Let That Baby Play Already! “Toddlers & Tiaras” Mom Won’t Let Daughter Play Outside For Fear That Her Skin Will Darken

December 21, 2012  |  

After a little girl dressed up as the prostitute version of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and we were introduced to Mountain Dew and candy bar loving Honey Boo Boo and her crew, I think it became clear to all that Toddlers & Tiaras is a haven for the hottest of messes. But possibly one of the saddest kids to appear on the show and have people talking is little Selena Cruz, 3, an up-and-coming pageant contestant whose mother loves her “natural, golden skin tone” so much that she won’t allow her daughter to go outside and play in the sun. Not for an hour, not for 30 minutes, not even for 10, because her mother is worried about her tanning and getting darker, which could keep her, in the mom’s mind, from excelling on the pageant circuit.

“She has to stay inside, so she follows the proper protocol,” says her mother, as the little girl stares sadly out of a window, nose on it,  watching her brothers go at it at the basketball hoop in their yard. The little girl let it be known in her own little interview that she would really like to go outside and play like her brothers, and proceeded to do the oh-so cute but sad puppy dog face to the camera. But if it’s up to mom, little Selena is going to stay in the crib, Lord knows for how long, to ensure that she doesn’t get any darker than she is now.

Not only is this pathetic in the sense that she’s basically put her daughter in a situation where she might get older and be overly conscious of her skin and equate it as the preferred shade of black, but she might just be the first mom to want her child to stay in and not get out, exercise and play (and in a nice neighborhood!). Michelle Obama would be appalled. With so many kids trapped in the house with their faces glued to video games, the TV and phones, you have to get them out there and excited about being active early, or kids can end up child couch potatoes before you know it. Clearly this mom, who ironically is of a darker complexion, is trying to fulfill some sort of dreams she had through her child, but keeping little Selena trapped in the house like she’s Quasimodo in the bell tower sounds somewhat abusive. But that’s just my opinion.

You can check out the clip of this little girl and her mom talking about her oh-so precious skin HERE at the Huffington Post.

What do you think about her mom keeping her in?

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