True Life: I Did Some Stupid Things As A Teenager

December 21, 2012  |  


Asya: Got pregnant & hid my pregnancy for 8 months…smh


Dava: Not rebelling a little bit. I think if I had allowed myself to live a little I wouldn’t have gone so buck wild when I got to college lol


Alisha: One night stands


Renee: Thought I was a gang member in my own gang with no back up lol Some funny years I tell you.


Persia: At 16, I ran and hid in a closet of this guy I was dating when his dad came home early from work. Then I jumped out of his window from the 2nd floor. His friends were watching me from next door and one of them became my next boyfriend. I was just ignant…yes ignant.


Raquel: Thought I was in love and gave the idiot my virginity.


Elle: caring what others thought


Anneke: When I was a college freshman, my friends and I would walk on campus (temple university in North Philly) at all times of the night. One time we followed these guys to a party off campus…we were dumbasses


Karema: Getting fired from my Job at the movie theatre for giving hook ups. Charged a dollar for damn near everything on the menu lol


Kimberly: Cut school, got drunk, came back to campus (like a dumbass) and passed out in security’s arms. Thank goodness for my sisters getting my back and hiding me and helping me sober up before my mom came home.


Ava: Thought I could have straight pubic hair by perming it and well it’s not straight anf barely there…smdh


Nata: Gave myself to someone so unworthy of me at 19, lost my virginity, got pregnant and got an abortion….sad but I am wiser and stronger now.


Hasani: Did not attend high school graduation.


Kwellin: Hid things in my house for my ex that could have gotten me sent to prison.


Mimi: I used crazy glue on my hairweave!!


Mississippi: The stupidest thing I did as a teen… Was be afraid to be myself. Worrying about fitting in. I look back all the people I tried to fit in with are a bunch of has been bum Beyotches. I think to myself when I see them randomly “wow I was real dumb”… As Auntie O says “your ah ha moment.”

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  • sabrina

    i would have to say agreeing to hang out with [crip] guys we met on AIM (through a mutual friend) at my best friend’s house. they were so rowdy!

  • I took a ride to work with a complete stranger because it was raining and the bus was late. I was so close to becoming a statistic.

  • gina

    LOVE this article, LOL!!! Pubic hair perm…wow!!

  • heyheynow

    ha I can relate to a bunch of the comments above but the permed pubic hair has to be the funniest I can’t relate to that…and it should be stupid things you’ve done in college cause I did some pretty stupid stuff even when I was a 21 yr old senior smh oh well we live we learn and now we have stories that didn’t kill us!

  • chanela

    crazy!! i was just gonna say that the stupidest thing i did as a teenager was not go out, make new friends, go to parties,go to football games, play any sports or join anything, and not tell guys i liked that i liked then : (

  • kb

    we use to sneak out and club, then let random dudes drive us home. we thought cuz it was 2 of us they wouldn’t try anything. we were soo lucky they didn’t.

    • me and my friends use to ride with boys we barely knew all the time. we were so stupid

    • kierah

      Did this a bunch of times with my friends!! Shoot, the Boston T closed way to early for the clubs and a college girl can’t afford a cab all the time. In fact, we’d make a game of it to see who get the ride home first 😉
      Filed under stories not to tell my children.

      • sabrina

        omg you went to college in boston too?!?! that curfew was killer!!

        girl, i went to visit my homegirl in Boston in September and we ended up catching a ride with random guys all over again, smh lol

        • Dcarter910

          You are dumb as hell!!! This is why they dont even bother reporting missing black women anymore because y’all do the dumbest life endangering crap anyone could ever conceive. Making rape and murder so dang easy.Good luck!

  • BillyBob

    Perm. Pubic hair. Really?

    • Megbabe

      Thank You. Ignorance is bliss. Tmi even for this article

    • Yikes! was it that serious? i hope u put base on it first, lol. just joking.

  • Heyna

    Lmao at crazy gluing the weave in. & we all do some dumb things….all ages included

  • MLS2698

    I grabbed myself like I have ” lady bawlls ” with ” Ava’s ” comment.