A Little Business, A Lot Of Pleasure: Serena And Her Coach Spotted Getting Cozy!

December 22, 2012  |  


A few months ago, tennis champ Serena Williams was spotted in Milan seemingly wrapped in arms with her tennis coach, Patrick Mouratoglou. Everybody was talking about it because not only is he obviously much older than Serena but because it was also rumored that he was married.  Serena actually took to Twitter to ask a cameraman to stop taking pictures because it had people assuming false things.

See, this is why you shouldn’t lie about things when pictures tell the entire story.

Our good friends over at Hip Hop Wired have posted a gallery of pictures of Serena and Patrick super booed up over in Mauritius on a boat catching sun with friends as they begin training for the Australian Open. In the pictures, Serena is spotted kissing on him, he’s feeling on her boo-HOO-ty (that’s the R. Kelly voice) and the obligatory hand holding picture. She can tweet all she wants but I don’t know any other conclusion you can jump to other than this is more than a working relationship.

We know Serena hasn’t had the best luck with men over the last few years (even though some of you are still hoping for a reunion with Common) and it’d be nice to see her in a good relationship if that’s what she wants.  But if he’s married…Serena, you in trouble, girl.  The idea of her possibly dating a married man will likely not go over well with fans.

Here’s to hoping he’s not married and this works out because if not, she’ll be under major scrutiny and she’ll be looking for a new coach.

We’re going to keep an eye out on this one, for sure.

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  • nikki

    i swear serena can b such a mess sometimes *rollseyes*

  • moemiel

    dont poop where u eat, who cares if he is married, he is her coach. wat happens when things go sour, she will get thrown off her game. ppl juss dont learn.

    p.s. the red dress pic must hv been during the off season, she must hv been off the steroids thus she doesnt look like a man.
    p.s.. mayb thats y she doesnt hv lasting relationships lol roid rage

  • OnyxPearl

    Serena is wearing the hell outta that dress!

  • Kenedy

    But where are the pics though? I just wanted to see them

  • ieshapatterson

    Let’s hope she’s not screwing around with a married man.remember what the media did to leanna ryhms? She’s still paying for it and that was 2 years ago.

    • CeCe

      She was married too. And in the end they got married. It doesn’t make it right tho…

  • Leave Serena alone!
    A lady has needs too.

  • IllyPhilly

    That’s a great pic of her.

    • bluekissess

      Know right? She looks good

  • bluekissess

    So the moral of this story is what exactly? Serena is wearing that red dress.

    • MLS2698

      Nope. I saw the pictures at ” Hip Hop Wired ” and the only thing I can gather from the pics is that, Serena’s weave is going to smell like hot fresh-water fish after being on that boat. Oh, and ol’ boys hand on her drink-shelf booty.

      • bluekissess

        I will focus on Serena the tennis champion and you can focus on her adult like activity. I could care LESS who’s she’s with although I did enjoy seeing her and common together. I can’t wait to see her in her next tennis match.

        • MLS2698

          You do know this is a gossip/entertainment site, right?

          • bluekissess

            It is? I didn’t even notice. In my sarcastic voice

            • MLS2698

              Yeah. But you are right about concentrating on other things. I really thought more about how Serena and her family noted that they don’t vote/stay neutral when it comes to politics because of her religion. So, I never thought much of a person who could make that statement, but didn’t have a problem with laying up with all kinds of men without being married. Oh, well, that’s entertainment. When she has kids, she won’t be able to say she helped vote in the first black prez; a basic right that we didn’t have for years.

              • bluekissess

                o_O… anywho. I will cheer her on for the Australian open

                • MLs2698

                  True compartmentalization. Yup.

                  • bluekissess

                    True ignorance runs rampant in 2012 going into 2013. Since I don’t see facts about this Serena story I choose not to comment. I will focus on what I know. She’s a great tennis player, she’s inspired me to watch tennis more, she’s a great business women. Oh, and a great tennis player. This is considered negative news so. I’ve decided to shed light on the positive. Call my technique any psychological word you like. Doesn’t really matter. MN writes and promotes every article with “love” you can read that in the about section of the website

                    • MLS2698

                      You shouldn’t get so down about that ” Christmas break-up.” It’s not worth it.

                    • bluekissess

                      Child please…