google Chrome or Firefox, and the ad blocker plus extension.

      • dawnnkm

        ad blocker is the only way I can tolerate this site. with the multiple pages that you have to click through, those videos are ANNOYING!!

  • Candy

    Maybe I run into weird guys or something, but my ex told me he liked I guess the natural sweaty aroma of my vagina. Like he the times he would realy like the have sex was when I came back from the gym or been out all day, which was weird because I’m like let me freshen up at least but he never wanted me to and my current boyfriend is the same, not to that degree but he stil prefers to have me after I been out all day. It drives him crazy.

    • SexyMex

      I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I wasn’t showered first before sex.. Some guys like that n its just crazy. I’m guessing its a turn on to them..:/

      • bigdawgman

        YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! Stop that showering, it bugs the h3ll out of us! Nothing smells better than natural cooch! Unless it’s that time of the month… you go right ahead and shower then.

        • edsullivan

          You, sir, are a pig. A real gentleman only wants a fresh, clean lady.

          • bigdawgman

            Gentleman???? What the heck does that have to do with aroma preference? So natural odor means it isn’t clean??? hollyw is right, you do sound like one of those misogynists from the 50’s. I’ll continue to open doors for my wife and treat her like a lady, and enjoy her “natural aroma” in bed. lol

        • hollyw

          bigdawgman, this is so validating to here! And edsullivan, idk if you’re a man or a woman, but a vag preference has absolutely nothing to do with gentlemanliness. In fact, I’d add that manners in general have no business in the bedroom. That ideology should have been left in the 1950’s where it belongs.

    • unrequitedlove

      Sounds funky……….

    • bigdawgman

      I ain’t even gonna lie! Hot cooch has the greatest smell ever!!! Great aphrodisiac!

    • Pheromones, honey haha

  • SexyMex

    My husband is never interested.. Truly don’t understand why.. I’m def not a dead fish n always gave him what he wanted.. Now he totally ignores me n I can’t even remember when was the Last time we were together, but all I know is I’m hurt when I try n I get rejected!!

    • Aww =(

      Suspecting that he may be starting to have a hard time keeping IT up naturally, is too tired, or he’s having an a _ _ air.. Good luck to you though hunny<3

    • Aww =(

      Suspecting that he may be starting to have a hard time keeping IT up naturally, is too tired, or he’s having an a _ _ air.. Good luck to you though hunny<3

    • misphit

      Maybe you should try to be spontaneous and give it to him without the sudden urge of having to shower first…..having to wait could possibly be the big turn off

    • blkrazor

      Sorry to hear that. You need to ask him what the hell is going on and see if something has changed the dynamics in relationship, esp if things were good before.

    • bigdawgman

      Better talk straight with him and let him know you’re not putting up with that isht! Sometimes we men forget the importance of communication.

  • IllyPhilly

    My mistake is yawning during boring sex, was that on the list?

  • Kaori

    Two things:

    Being silent during sex is not a mistake. Some people just aren’t noise makers.

    A woman doesn’t need to ‘keep’ her vagina shaved or trimmed, because believe it or not, hair down there is NATURAL.

    • Maxine Shaw Attorney At Law

      That’s another way for men to have us looking like pubescent girls.If they hate hair so much,they should start with themselves.

    • edsullivan

      So is underarm hair. Shave it or wax it. Clean is ‘natural’.

  • It’sMe

    Good article!

  • Stanley Dada

    Dead fish?
    I am not dealing with one for long. I’ll talk about it. If nothing happens, it’s so over.

  • AJ389

    Having mismatched libidos, whose fault is that? I don’t know if anyone should be blamed for that one.