Love & Hip-Hop ATL Versus NY: Who’s More Ratchet?

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“Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” has become one of the highest rated shows on VH1 because of all the ratchet ish that went down between the cast members. Steevie J, Joseline, and Mimi made this show what it is because of their confusing love triangle and some of the most unbelievable things happened right before our eyes that had nothing to do with love or hip-hop, just a group of people acting like they ain’t never been nowhere in front of the cameras. After watching just one episode, I can truly say I know how the saying “Where they do that at” came about. Welcome to Atlanta. Let’s do a quick recap to show you some of the craziest things that went down:


K. Michelle made it clear that she doesn’t like Karlie because of her gossiping ways. In attempt to speak about their problems, things may have been thrown out of proportion. K. Michelle isn’t scared of anything or anyone. If anything, she shows us just how crazy she is when Karlie bangs the table out of anger and she responds with a crazy look on her face and this classic line, “This B***ch is shaking the table. Whoooo0.” If I was Karlie, I would stay as far away from K. Michelle as possible because she’s not strapped too tight. At any given moment, without hesitation she will beat that A$$.


Early in the season, Mimi and Joseline decided to meet up after the whole pregnancy fiasco. At the table, Joseline tells Mimi that Steevie still hits her up, then all of a sudden this silly dude pops up and pulls out a pregnancy test from his pocket and throws it on the table. Where they do that at? How embarrassing for Mimi. As if she wasn’t hurt enough already, her dude is carrying another women’s pregnancy test! This would have been a perfect time for her to call it quits with him but I guess him doing that wasn’t enough.

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I don’t know how Steevie J convinced both of his ladies to have a combined therapy session but he did — and then it quickly backfired on him when Joseline found out he was still living with Mimi. Butt whooping ensues and then he takes a ride on that bus of his that he thought he was driving.


I’ve never heard  much music from Rasheeda until this show and from what I saw, I see why she’s still in the same predicament. Her husband, Kirk is managing her and he falls flat on just about everything. Her video release party was wack and her video shoot was a disaster, much like this conversation when she tried to explain to her husband where they were in their relationship. I’m not sure either one knows where they are.


K. Michelle made it no secret that her and ex boyfriend, Memphitz, who’s now married to Toya Wright, experienced some hardships. She claims that he was abusive and as a result it ruined her image and music career. For some reason Rasheeda essentially calls K. Michelle crazy, talking about “what if he didn’t really do those things to you,” like she wasn’t there and didn’t have the bruises to prove it, and that’s when K. Michelle let it all out.


Early in the season, all the ladies of LHH are partying together having a relaxed time. Karlie ,who talks way too much, tells everyone Joseline is a real chick because she holds down Steevie J. Umm, Mimi was sitting right there and right after she said that, he walks in with Joseline. You don’t need a magic lamp for this one — it goes down!


A drunk Steevie J called Erica a B**ch and soon after he found himself looking like one, when producers and security guards were dragging him through the parking lot half sleep after Scrappy put them paws on him. Bet he won’t be using that word again anytime soon. Aint nobody getting money in the A now!


Though we’re already into season 3 of Love & Hip-Hop NY, season 2 was pretty interesting. There were more fights than ever and everybody had it out for Kimbella. We were also introduced to Erica Mena who’s one hitter quitter antics landed her a spot on the current season of LHHNY. Let’s see the crazy backstory moments that led up to this season.


Before Erica ever met Kimbella, she was talking mad ish about her. She says she’s the reason that real models can’t get work because she’s doing it for free and for some reason Yandy thinks it would be a good idea to bring Erica to an outing with some of the girls including Kimbella. As soon as Erica sees Kimbella, she immediately attacks her. Glass is thrown, they both were scratched up like cats. Next thing I know, Erica calls the police and we see Yandy and Kimbella running for the border.

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Mama Jones has to be one of the most outrageous reality TV moms. She says what she want and does what she wants, so her recording a song and making a music video about Chrissy calling her a psychotic B***h  (or phsycotic b***h) wasn’t too far fetched for her. Unfortunately Jim and Chrissy didn’t find her tune quite as catchy or cute.

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This situation was the first time Yandy should have realized everybody can’t be friends with everybody. After bringing Kimbella to Emily’s “yay I left Fab” party, Kim decides to open her mouth and tell Em that she used to date Fab three years ago. If I’m not mistaken this was around the time Em had Fab’s baby. This didn’t sit well with Chrissy because she sucker punched Kimbella in the jaw about two minutes later. That’s ride or die for you.

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Erica was still talking ish about Kimbell at the end of the season but this time the words were seen in a magazine, rather than heard. When Kimbella bumped into Erica at her birthday celebration, she confronted her. That wasn’t the smartest idea, but then again Kimbella’s not that bright. How are you trying to fight the same person who attacked you and called the police on you the first time?

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Olivia goes to Hot 97 to address Funk Flex, who talked smacked about her on the radio saying, “you’re over, you’re done, your records are pineapples. You’ll never do anything again.” Flex clears it up saying the only reason why he blacked on her was because he thought she was going to tell 50 bull crap he said. I love how when she repeats what he says, he just laughs. It was funny but she’s a girl. He shouldn’t be going hard on her, she’s already sensitive about her music considering she hasn’t done anything much since being dropped from 50’s label.


Who knew you could get beat down just for liking a song? When Chrissy found out Yandy supported Mama Jones song about her — along with a suspect email Yandy sent to Jim — she attempted to beat the brakes off Yandy. During the argument, Yandy told Chrissy, “Nobody likes you! How did you just get engaged; you got installed.” Nice comeback! Unfortunately she still had to duck a few hands for that one.

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