Let That Baby Play Already! “Toddlers & Tiaras” Mom Won’t Let Daughter Play Outside For Fear That Her Skin Will Darken

December 21, 2012  |  

After a little girl dressed up as the prostitute version of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and we were introduced to Mountain Dew and candy bar loving Honey Boo Boo and her crew, I think it became clear to all that Toddlers & Tiaras is a haven for the hottest of messes. But possibly one of the saddest kids to appear on the show and have people talking is little Selena Cruz, 3, an up-and-coming pageant contestant whose mother loves her “natural, golden skin tone” so much that she won’t allow her daughter to go outside and play in the sun. Not for an hour, not for 30 minutes, not even for 10, because her mother is worried about her tanning and getting darker, which could keep her, in the mom’s mind, from excelling on the pageant circuit.

“She has to stay inside, so she follows the proper protocol,” says her mother, as the little girl stares sadly out of a window, nose on it,  watching her brothers go at it at the basketball hoop in their yard. The little girl let it be known in her own little interview that she would really like to go outside and play like her brothers, and proceeded to do the oh-so cute but sad puppy dog face to the camera. But if it’s up to mom, little Selena is going to stay in the crib, Lord knows for how long, to ensure that she doesn’t get any darker than she is now.

Not only is this pathetic in the sense that she’s basically put her daughter in a situation where she might get older and be overly conscious of her skin and equate it as the preferred shade of black, but she might just be the first mom to want her child to stay in and not get out, exercise and play (and in a nice neighborhood!). Michelle Obama would be appalled. With so many kids trapped in the house with their faces glued to video games, the TV and phones, you have to get them out there and excited about being active early, or kids can end up child couch potatoes before you know it. Clearly this mom, who ironically is of a darker complexion, is trying to fulfill some sort of dreams she had through her child, but keeping little Selena trapped in the house like she’s Quasimodo in the bell tower sounds somewhat abusive. But that’s just my opinion.

You can check out the clip of this little girl and her mom talking about her oh-so precious skin HERE at the Huffington Post.

What do you think about her mom keeping her in?

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  • PandorazBox

    I’m gonna go easy…since this is such a delicate subject. But…Dear Author Lady: What the HECK do you mean when you say “she might just be the first mom to want her child to stay in and not get out, exercise and play” ? Did you just move to America YESTERDAY? There’s a reason why so many young girls (under 18) are at an all-time high for obesity, Type II Diabetes, and many other health-related ailments that usually don’t occur even in females from my Time (80s and 90s) as adults! Due to a Hair Complex….our little girls don’t swim. Due to a situation where many live in environments where going outside may be an inadvertent death sentence….many moms keep their girls indoors. Drivebys, abductions for child trafficking purposes. And then you got a good 40% of em who are as big as houses their DARN selves, and unhealthily find comfort in having a couchmate with whom to raid the fridge with. We can’t act too outraged about Mrs. Cruz’s color issues…til we petition all beauty supply stores who carry more Skin Bleaching products than a lil bit. Such applies to their ‘one-size-fits-all’ colored contacts. We support business establishments which advocate self-hatred – then act all ‘shocked and angry’ to witness someone (outta MANY) who’s taking her’s to the next level? It doesn’t add up.

  • Brin

    Hey you self hating bish, ever heard of sunscreen?!

  • Nokids4me

    This mom is ignorant. The child should be allowed outside to play with other kids. She will grow to resent her mom for isolating her like this. Put some sunblock on her and let her be a kid. Playing outside is healthy and helps a child to grow inside and out. She will end up obese if she continues to stay inactive indoors. Beauty comes in all colors.

  • ModelType

    Now tell me how I knew the mama was black……………when are we going to move pass that old crap.

  • clove8canela

    This is so doggone ridiculous. The little girl is cute, and she has a pretty complexion, but in the grand scheme of things, she’s really not that light. And really I know nothing about pageants but I feel like if they’re going to hold her back, just the presence of anything non white will do the trick.

    And for all these folks stuck on colorism, I wish they would realize that when non black folks get ready to drop that infamous “n-word,” they don’t care where you fall on the color spectrum, how “good” or long your hair might be, or where in the world you’re from. To them, and many people outside of the black community, you’re just BLACK!

    • And when you look in GLAMOUR magazine, when you see a “BLACK” model, she is black – very dark. It’s our magazines that choose the lighter black models..

  • Sagittarius81

    Wow, this is why I would never put my 5 year old daughter in child pageants, I want her to have a childhood. Plus mom needs her a^^ beaten, self hating broad!

