I Know You Think You’re Fly But…9 Style Trends That We’re Not Trying To See in 2013

December 21, 2012  |  
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It’s been an interesting year for style. Platform sneakers basically came back, the half-shaven haircut kept its unwanted reign going, and the tomboy look as well as camouflage prints ran the hipster-chic world. And as exciting as those things were at first, we all know that with trends, they’re hot, and then they’re not. We’ve compiled a list of fashion trends from this year that everyone was rocking and had a good run, but need to gracefully bow out and hit the back of your closet. Of course, you’re going to wear what you want, when you want, because you’re grown (you know everyone loathed the look of Uggs years back but they’re more popular than ever), but it never hurts to be aware of what won’t be in style in our books come January. Shall we?

The Basketball Wives Earrings

Ba-by, let me tell you. There might not be anything I’m more tired of seeing from the style files this year (and late last year) than these very overdone earrings. Whether they’re hoops with big rhinestone covered balls at the bottom, or the hoops with the tiny balls and spikes hanging from them, these earrings that were worn all over by the women of Basketball Wives Miami were truly just tacky. They’re a beauty shop favorite, and I’ve seen them all over Instagram, but out of all the gorgeous pieces of jewelry out in these streets, why settle for these damn things!? They’re good to add to the drama in confessionals on reality TV shows, but in everyday life on everyday women, they look a cheap mess. No thanks.


The Shaved-Head Look

Honestly, this look should have been dunzo last year, but some people keep trying to┬áresuscitate it. And if that wasn’t bad enough, now the mainstream folks are trying their hardest to do it. It was fresh and unique a while back, but now it’s like the bad tattoo decision you put on your neck that you can’t hide. Once that new growth comes in, it’s going to be a looooong process getting that hair to grow back right. At this point, I would rather see Cassie go bald (because she would still look gorgeous) than to watch her, and a slew of other women, try and pretend that this haircut is still bada**. It’s tired boo, let it go.

The Wedge Heel Sneaker Trend

Earlier this year, Isabel Marant had everyone acting a fool in these streets in the attempt to get her snazzy high-top wedged sneakers. And while they were kind of funky and fun, since then, a bunch of knock-off versions have hit the streets that look a complete tragedy. I’m talking clunky looking and made of the worst materials. At least the Isabel Marant kicks were able to find a way to hide the wedge on the inside so that you really thought it looked like a sneaker from the outside, but the joints people are picking up right now look like straight up platforms, and I think we need to really leave those type of looks dead in the ’70s. Not all the takes on the wedge high-top sneaker are terrible, but there’s not too many I get a “kick” out of…get it!? Yeah, I know it was corny…

Bodycon Bandage Dresses

Damn you Herve Leger. While there’s nothing wrong with rocking a tight fitted skirt or nicely fitting dress that flatters your curves, can we please drop the bandage dresses that are a club must into a pit and set them on fire? For a hot minute they were too cute, but now? Very routine, and you can basically buy those joints from anywhere (maybe even a bodega, I haven’t checked). Plus, it’s just a mess to watch folks spend the whole night pulling down their tight dress instead of kicking back and being comfortable when they go out. Do yourself a favor (so you can finally breath) and give that look a break for a bit. Please?

Calling Shoes “Red Bottoms”

Rappers have people out here spending their rent money on a pair of shoes, ya’ll. Trying to keep up with the Joneses, many young women have gone out of their way to get some Christian Louboutins on their feet, skipping the long last name of the French designer and simply calling them “Red Bottoms.” Even men like Rick Ross and the Game have been giving shout outs to the red soles in their lyrics. Spending about $600 and more for a real pair, or getting a fake pair for the low-low, many folks are doing the absolute most to have the shoes, or look like they have the shoes, and don’t even know how to pronounce the name of them. Most pairs are nice, but the obsession over having them is a bit over the top. Hell, I’ve seen some Nine West joints that are cuter than most of these shoes for less than $200…



Tights As Pants

I love tights as much as the next person, I mean, they’re hellas of comfortable. However, I know the purpose of tights, and they’re not meant to be the new version of pants. If you are going to rock the tight look outside of the gym and the house, you should be wearing a sweater or top that covers your butt. But too often these days I see people wearing tights covered in crazy prints and colors and pretending like that makes them the official replacement of jeans as they wear them with baby T-shirts. And then they get on public transportation and wonder why the creepers are staring. You should be able to go crazy in tights in your humble abode, but once you step out the house, I’m not trying to see everything you’re working with in your sheer paneled tights. I’m just saying though.

