What Was That About? Things Men Do During Sex That Make Us Think They Don’t Love Us

December 28, 2012  |  
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Whether it’s their animal instincts kicking in, or something they thought looked fun in Adult Videos, men can do some pretty insensitive things during sex. Sometimes, they mean well and their attempt to spice things up was just misguided, sometimes they really do just view us as a booty call, but either way, these things make us feel like an interchangeable piece of meat.


Throwing the towel

If you’re not using a condom (and even sometimes when you are) there’s a certain substance that needs to be cleaned up after sex and we don’t appreciate just having a towel thrown at us! We’re already feeling vulnerable after we’ve let you enjoy our body. Having you treat us like the housekeeper doesn’t help that.


Skiping 4play

If you go directly to ripping our panties off and trying to have intercourse, we feel like our pleasure is completely irrelevant to you. Because, unless you were born yesterday and/or have never spoken to anyone about sex ever, you know intercourse is unpleasant for us without a little preparation.


Skiping talking altogether

Sitting silently watching television does not a romantic moment make. So when, out of the blue and after a half hour of zero interaction, you jump us, we feel like you view us as a pleasure toy you can just pick up and play with whenever the urge strikes.


Not kissing us

You know who else doesn’t kiss during sex? Most prostitutes. How do you think that makes us feel when you avoid a lip lock during sex like the plague?


Going to sleep right after

We know that men naturally have the urge to pass out after sex, and we also know that the men that really care about us fight that urge and take a few extra moments to make sure we’re comfortable, have a cup of water if we need one, and know they appreciate having us there. And those that don’t care about us just let their sleepy hormones take over.



Pushing our head…south

If a man really cares about us, he appreciates every moment of sex: from the initial make out to the actual intercourse. He isn’t thinking, “This sucks. I really wish we could get onto the next part.” So, when a man forces our heads in the direction of his member, we know he is not in the mindset of enjoying every moment.


Always wanting to be behind

There are a lot of fun positions that require the guy to be behind, but if you are foregoing a little face-to-face action all of the time, we think you’re trying to eliminate any intimate aspect of sex. Or perhaps trying to picture someone else’s face on the other side of that hair you’re pulling…



Not helping us finish

If once you’re through, it’s through, we definitely feel like a toy to you. A man that cares about us, no matter how tired, gets his mouth/hands or whatever ready and finishes the job he started.


Bossing us around

“Faster! Slower! Higher! Move over! Turn over!” If you’re commanding us around like an army sergeant, we feel that all that matters to you is that things go physically perfect—just the way you want them. And that if they don’t, the encounter wasn’t worth it for you.


Moving at warp speed

We get it, when you use your own hand or any other, um, devices you may have at home, you “beat it” “shake one out” or any of the other euphemisms that imply you move really fast. That’s just your instinct and if you didn’t have a woman in the equation to please, that’s how you would be moving. So, what does that say to us when there is a woman in the equation to please, and you still move like that? It says that you’ve kind of forgotten we are there.


Leaving their mark

You know those women who scream, “Oooh yeah! More! Yummy” when men, um, relieve themselves all over their faces? Yeah—they’re actresses. Very few women actually like that. And we feel like you view us as a Adult Videos actress if you try and pull that on us.



Trying to keep their bed neat

If you’re asking us to make no sudden movements, or stick to only one position, or keep our clothes on to keep your bed nice and tidy, leaving it looking as if nothing even happened in it, we think the appearance of your bachelor pad is more important to you than we are. Or that you have someone else coming over later who will be underneath those sheets.



Turning cuddling into sex every single time

Sometimes cuddling does naturally turn into sex and it’s a pleasant surprise, but if you simply cannot come near us without needing to have sex, we feel like the only time you can enjoy our presence is when you’re inside of us.



Always wanting to finish with oral

Sometimes it’s fun to switch things up and finish a guy off with oral. But men, if you’re asking to finish like that every time, we once again feel you are trying to avoid intimacy with us.

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  • Tom

    12 is bullshit. Don’t speak for 3.5 billion.

  • joblo

    What made you think they loved you in the first place? Most of the guys you have sex with in your lifetime DON’T.

  • Sara

    Hmm, I didn’t find any of these offensive – if you really love to have sex and please your partner. Men love freaks plain and simple.

