If His Status Ain’t Hood: Suits vs. Hood Guys

December 20, 2012  |  

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From Hello Beautiful 

I can’t really give you a solid explanation because the reasons are many and range from everything to the way way they talk to their unintentional captivating presence when they hit the room, but I love hood boys.

As a teen from a conservative, suburban part of town, a hood boy is an automatic deal-breaker. I refused to date boys from my high school or any of the others in the county, denying them anything remotely more than a platonic friendship. We had a few cuties who I knew would probably graduate and become something grand, but the fact that they drove Honda Accords and not Box Chevys was a major turnoff to me.

Every weekend, my BFF and I would make our way about 30 minutes to the more colorful side of town where there was a surplus of “urban” guys. Instead of cheering on our home team of mostly squares, we found ourselves in the bleachers of Laney or Josey High, eyeballing boys with pants that were too big and chains that hung low. We were both amazed and envious that their concession stands had Roger Wood sausage dogs and that their dance team performed routines to the Ying Yang Twins’ latest single.

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  • wizdom

    This poor soul is the epitome of stupidity. God save me from having such a fool as a daughter! This is EXACTLY why the illigetimacy rate in the AA communtiy is at 70 percent. It breaks my heart to hear a woman at this age speak like this way. Our culture has been layed waste to due to the pervasive ignorance displayed im this article.

    I would LOOVE to see where she ends up at 40. Too many Black women have no idea how to choose a mate for life! To build a legacy with. When u marry someone u r also marrying into their family. Ppl don’t really understand what that means, dictating the kind of ppl who will be available in the village to rear ur children. You lie down with dogs n u wake up with fleas. This article clearly shows a person sorely lacking wisdom. Ladies for the love of God please marry a man based on his character above all else, his spirituality n his fiscal responsiblity.

  • Live_in_LDN

    Sorry I’m British and I’m a little bit culturally ignorant. What is ‘urban’ clothes and how does that differ from standard casual attire. Like if a black guy who is suited up for the weekday 9-5 hops to the gym in his sweats on Saturday, would that be urban too?

  • asian_sensation

    imho, he gotta be BOTH street smart and book smart. swaggin, he can go to work in a button-up shirt-tie then after work/when he not working, rock the hoodie with timbs/kicks on…just as long as he knows how to dress himself clean-cut-matchin & not sloppy, then thats wussup 🙂

  • sabrina

    this sounds like a scene outta ATL lol

  • Kaori

    Urban men/Hood guys = YUCK!

    • JettMane

      smart girl.

      • Kaori

        *Smart WOMAN

  • Like other women have already stated, i prefer a suit.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    and then we wonder why our homes are filled with single moms and multiple children with fathers out of the picture. . .

  • Kenedy

    Suits all day. Hood is so boyish to me, not man..ish. If you’re job requires you to wear a suit, you may be heading in the right direction

    • Not necessarily, there men who have blue collar jobs. So are they not headed in the right direction also? They go to work everyday, and make a honest living.

  • Dcarter910

    Well, I cant wait to marry my black queen, but first I have to wait for an untold amount of hood dudes to run through her, I have to wait for her to have 3 kids from dead beat guys and for her to have horrible or no credit.

    Then I can swoop in and play captain-save-um!!! And she will have been so physically, mentally and emotionally abused she will be ready to accept a guy like me and give me hell for all that she put herself through with the hood guys.

    By the time its all said and done, i will have raised 3 kids that dont respect me and feel completely alone as I lay beside a woman who is cheating on me or looking for someone to cheap on me with. I cant wait to marry my black queen. At least the author was honest, I wonder if she is a single mother by now?

    • Kay

      Lol you need to log off the computer and sit in timeout for this comment

      • Dcarter910

        @disqus_5XXQ809et9:disqus Glad you got the humor in my comment but…..it does skirt the coat tails of realism.

        • Sorry but so true, or you will meet her and she will tell you you are not man enough to step up the plate..lol

          • USAFSergeant

            This is so very true, especially around any large military base. I’ve seen it growing up both in Brooklyn and in D.C.. I thought I left that stuff behind when I joined the service, but nope. Dcarter got it in one.

    • Lol

  • IllyPhilly

    Bunk suits and baggy pants, I want him in Army fatigues! Most of the time, you get quite a bit of both and some insanity.

    • USAFSergeant

      What about Air Force fatigues? LOL

      • IllyPhilly

        That works too, I don’t discriminate. LOL

  • Any man past 25 still wearing “urban” clothes I’m looking sideways at. That style is for the young and after a certain age you ought to retire that look. You don’t have to wear suits etc but dressing for success is a must.

    • Kaori

      The cut-off should be 18.

    • USAFSergeant

      I gave up that look decades ago. I’m in my 40s, so I dress like a middle aged black men should (when not in uniform). I also listen to a lot of jazz, and drive a Caddy, like middle aged black men should (LOL)

      • LMAO! Get your grown man on and spread the word. 🙂

  • psst: mafia members wore slacks and a dress shirt everyday back in the day. Even when they were carrying out a hit……..

  • Machelle Kwan

    Blah blah. Just because a guy wears a suit doesn’t mean he’s a good man. It just means he has a good job that requires him to wear such things. And not every guy that wears urban clothes is a thug. At the end of the day, I just prefer a man that’s real, intelligent, and has a good heart. And please wear a belt and don’t expose your drawers.

    • Ce1999

      Yeah, that basically sums it up right there.

    • I agree. Women assume that a man that wears a suit and tie everyday is the one that is a good man and is faithful. I know alot of married men who wear a suit and tie everyday to work and be looking at hoochies while on lunch break. Or get on dating sites to flirt with women knowing they are married.

  • Meyaka

    I like my man in a suit,employed,educated and respectful. Women want to love thugs but cry when they get that thug life,I can’t.

  • crazyco

    I almost threw up reading this ! Like seriously ? I’ve never been a thug guy gurl, but nothing personal. I dated all types of guys. I kept a team of real N’s & lames ( love lames) never liked bosses and stayed far away from them ! My husband is a combination of things. Thugish ways, but a valedictorian, class President, honor classes. college graduate, will work you under the table type of guy YESS ! I think some people need to grow up !

    • Machelle Kwan

      Real talk. They act like it’s only one or two types of Brothas out there. Not every Brotha is going to end up with a job that requires dress attire. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad man. I know plenty of dudes with degrees that are wearing suits to work. But they are still garbage personality wise. Nor are they husband material. And they do the same stuff these fools on the corner do. They just don’t get caught. So who cares? It’s the inside that counts.

      • TRUTH IS

        Agreed; hence me saying if he cannot protect or be loyal…it wont matter….enough fly by night dudes out there


    Non of these matter to me if he cant protect or be loyal!!!

  • SheBe

    Hubby was raised in the hood but wears a suit everyday.

  • I don’t find hood brothas who stand on the corner or smoke weed attractive. I’ll take a guy that has hood in him with a suit on.

  • L-Boogie

    Like who you like. Eff everything else.

  • JaneDoe

    Give me a suited up guy all day everyday.. Nothing against hood brothas but that has been played out since I left high school.