‘If She 35, Then I’m 17’: The Tamar Braxton-Joseline Hernandez “Beef” Continues

December 21, 2012  |  

Source(s): WENN, Urbanbellemag

This past Monday, we told you about the drama between Love and Hip Hop‘s Joseline Hernandez and Tamar Braxton that jumped off after Tamar kicked up dust around the ancient rumor that Joseline Hernandez was a man pretending to be a woman by adding her two cents during the premiere episode of Tiny Tonight. During the show, the clip of Joseline wailing on Stevie during a therapy session was shown. “I don’t got time for that type of boy-on-boy action,” Tamar boldly stated at the conclusion of the clip and then proceeded to call Joseline “a fine rendition of a woman.”

Of course Joseline didn’t take kindly to those comments and proceeded to go at Tamar via her Twitter page and now, the Love and Hip Hop star has taken the beef a step further. According to The Jasmine Brand, last night Ms.Hernandez made an appearance on Kandi Koated Nights where she chatted it up with Kandi Burruss and discussed the beef.

“First of all Tamar, they been saying you look like a dude four years ago. B***h you the one that look like a man, don’t get it twisted. Dont go there. For real, you like 50 years old. Im a young broad, I dont know you, why you f**king with me. I dont know who you are, I know your sister.”

“That b***h ain’t 35. If she 35, then Im 17 and we know I aint 17. She need to take that money and do plastic better surgery.”

Tamar, who has been pretty quiet since Joseline declared war on her a few days has ago has also responded via her Twitter page.

“I guess if I wasn’t bullied name calling wouldn’t effect me. I always thought I wouldn’t go through it as an adult. I guess I was wrong. smh,” she tweeted.

Now, Tamar is my girl, but she can’t possibly be trying to pull the sympathy card talking about she’s being bullied when this is some mess that she singlehandedly started.

Check out the full episode of Tiny Tonight on the following page. What do you think of Tamar’s claims that she’s being bullied? 

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  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    She started it.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    She started it.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    She started it.

  • Lovelyascanbb

    I liked how honest they were on the show you usually don’t get a chance to s that on shows like that but they probably will have scripts on the next episodes

  • nolimit_soldier

    I wonder if Vince can smell the beef thats cooking between Tamar and Jocelyn

  • scandalous7

    Tamar! your album just dropped and you are going to entertain Joseline’s superatchett a$$? We know you a lil ratchett yourself which is already one thing against you but you cant be superatchett. White people aint havin that lol and you need them to be mainstream(sad but true). Especially now a days where R&B is quickly fading out of mainstream music. Think Tamar! Vincent , help your wife! this is not a good look.

    • Kaori

      She didn’t ‘drop’ an album. She released a new single.

      • scandalous7

        hmmm ok honest mistake

  • Co-Co Diva

    I’m so sick of this Muppet & her schemes to become relevant…..give it up Boo, you’ll never see Toni’s success….

    • scandalous7


  • Jade

    In the words of Vincent Herbert, “there you go running your mouth again” Its pretty obvious that Tamar has a tendency to let her mouth run off like diarrhea, then get all defensive when she is called on it. She will be the reason her cd tanks because she has no filter and to stupid to realize her antics are not cute and she has run out. Hell even Nene realized it was more financially conducive to her life to tone down her over the top personality. Maybe she can get little Miss Muppet some pointers.

    • Jade

      *give* not get. I get overly passionate when it comes to Tamar. I just can’t stomach her, the site of her irks my nerves. She always has her mouth on somebody else when she needs to check herself. Some of her wigs/hairstyles are unbecoming and do not look professionally done, the foundation she wears does not match her skin tone and she is lying about not having any work done and I am not buying the vitiligo claim either.

      • Kaori

        You get ‘passionate’ about people who you don’t like? There is something entirely wrong about that.

  • lacoste


  • Erinn E.

    can’t do Tamar anymore (love that song tho). I peeped Tamar a while back, she’s the type of person
    to throw stones but when you retaliate she cries foul. Isn’t calling Joseline a
    man considered bullying also? She did the same thing with K Michelle getting in
    K business throwing stones at her but when K replied and called her a Muppet,
    she played the victim. Please, I can’t with this hypocrisy.

