Love & Hip-Hop ATL Versus NY: Who’s More Ratchet?

January 16, 2013 ‐ By Davisha Davis

lhh atl and nyc


“Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” has become one of the highest rated shows on VH1 because of all the ratchet ish that went down between the cast members. Steevie J, Joseline, and Mimi made this show what it is because of their confusing love triangle and some of the most unbelievable things happened right before our eyes that had nothing to do with love or hip-hop, just a group of people acting like they ain’t never been nowhere in front of the cameras. After watching just one episode, I can truly say I know how the saying “Where they do that at” came about. Welcome to Atlanta. Let’s do a quick recap to show you some of the craziest things that went down:

MadameNoire Video

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  • ibangedyamom

    The most ratchet is the host of the show who is profiting off of making those “Sistahs” look like total garbage as well as the “Brothas”. She is a smart woman but she is making them look bad by making these types of shows

  • Yvette

    Rasheeda needs to stop running her mouth about the K.Michelle/Memphitz situation and concentrate on her own marriage. She and Kirk don’t have any chemistry what so ever and she constantly talks to him any ole kind of way. It’s funny how she always jumps bad with K.Michelle, but said nothing when that record label lady was going in on her husband about how he manages their business. Even though what she was saying is somewhat true, her delivery was very unprofessional. Chrissy is just Chrissy. I hope she learns that once you enter the over 40 club, sucker punching folks and fighting in club is just no way to conduct yourself. Leave that foolishness in high school where it belongs! Also Yandy was right, no one likes Chrissy except for Emily and I think that because Emily is scared of Chrissy crazy tail.

  • NIC.ED

    i SWEAR i try not to be ‘ratchet’ and dont let the TV mess dictate how i perceive my beautiful black people or myself. but i TRULY identify with “At any given moment, without hesitation she will beat that A$$.” i HAD to laugh out loud b/c it is what it is and maybe these “stars” shouldnt front 4 the camera “if they aint bout that life” lol i identify with that too. believe it or not i hardly watch these shows or care about they hype. i just like reading blogs!

  • IllyPhilly

    Yo, I cracked up at that second slide for like three minutes. I swear that was the weirdest sh!t I’ve ever seen and I watched Brothers in outer space until it went off the air.

  • Watching the “love” triangle between Steebie, Joseline Hernandez (because she ALWAYS said her whole name) & MiMi made ATL the most ratchet season of Love & Hip Hop hands down!! Following up that mess with the subpar acting and storylines of the new season was a mistake… they should’ve just went directly into Atlanta season 2, because that’s what I’m ready to see! LOL!