  • frommymouth2urears

    Im not trying to be funny, but has the mom heard of sunblock? Everyone should be wearing some kind of sunblock are you risk the chance of getting skin cancer. PS that little girl mom is crazy as hell…this little girl basically has a job doing pageants at the very least she should be able to play like a kid outside.

  • IllyPhilly

    Wow, education, physical fitness, mostly self-esteem are nothing to worry about. What does FLOTUS know she’s only a dark Black a$$ that’s nothing more than a Harvard graduate married to the leader of the free world. *side eye*

  • Guest 347@yahoo.com

    Self hate at its best…Hope it works out well for her *rolling my eyes*

  • kierah

    This mother is truly sickening!
    And dumb – doesn’t she all those competitors spray tanning themselves. Pale ain’t where it’s at in the pageant world.

    She acts like that chick is going to tan herself to Alek Wek’s complexion by playing outside. It’s impossible. The most that will happen is her daughter will a couple of shades darker and a few degrees happier.

  • Ms_Mara

    Now, I don’t want her to groom a child with an eating disorder, but how good will her chances at winning titles be when she’s grossly overweight? Doesn’t she know that children need physical activity? How can you put your child’s complexion ahead of her health? I just can’t with some people. And I saw a girl darker than her win several different category prizes in 1 show so she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to own up to the REAL reason…

  • Bobby

    I seen this episode, the is Hispanic and this going to ruin this little girl for the rest of her life, but the dark/light skin issue is big in the Hispanic community, the lighter the better is how some of them feel.
    She needs to be concern about her daughters WEIGHT!

    • MLS2698

      For someone who doesn’t see much sun, she is not that light. I’m lighter than her, and not Hispanic. Cray!

      • TX2Hi

        This mother probably had color issues growing up and doesn’t want her daughter to go thru the same thing. Sooooo sad what she is teaching her. I saw this growing up as well.. My cousin’s mother would tell her to wear a hat so as not to get too dark.

        • MLS2698

          Yeah, well these blue veins on the under-part of my wrist, and some other areas the sun doesn’t see are disgusting to look at!

          • PandorazBox

            Don’t do “that”. You think by deprecating physical features which stem from your lighter complexion is somehow going to ‘make “Them” feel better’. It doesn’t. I got blue veins on the under-part of my wrist too, but you feel a need to make a grand announcement……why? Have a seat and stop letting “Them” get you all defensive. If folks are making you feel any which way about the color of your skin, do like I do….and ask them how much they’d like it if the script was flipped and you were to come at THEM with insensitive commentary based on THEIR complexions? It’d be the day they ALL STFU. Works for me!

            • MLS2698

              I know this is a couple of days late and you won’t see it, but……you cray. I just need a little more sun, my self.

              • PandorazBox

                Regarding: You cray……I trust that’s true! lol. Keepin it Trill ain’t easy – but someone’s gotta do it!

        • Her mom is not even that dark.

          • TX2Hi

            @facebook-1677744029:disqus You don’t have to be very dark to still have inferiority issues. I am not that dark but have still been told by some black dudes “I like em light”.

    • ikr i guess its not just a black thing but its still sad an stupid notherless i dont understand why everyone wants to be LIGHT…light is soo boring..color is unique and goregous

      • MLS2698

        I always felt like I would have had less acne problems if my skin was darker; never saw dark people with bad skin, but I could be wrong. *shrug *

      • PandorazBox

        We can’t help being light-skinned, Ms.TightWad! I don’t understand why females like you reckon you can get away with insulting Us….but “we’d” be sooooooooo wrong to make a comment about Your Type. A female is a work of art – be she midnight black or snow white. We’re all unique and gorgeous, and as we approach 2013 – it’d be mighty nice of you to leave your ignorance behind. Thanks a milli!

  • Trisha_B

    The mom is just dumb. The little girl probably won’t get darker from being outside, she’ll probably get a sun kissed tan. There have been dark skin girls that have won the highest titles on this show, so i don’t get how the mother could think her daughter getting darker will ruin her chances. What’s going to ruin her chances of winning is the 3 yr old being obese. Naturally some 3 year olds are a little chubby, it’s the baby fat. But this little girl is carrying too much weight on her little body. Her dad could barely carry her. I feel bad for the little girl, she’s so cute!

  • Charla

    So she’d rather her stay in the house and gain weight? I never understood the dedication to these pageants. They put more money into them than they will ever get out of them.

    • So true the prizes are mostly bs. These parents are living through their children entering them in pageants most of them really don’t want to do. My half sister’s mother did the same thing to her. I watch this episode the daddy is about as crazy as the mother. She is a beautiful little girl let her be one let her run, jump and play as other children do. You lived your life let her live hers.