  • prettychick254

    tamar dont dish it out if u cant take it u talk too damn much i used to like but now i kinda dont

  • JustSayin

    Joseline told Tamar to “take her money and get some better plastic surgery?” Ummm. *Looks at Joseline’s face, chest and rear* I think you both need to research a better surgeon because we ALL know that those cakes didn’t come from god’s dough, boo boo.

  • bluekissess

    These comments don’t represent the “love” of this website but neither does this story. Most of the readers want positive articles but this celebrity garbage gets 105 comments? If we don’t agree on how these ladies handle their disagreements then we shouldn’t feed into the nonsense. SMH

  • unrequitedlove

    Ms.Hosaline(funky Dineva v) Needs a ESL class ASAP.This young man cant call anyone manly.

  • Yvette

    Dear Tamar keep your big mouth closed and you will not have to deal with folks like Joseline goin in on you. First, you threw shade at Beyonce then back peddled when you realized that you just may be committing career suicide and threw Claudia Jordan under the bus in the process. Now you wanna play the victim because Joseline ain’t going for your trash talking. I suggest you don’t say anything else on twitter (or anywhere) and let this beef die down because if you and Joseline ever come face to face she is not above punching you in yours. In other words……SHUT THE F%&CK UP SOMETIMES!!!!…

  • I love Tamar and the brand that she is building. You see Joselene is known for nothing but Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. A true newbie on the scene. So she look like a man just accept it and move on. It’s not that big of a deal. Tamar is not the 1st one who said it. Joselene can dish it but can’t take it. Stebbie J is not no eye Candy but he is the reason she got on.

    • lacoste

      She is entertaining on her on though

  • Say What?

    Well I’m not sure about their birth year, but I know that the majority of their body parts are still under their 90 day warranty.

  • Ms_Mara

    Where’s dude with the sock? He needs to come slap both of them with it. lol

  • Trisha_B

    Joseline is just giving this show more publicity, Tiny & Tamar are probably sitting back laughing like “keep ranting Jose, bring us more viewers…” Tamar just said what a lot of people been saying, Joseline is Jose! That’s why she released that naked pic of herself. & It didn’t help that she said Stevie J is gay. It was Claudia who said the worst thing, saying “she got a d!ck.” But of course Joseline isn’t going to go after someone who works in the white media. Joseline stop crying & move on. & Tamar stand by what you said…Was i the only one who read Joseline’s part in her voice?

  • Naany

    If you can’t take it then don’t dish it out. Tamar pulled the same mess with K.Michelle.

  • Datruth

    Truth B told Joceline does look masculine when the show 1st aired it was debates on every internet site about what her sex really was just to keep it 100. And I am sure she has heard that a lot its not throwing shade its the truth. Just like when she read Tamar about trying to look like a beyonce or someone else its true, bad plastic surgery its true, another true statement about Tamar is skin bleaching she DOES NOT HAVE NO DAM VERTiLIGO. Facts are not shade people

  • haveaseatamar

    Tamar always trying to play the victim..grl bye! And with all that plastic surgery on your face, you too look like a man Tamar. dont throw stones if u live in a glass house boo

  • sososerious

    Tamar stay bummpn her gumz why she feel BULLIED now

  • ModelType

    Joseline is a nobody, ok. She’s not physically pretty, all she has is that butt of hers. Tamar shouldn’t even be wasting her time on her ratchet butt………she just needs to tell her to stfu and hop on one of (STD-Central) Stevie J’s ratchet BUS!

  • Miss_Understood

    OMG Tamar is pulling the sympathy card? Girl, don’t be scurrred now! lol…I don’t care for Jose either but when he says something, he stands on it, he doesn’t back down, get scared and threaten to sue….it’s okay to not be about that life but then don’t TALK about that life either!

  • pretty1908

    But Joselene does look like a man …..is she going to fight, have a twitter war, and curse everyone out who says that . Joselene u just celebrated your 26…. no man you aren’t 26 at all. She is a solid 30 but Im sleep though

    • Robyn

      Omg! that’s too funny. Her english is good and terrible, if she spent more time working on her vocabulary rather than beefing on a social media being Steebie J’s top bop I don’t think she would that bad. She has a lot of mental growing up to do.!

      • Robyn

        * be* Almost 7 hours… 🙁

      • Crazy Diva


    • Kaori

      There is no way Joseline and I could be the same age.

      • Crazy Diva


    • Crazy Diva

      SHUT UP