‘Ghetto Superstars’ You Can Be for Halloween

October 23, 2010  |  

Halloween is almost here and you don’t have a costume and you’d rather not spending your time and money picking over the leftover scraps at the Halloween store. No worries, everything you need is right in your closet. Here are a few costume ideas tied to recent news events and pop culture characters that won’t cost you a penny. See if any of the following suit you or share your own ideas.

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  • maru-chan


    Ms. Demetria, this could have been waaaaaaaay better.

    *Lil Kim- pick a wig any color of the rainbow, but it has to be tacky and cheap. Get your ho gear and and clear heels and strut your stuff! For the ladies with a bit more cask to burn, pick up a lace front and cake on that MAC makeup.

    *Angela Davis- she's not ghetto but she was one of the pioneers of the afro back in the day. All you need is an afro (black women we got this one down!), a vest, big circular glasses and maybe some bellbottoms. Not only is it a halloween costume, its gives you a chance to school folks on strong black women in history if they don't know who she is.

    *Craig's girlfriend from the movie Friday- This girl is a straight hoodrat but she's comedy! You need super long acrylic nails(preferrable neon in color), daisy dukes, fresh nikes, and waist length blonde dookie braid.

    *Biggie Shorty from Pootie Tang- she has one liners for days and is the most coloful ho on the block. You need a comletely color coordinated outfit, any color of your choosing i.e. Red belt, red shoes, red purse, red stocking, red boa, red cheap looking wig.

    *Michelle Obama!- again, not ghetto, but it gives you a reason to walk around like a diva! You need a beautiful gown and pearls are a must. Oh and a fine brotha by your side to be commander in chief ^.^

    That's my 2 cents, *deuces*

  • Ms. Davies

    I must say that the Lonely, Bitter, Confused Black Woman is a freaking insult. I understand that when a women is going through her lonely, bitter and confused stages it is nothing to play with (which many of us care not to admit to going through)…but let us not play around with serious situations..we have come to far for this type thing to be considered a joke!

  • LoisLane

    I'm shocked no one's complaining but this list was hilarious.

    @ken ken I'm liking that Lil Wayne's Baby Mama's idea

  • ken ken

    im dressing up as one of lil wayne baby mamas…probable lauren london 😉

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  • Vel-J

    Well since there was the bitter black woman costume only fair to have the typical black male costume. All you need is a raggedy car with shiny rims, sagging pants, parole papers and a fat white woman. Viola!!

  • ECfromDC

    This wasn't awful….not at all.

  • FrankieFree

    Was I the onlyone in stitches once I looked at pages one through 6. BITTER BLACK SPINSTER, LMAO!

  • Titan

    Too droll