So About Katt Williams…Yes, There’s Been Yet Another Incident!

December 22, 2012  |  

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Are we being Punk’d?  Is Katt Williams really finding himself in these ridiculous predicaments every week or are we falling into a trap?

TMZ, who appears to have a direct line to everything Katt Williams, reported that Williams was held by police Thursday night outside of a Subway restaurant.  Apparently, they were called to the scene because he was involved in some type of disturbance at the establishment, although it remains unclear what the disturbance was or who called it in.  He was handcuffed and placed in the back of the police car where he then…smiled at the TMZ photographer on the scene.

Williams maintains that the only thing he was guilty of doing was waiting for his friend, Suge Knight, as he got his manicure/pedicure.  In fact, he says he believes this was a racially motivated situation an is considering bringing a lawsuit against the city. He might even call in famed lawyer, Gloria Allred.

The whole story is weird because Katt says the police found a bag of marijuana and a gun on him but returned both because he produced  has a medical marijuana card and a permit for the gun. The police, on the other hand, say the only thing they found on him was an empty magazine for a gun.

He was eventually released by police after both he and Suge, who arrived at some point, received citations – Katt for parking too close to a fire hydrant and Suge a ticket for having outstanding traffic warrants.

A Subway employee said he didn’t see any disturbance or fight and actually bought the men sandwiched after everything calmed down.

Of all the stories we’ve read about over the last month or so, this one screams the most “staged.”  Its hard to say who would be involved in all of this but there is a chance that with all the other problems Katt has, it makes him a very easy target and stories can be made up all the time without anyone questioning it.

Who knows if we’ll ever figure out what’s going on with him but here’s one thing we do know: if you ever find yourself extremely close to Suge Knight, he won’t scratch you up because he keeps his nails and feet done. See, there’s a silver lining in everything!

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  • nolimit_soldier

    I do find it weird that Kat was doing just fine before he did the whole exposing thing on his tour a few years he’s exposing more and shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Jamie is gay (hell who have he been linked up with besides nobody)..and the things Kat write on his twitter is a bit alarming (esp if your the kind who can read inbetween the lines) Kat is most def a target and before long sorry to say but we will be hearing about him being dead some kind of way it never fails…first Pimp C and now Katt Williams (whom also calls himself a Pimp)..Hollyweird don’t have me fooled thats for damn sure! It pays to be an average Joe sometimes

  • Candacey Doris

    I think the cops are following him now. He’s a gold mine. Not saying he doesn’t do dumb stuff, but if the employee said everything was fine, why did they come?

  • Ms_Mara

    I just can’t get past the Suge Knight mani/pedi.

  • On_Point

    oh jeez what a coincidence, after he comes out with jamie foxx being gay, he gets into trouble again. It seems every time he airs out hollywierds/societes skeletons, he gets into trouble…. hmmm

  • bluekissess

    This story doesn’t follow the premise of this website “love” smh I’m honestly tired of seeing or reading the Katt Williams updates. Lets focus on Katt the comedian instead of all this other foolish crap. Lets be honest the cops only harass him because they want to hit that good weed. That’s it. I’ve never trusted law enforcement.

  • Kellz from the A

    Honestly, katt is one of the realist comics out there. I could be wrong but sum tells me some of his mishaps are a result of blowin the lid off some of the ish that happens in hollyweird that we’re not supposed to know (check out his video on jaime foxx). They need katt quiet. Im not sayin he aint crazy, im just sayin in hollywood when u step on the wrong toes…..yea people get set up, targeted, and their careers end

    • People said the same thing about DMX. Some I find to be true and some I believe to be simple poor choices these guys are making with their lives.