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December 24, 2012  |  
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Happy Christmas Eve everyone! You got one day left to fantasize about your Christmas presents. What are you wishing for? A winning lottery ticket? An iPad? A clean breakup? Obviously, we’d love to hear about your Christmas time fantasies but since we only have room to express our thoughts right here in this post, we’ll start off with the three items that each of us editors are coveting. Make sure to let us know what you would like for Christmas in the comments below because we know for a fact that Santa Claus checks for Madame Noire on the regular.

1. My student loans paid off

When I think about winning the lottery or stumbling onto some extra cash, I always think about how that money could be used to erase my student loan debt. My monthly payments aren’t unbearable; but if I had that extra stack of cash each month, nobody would be able to tell me nothin’. But for now, Sallie Mae, the government and ‘nem keep my stunting to a minimum. So if there are any takers…you know where to find me.  -Veronica Wells

2. All Seasons of “Living Single” on DVD

There’s no need to mouse over to your Google search bar and try to find this because it doesn’t exist. Apparently, the first season of “Living Single” on DVD didn’t do as well as anticipated in 2006; and subsequently, Warner Brothers decided to put the release of the rest of the seasons on hold. Which sucks because once you get the first season DVD, you realize just how classic the show was. So this is less of a request and more of a plea to any WB executives who just so happen to read our wish list…could you please release the other seasons? We’re feening out here.  -Veronica Wells

3. A Gift Certificate For All Things Etsy

Chances are, if you want it, someone on Etsy is making it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scoured the internet, looking for something very specific only to find that not only is it on Etsy, but that there are multiple options because several people are making or selling the exact same thing on Etsy. There’s really no other place like it.  -Veronica Wells

1. A spa package

Enjoying a relaxing day at the spa is one of those things women always say we want to do but never actually do for themselves because of the cost and questioning whether we really deserve it; but when someone else gives you this present you have no choice but to go, plus it proves you’ve earned it, and it’s free. — Brande Victorian

2. A Blu-ray DVD player

Since my Netflix subscription is wasting away and I missed the black Friday electronics sales, a Blu-ray DVD player would be perfect gift so I can start streaming and catching up on the shows and movies I’m missing. — Brande Victorian

3. A Target gift card

This is better than just asking for money, plus what can’t you find at Target? — Brande Victorian


I grew up in a house full of records and while most things have been digitally converted, I can’t help but be excited that the turntable of yesteryear has been revamped for a new generation of people. I might already have my beloved Channel Orange album by Frank Ocean and good kid, M.A.A.D City album by Kendrick Lamar, but I really want see what these new classics sound like in vinyl form in my apartment. This one from Urban Outfitters fits the bill for a good price! – Victoria Uwumarogie


Even if there isn’t not one black girl on this show, there was something about the breakthrough HBO hit “Girls” that was infectious. It was funny, it was smart, and white, black green or purple, the girls on the show were still relateable, especially in their humor. I’m hella thirsty for the new season to debut, but until then, I need someone to be a dear and put it in my stocking, because my lack of cable had me only able to watch the show online, and that ish is for the birds…–Victoria Uwumarogie

Some Funky Jewelry

While costume jewelry is fun, pieces with charm that can last for years in my jewelry box are a must for me right now. Simple gold necklaces or earrings, brass bracelets–hell, anything that won’t go green on me in a few months, is what I’m looking for. I’ve been eyeing some Henri Bendel pieces, and even some House of Harlow jewelry, but these Lulu Frost earrings with their Opalite cabochon stones would be much appreciated under the tree this year!

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