Tiffney Cambridge aka Mrs. The Game: “There’s A Lot Of Lonely Nights When You’re Dating An Entertainer”

December 21, 2012  |  

Before 2012, we had no idea that The Game was so serious about settling down. But this year, his romance with teacher and the mother of his two children Tiffney Cambridge was really put out there. On their VH1 show, Marrying The Game,  the couple document the days leading up to their wedding. It’s been eight years since these two met at da club and Cambridge says it hasn’t been an easy road as evinced by the fact that she’s sorta, kinda called off the wedding in the last episode. When she stopped by our L.A offices, she made it a point to say that women need to be wary of dating entertainers because it’s a rocky road (which we kinda already knew but still). Peep her advice in the video above.



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  • She does come off commanding but I agree with her 100% about the issues with dating entertainers. I dated a LOCAL rapper who nobody knew outside of a small circle and this dude was constantly on the road or at a show. From that experience, all I kept thinking was, “Man, I feel bad for women dating famous rappers. It’s got to be 20 times as bad.”

  • My Opinion

    She is TOO OLD for this and she knows better. If you got a man that you have to “work on”, you are not young enough to be his woman, you are old enough to be his mama. Game is not stupid though, he knows its cheaper to keep her . He can still do what he wants to do and she will continue to do what she’s been doing… call all her old a** girlfriends and cry. FACT – An educated person has no common sense!

    • @My Opinion, she’s not old enough to be his mother. He is in his 30’s, he just don’t act like it. I understand where she is coming from, but I do agree with you on certain things. She knew what she was signing up for. He is a gangster rapper, lol. Like a brotha said once on the Tyra Banks Show, many sistas are looking for Tupac in a suit. That man does not exist and women like her are trying to make that happen. Not judging her, but she is no spring chicken, she know what time it is.

      • Opinionated

        Thumbs up to you, we are on the same page.

  • JustIN

    Real talk, even if he marries her nothing will change. I hope, at least, she knows this.

  • JustIN

    Real talk, even if he marries her nothing will change. I hope, at least, she knows this.

  • currvalicious

    All she says is “Jayceon this & Jayceon that”. How does a school teacher (who’s obviously college educated) get involved w/the likes of Game. She’s an attractive extremely older looking woman, dealing w/foolishness. Why plan a big wedding anyways, go to the justice of the peace & call it a day. Have a nice reception & take a quick vacay–done. It’s been 8 yrs & 2 children, who cares about a lavish wedding. Clearly he doesn’t, she wants some Hollywood fantasy, well Ms Cambridge you’re involved w/a gangster rapper, not happening.

  • jenn

    they only have two kids together.his oldest son isn’t hers

    • Truthbetold

      He very immature, and has a lot of growing up to do. In the rap game, I don’t know if he will ever. She is way more mature than he is.

  • She edumacted she understands the game. She wanted that lifestyle and thought well if I have this one baby he will marry me. If I have this second baby he’s GOTTA marry me. I know good and damn well if I have a THIRD baby he’s definitely going to marry me . . . . wait what he got my azz looking silly for almost a decade and STILL no marriage? Girl have a seat. He’s living lifestyles of the rich and playboy.

    He’s got the best of both worlds and that’s how he likes it. He ain’t gonna change what he’s doing and he for damn sure ain’t gonna risk half his ish marrying you. Furthermore why should he? He gets to play daddy and “hubby” when it suits him, and when he wants to play he does.

  • Game stated on the show that his loyalty lies with his “homeboy’s” and not Tiffney that should let you know that he doesn’t wanna marry her

  • 2cents

    yea he clearly doesn’t want to be married. let alone to her. i’ve seen a few episodes and only one thing jumped out at me, which was how much he did NOT want to function as part of a unit/married couple. the worst part is that she KNOWS this. and yet.. continues to plan the wedding and continues to try to force him into acting the part.