Over The Top Heelless Shoes

Seriously? Ew. While there are a few fabulous heelless heels in stores, most of the ones we’ve seen are pretty hideous. They almost look like little hooks or elf shoes on people’s feets covered in sequins and spikes and sparkles. If you’re going to do the heelless shoe, just keep it simple. The ones with the wooden heels are actually pretty fresh, as well as some of the chic Giuseppe styles. But anything like the shoes above and you’re going to look like a crazy mutant. But kudos to you if you can walk in these jokers comfortably!

Random Golds And Grills

I thought we came out of this I-cover-my-teeth-in-gold-platinum-and-aluminum-foil phase after Nelly did “Grillz”? Guess not, because this entire year everybody and their mother was trying to bring back gold teeth and grills. From Bey and Rihanna, Chris Brown, Trinidad James and even Ryan Lochte, metal teeth for the moment were all the rage. When you have a whole lot of money and some free time, you do some really random things (just go through any young celebrity’s Instagram and you’ll understand what I’m saying). But nothing more random than this mess.


Severe Ombre Hair

Most ombre hair is pretty gorgeous. It can make your curls look more romantic and just provide your hair with some extra character. But when you do severd ombre coloring, like the look above, where the colors used are drastically different, it can be a bit jarring (and again, a hot mess). Not only that, but too bright ombre like a really bright blonde can make your hair look dry and dull. Or it can make your weave look oh so terrible. Keep the colors kind of cool and save the bright mix matched colors for your clothes–not your head.


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  • Toni Xing Wanliss

    i like everything on this list except the shoes and earrings. It’s 2014 and those styles are still relevant and evolving. this list seems a little Premature. I expect better MN

  • mik bailey

    black women and blonde hair are so played… they need to stop!

  • mik bailey

    Some women will wear anything if men tell them its fashionable.

  • Guest

    I wear tights as pants but thank god I know how to dress them and I only wear them in the winter with a long sweater and some boots but I do wear a long t shirt in the summer with flats but has a plus size woman I have the legs to pull them off. And those super long weaves with that part in the middle with bangs OMG

  • IJS

    And only those without alot ofmoney in the bank, listen to rappers hwo can afford things, and spend their last on it. Nicki says Michael Kors, everyone’s obsessed. Red bottoms…..Gucci……True Religion. True Religion is ugly to me, the large stitching, yet everyone’s trying to get them. I don’t follow trends.

    • True Religion clothes are ugly. I always wanted Micheal Kors since Project Runway but now I see it more. Red Bottoms is something I dont want cause you cant return them lol they would know asap you worn them.

  • Tights as pants ain’t going no where… get over it! LOL!!

  • JustSayin

    So one thing.. that photo you have for “tights?” Those are leggings. So that should be edited. Leggings have been worn an alternative for pants forever… hint spandex. Bandage dresses? Those are not going anywhere. I think they are cute. It just depends on who wears them. High top tennis shoes? Those are old. They are right up there with the high heel Timbs that Beyonce wore in the Bonnie and Clyde video with Jay-Z? Let me see what else? Statement earrings? Those are going to stay as well. They are right up there with Door knocker earrings and the earrings that have your name in them. I think that was it. The hair shaved thing is super old also… that was done first by Rihanna wait nooo. Kelis? From the Bossy video. That is old that trend is. Most of these trends that she stated that SHOULDN’T make it to 2013 are the trends that this current generation is known for. No different than hoop skirts w/poodles or the bill cosby’s sweaters.