  • Edwin

    Most of these answers are the reasons why we don’t like black women. European women are more freakier and don’t feel the way these women do.

  • Lexx Bot

    Not all of these are that bad.. some behaviors worse than these would be shamelessly farting in your face while going down on them, pressuring you into anal, demanding a sammich or something similar immediately afterwords, or turning on the tv / Xbox immediately afterwards with no signs of appreciation of you satisfying them ..

  • Marina Calis

    I like this artlcie…it gives men something to go on,in case they didn’t know.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    this article is funny as hell!

  • AJ389

    Damn! Who in hell y’all been sexin’? A change is definitely in order, handle that.

  • DJango unchained

    So you speak for all women? Some women like some of the things mentioned. The main reason why men go soft is because you take our mind off the sex,and want to ‘talk’ about what you don’t like.Maybe over the phone while you are being wooed ,is the time to bring stuff up.Some guys don’t want to kiss after some chick just sucked his man tool..The same women that is complaining about this is the same ones whining about how boring things are in the bedroom.

  • Doll

    Did anyone proof this? What is “Skiping?” I just can’t…..SMH….

  • Ladybug94

    One problem is assuming he loves you just because he’s having sex with you.

    • RisingSun

      Took the words right out of my mouth lol

  • Pivyque

    I got to page 7 and stopped. It sounds like a list of things you just want to whine about.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. I started yawning at page 5, I don’t like to kiss period. As long as my man gives me at least two good orgasms during sex he can go straight to sleep afterwards, save me the trouble of cuddling. I don’t care if you throw the towel at me, I can clean my own self up. Men don’t do such a good job of cleaning the “wonder down under” wiping back to front and giving me a bacterial infection. No thank you!!!

  • Stanley Dada

    If you can’t tell me you don’t like it, I assume you like it.

    • rzakia

      You’re right. I’m very vocal before, during, and afterwards. If I don’t like something I will most certainly let the man I’m with know. I don’t get women who feel comfortable enough to have sex with a man but don’t feel comfortable enough with him to tell them what they do and don’t like. That’s crazy to me. I feel like if I’m going to have sex with you it’s going to be enjoyable, I’m not going to be all mad and disappointed. So I’m going to let you know the deal.

      • Pivyque

        Right! I can’t understand for the life of me why women fake orgasms and then complain about their sex life.

        • hollyw

          B/c it’s easier than dealing w/ men’s ever-existing fragile egos. One word, they go soft and/or cry. Two words, they get angry, then don’t want to try. Three words, and they try, but still miss the mark. And miss again. And again. It’s not a young- or old-, good- or bad-man issue; it’s a MAN issue. The men of today are a bit more in-tuned w/ women’s needs (^though perhaps not this one^), but still have a looong ways to go.

          • Pivyque

            I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it is a man issue. My husband listened without getting upset or soft. The only way for us to learn how to please each other was to listen. Some men have fragile egos and some don’t. I’m lucky enough to be with somebody that could handle constructive criticism. I guess it’s all about how you say it.

          • Slingblade

            I don’t go to sleep after a bout of sex,I make ma girl fix me some corn bread and beans and then she get me a beer. After a good long fart I nods off,we been married for 20 years.

    • hollyw

      …b/c for most men, the SECOND you mention a dislike, ESP. during, they go completely soft =| That’s why.

  • Guest89

    Wasn’t this already posted a while back…without all the spelling errors? Skipping has two p’s.

    • joblo

      I know, right? It’s been over a year and a half and they still haven’t fixed it.

  • unrequitedlove

    uHow during a marathon session whenun things start to dry up a bit your guy just hog spits on his palm to lube up your c00ch o_0 that grosses me out

    • Hell naw..Dead LOL

    • Alexa

      LMFAO! That is so disgusting.

      • Monkeepaw

        Where’s the articles about when the coochie smells like a dead mouse got stuck down there? LOL LAMO !!!

    • tunrequitedlove

      *how about

    • RJA

      I hate that!! LOL

    • RJA

      I hate that!! LOL

    • DJango unchained

      Maybe you should stay away from those Hill Billies baby,or if the c00cho_le has a moisture problem take some initiative to keep some KY jelly handy and insight.