  • SoTrueBlue

    Start to the point: She wants to change him! She needs to realize you can’t change someone. She knew what he was like before, so either accept it or leave him alone. I watch the show faithfully every week and to me she just nit picks at stupid silly things! It’s not that serious. I’m not saying she should lower her standards just stop complaining about every and anything and then have a pow wow with your girlfriends about it. Personally, if you askme (which i know no one did) but I don’t think they are a good fit for each other and Im sure there are a lot of people that will agree with me. Just because you have kids together doesn’t mean that you should be together.

    • I wish women thought more about having children with men they KNOW
      aren’t right for them. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. I
      believe most of us know when someone isn’t a fit for us, but we proceed
      anyway for various reasons. There are so many women who don’t want to be
      alone, so they settle, play the wife role, having babies, and then look
      around and, viola!, they are “stuck.”

  • Patricia

    This is not a surprise. Of course being a entertainer you are gone a lot. That is one way how they make their money. She knew that from the beginning what she will be faced with. But it is up to “the game” if he want to remain respectful and loyal to her. But if he is not ready to marry you he is not. You can’t make a person marry you. It is sad when these women live with these men for a certain amount of time and have children in the mix more than likely he is not ready to marry you. You are playing house. But they want the lifestyle even if he is a liar and a cheater.They put them in a lifestyle and they don’t want to go back to being poor.

  • La


  • Suga

    This chick knew how this dude was, now she wants to *itch and complain about it…Get real!!! this is what you wanted…. deal with it, or let it go…Hes who he is…… the same guy you met then, and hes not going to change unless he wants to…You cant change him…

  • MLS2698

    SHUT UP! Just shut the….ooooh! Women like you kill me, always complaining and having a pow pow with your friends to tell them your man troubles. You know this dude! You know what he is about! Why does an educated woman put up with this foolery? Cause you got them babies who look JUST like him, huh? I’ve only seen tidbits of your show, but telling a man you won’t be there when he gets back from doing his job is too much! You take the pics off the walls and pack the kids toys to do what later? To bring yo’ a** right back! I guess none of his ” boyz ” have enough skills to book his flights and be his manager? And then this ninja hits someone over the head with a bottle because they said, what? You know, a man died after being hit over the head with a bottle in a club where I live; now the sucker who did it wants to act like a lil’ punk when charged with murder. You know what…..just, never mind!

    • MLS2698

      And put on some damn clothes, instead of some sh*t with leather-like straps, or whatever that was. Sorry, working on not cussing.

  • ieshapatterson

    Another sad and lonely woman,playing house who wants her boyfriend to do right.but we all know,he won’t.

    • ConradDobler

      Another woman who adores the limelight and $$$$$ and doesn’t want to return to her “normal” life like the vast majority of woman….As far as looks she is just ‘ok’- nothin spectacular….

  • JaneDoe

    I caught two episodes of her show and Tiffany comes off to most as if she knows better but she clearly does not. Not sure who she is trying to convince but she is just like all the other baby mommas waiting around selling their sapp story. 8 yrs later and three kids and now you want to see change in your relationship. Girl pls.. I don’t see how some of these ppl aren’t embarrassed of their lives

    • yeppers

      I know thats right….self respect and standards should not go out the door I DONT CARE WHO YOU ARE DATING…Yeah we might not all get chances with these men, so we wouldnt know how they act. But If they cant handle a woman standing up for herself and demanding a respectful relationship then u dont need his a$$ anyway. People want that lifestyle so bad that they put up with the disrespect to say so and so is my man…EVEN THO HE EVERYBODY ELSE MAN TOO….bottom line is no matter who a man is. He is human, he should COURT YOU, DATE YOU, RESPECT YOU, ASK U TO MARRY HIM, GET MARRIED AND THEN HAVE KIDS. Like a normal human being….Im not acting like your wife without being your wife…thats what fools do. And why they sit up here for 8-10 years with a man that dont really want to marry they a$$.

    • Ikr if he really wanted her to be a WIFE he would have asked her BEFORE the kids…when i look at the show she he comes off as disrespectful and she comes off as DESPERATE..he seems like he rather have her be a baby mama instead of a wife and she wants to be a WIFE SO BAD I BET SHE ASKED HIM TO MARRY HER lol