  • Kaori

    For the women:

    1. Blonde hair on Black women

    2. Tights AND leggings as pants

    3. Super long individual braids

    4. Heels being worn with outfits were flat or casual shoes are much more appropriate

    5. Rolled up sweatpants at the waist

    For the men:

    1. Oversized puffer vests with an oversized hoody underneath

    2. Sagging pants

    3. Hats being worn as a prop on the head instead of how a hat should be worn

    4. Fresh sneakers with a raggedy outfit

    5. Braids if you are over 18

    6. Gaudy jewelry

  • realadulttalk

    How did lace-fronts not make this list???

  • chanela

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO i never knew those were called “basketball wives earrings” lol

  • some people can rock it some people can’t. point blank period.

  • Ashley

    I don’t care what ya’ll say, I look good in my earrings “with the balls” in them!! LOL

    • Jud Jud

      Werd I like “basketball wives” earrings I have two pairs

  • unrequitedlove

    Anything Chanel inspired just looks tacky oh and putting spikes on everything.Taking pics with your foot cocked up so that world can see your Louboutins yet your posted up in a section 8 project building.And men please stop wearing Leopard to the club yall remind me of Jerome from Martin.

  • mac

    I like the high end heelless heels but these knockoffs these cheap little stores are making are just hideous and turned me off to the style completely.

    On a separate note, I’d add overdone concealer eyebrows to this list, and definitely this out of the blue Michael Kors obsession

    • TeahMonae

      I don’t understand the Michael Kors obsessin either. My husband asked me if I wanted one ( seriously, he should have known better). I was like h e l l no ! They were okay at first but now everybody and their mama and lil sister got one and that is a turn off to me.

      • Jess

        Michael Kors is the new Coach

  • IAJS

    Invisible parts and lacefronts should have been on here, they are both tragic

    • Ms.904

      Im tired of the repunzal weaves, eyelashes so long they can cool you off, mohawks on men, basket ball earrings, and those “lil wayne” skinny leg jeans please retire these before 2013

  • Suchalady

    The knee-length weaves with the “good hair” that everyone is getting has all these black women looking like the same person, which is whack. The heelless shoes also need to die a swift death.

  • for real now?

    Two things that I hope will go away…. obvious false eyelashes and wearing heavy makeup (the kind of makeup that is meant for tv like HD makeup). Sometimes, less is more. I think some of it could be due to all those “beauty gurus” on youtube. What translates well on camera doesn’t work in real life.

  • they forgot to add sneaker boots and skinny jeans!!

    • skinny jeans on a man yes but on a woman it depends on the shape, size and body type on a woman.

  • KJ23

    I’m tired of the middle part with the winged bangs that frame the face look. It’s cute, but goodness, everyone has their hair like that.

  • Ummmm, how did the talon nails not make the list??? And maybe its just a Cali thing but the grills and the half shaven head has been out a couple of years so whoever you caught wearing it was just wack. IJS

  • The Struggle Is Real

    Unless someone is going to purchase my clothing…I am going to continue to wear what I want …yea…I didn’t think so Lol

    • sound like you guilty of wearing these mistakes… and will continue into the new year

  • ANTMilf

    I’ve never seen anyone wearing heelless shoes and thank god for that. I see women wear the supertight pants and most of the women I’ve seen wearing them are out of shape and they looked, oops, I mean ARE 2 sizes too small for them.

  • miemie

    I HATE these heelless shoes! looking like a horse on a girls night out. neighing and whipping that mane.. nope, won’t be caught dead in them.

    • ANTMilf

      Dead at neiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!

    • LMAO!!! I know right? That’s just dumb!!

    • mia

      lmao i used to think they were so fashion forward till the basic bishes got ahold of them and bastardized it…as they do everything

      • princess courtenay

        rainbow got them for 24.99…..(and dont question how i know that!!)

      • chanela

        RIGHT!! they always mess it up! lol

  • anonymous

    with exception of a few this is a horrible list