Owe Me Back Like You Owe Your Tax: Promoter Suing Nas for $10 Million Over Kidnapping

December 22, 2012  |  

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A promoter who found himself in a bad situation is determined to hold Nas accountable for it, one way or another.

Concert promoter Patrick Alloco is suing Nas for $10 million dollars for what he believes in Nas’ role in a kidnapping and TMZ has, of course, obtained the documentation.  Not sure if you heard about this but the concert promoter was kidnapped in Angola after Nas did not show up for a concert on New Year’s Eve in December 2011 after he was paid $300,000.  Singer Jeremih was also part of the bill and didn’t show up but the assumption is that he was only paid $15,000 for his performance. The Angolan promoter that was involved, Henrique Miguel, was allegedly very upset because he put up a lot of money for Nas’ appearance and when he didn’t show up, he allegedly sent his “henchmen” out to capture Patrick until he got his money back.

Alloco and his son were held captive for 50 days – until February 2012 – when the U.S. Embassy finally stepped in and were able able to get them released (the Angolan authorities were aware of what was going on – they, in fact, held Alloco for over seven hours for questioning).

In the lawsuit filed in federal court on Friday, Alloco said he was threatened constantly and beaten during the time he was held hostage.  He also states that as a result of him being away from the states for so long and being unable to do business, he has lost his company and his home.

That is a lot of money and we already know Nas has had IRS money problems, ex-wife money problems, etc.  This case seems like it’ll be interesting (if Nas doesn’t settle out of court) because the only reason Alloco was kidnapped was because Nas didn’t show up for the show.  Now, who knows if he’ll actually get $10 million but you have to wonder if a judge would see things in his favor in some part.

What do you think? Should Nas be held somewhat responsible?

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  • renee

    Nas is claiming the promotors did not send him all the money promised and by the time they did it was to late for him to get a visa to go..Someone is lieing here he should have sent back the 300,000 or did the show but Nas probably would have been kidnapped to these peoples sound like the mob you sue people you do not kidnap them and beat them thats just wrong.. If all they needed was 350,00 how come this gentleman couldnt get the money together then get the money back from Nas himself..Someone is going to pay but who?

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  • Shorty, say what’s your price

    Just to back it up

    You can hold my ice

    Now let’s say you owe me something

    …. Dont act like you didnt start singing the song…

  • iontkno

    actually tagirl, this story is very old, i knew about it when the guy was still a hostage.

    initially all nas had to do was give back the 300k plus 50k for the troubles he caused. well nas only gave back a portion of the 300k, then started ignoring the situation, a situation he started. no one was going to sue if he had just done that. he chose to let that man, and his son go thru hell, behind something he caused. so yeah, he should have to pay back more than the 300k. it’s only right.

    • Megbabe

      We also have to consider the ethics here, we all knew he was kidnapped and just needed to be sent the money back. Did Nas even go to Angola? No pretty sure he didn’t! So if you haven’t moved a muscle why do you think your entitled to 300K ? I believe those cops and kidnappers beat them. So now he is entitled to pain and suffering. This is crazy! Someone’s life is on the line and you just sit comfortable in your mansion and have no empathy?! It’s to late to give back just the 300K. How would Nas feel if he was kidnapped in Africa with his son at his side. What if NO ONE CARED.

  • Guest

    Bwahahahaha. I was reluctant to read this story cus the headline looked stupid but so glad I did. It’s very funny. Lol

  • Justmyopinion

    It is very unfortunate that Mr. Alloco was kidnapped but I don’t see how Nas is liable for this. According to the original story ran by TMZ, Nas and Jeremiah failed to show because they missed their flight. If anything Nas needs to give back that $300k he took for the job that he didnt do. Other than that, how was he to know that this man would be kidnapped by Angolan government and held for 50 days. I don’t see this case making it too far in the courts, or being settled outside of one.

  • Tagirl

    Nas has no culpability and no sane judge would agree that he does. Artists break engagements all the time. He liable for that 300k possibly but nothing more. No one could foresee that man and his son being kidnapped.

  • Yes he should be held responsible it was because of him that this man was put through this and could have very well lost his life. Nas is lucky he’s going after his pockets had this been me I’d be after his hide.

  • sabrina

    If he was paid (whether partially or in full) and he failed to show up, YES, he should be held somewhat accountable. It’s not like he even gave the money back.