Girl You Crazy…For Real: 15 Celebrities That Might Really Have Problems

January 15, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler


You ever have a moment where your “you so crazy friend” seems really crazy? Some celebrities’ wile-out moments have me worried about their mental health. Sometimes the spotlight sheds some light on your mental deficiencies. Are these celebrities really crazy or just acting a fool for ratings?

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  • Taelyr

    I feel like the title of this article implies that because they are celebrities that they are not humans too with flaws like everyone else. Idolizing celebs and making them superhuman is obviously going to shock us when they mess up in very human ways.

  • nai

    if rih rih is up there, then chris brown needs to be up there too

  • amir bey

    Lil Kim and Tamar need stylist; can see the tracks and the make up is horrid!!

  • amir bey

    Everyone has some type of issues; some just handle better than others but Minaj is the worse. Mariah is married and successfully raising a family so can’t be that crazy.

    • Taryn Bryant

      Minaj has those crazy eyes. They’re scary.

  • sos

    Mariah carey is a nut….tommy had her locked up and she signed in years ago…the end and shes a rapist…lol

  • joseline

    Seriously…how many reloads does roaman need.This chic is clearly NUTS,how many personalities did she say she has?Doesnt matter no one is w/her 4 her brains its those butt implants….lolYES FAKE!!!And barbie is WHITE…clearly ur not and she never did ANY of what minajaeveryone does

  • Just saying!!

    Eminem, Beyonce (I think she secretly has issues which is why she’s always trying to please people), Kanye West, Naomi Campbell, the list goes on….

    i think Hollywood in general makes people go crazy….

    • Taryn Bryant

      Ummm…I don’t think Beyoncé ever tried to please anyone, especially those who work around her.

  • monstruz

    Why are 13 of the 15 alleged celebrities with serious problems of african decent?? I don’t even know who some of them are. what about Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears, Marshall Mathers, Courtney love, Charlie Sheen?

    • Howard Sturrup

      this site usually post about people of color

  • For real you called her “Tony” and not “Toni”? Last article I read talked about someone’s “passed”, not their “past”. Madame Noire, if you need an editor I am free.

  • NIcki’s face in that pic keeps me LOL’ing!

    • Massive Attack

      It’s Barbie, Barbie, Barbie… Or one of her other personalities maybe?

    • Taryn Bryant

      Yeah, you laugh until she shows up in your closet one day.


    Most of these stars are linked to illuminati which causes these “meltdowns”

  • zr

    12 out of 14 on the list are black people, so Meg Butler, the author, may want to look in the crazy mirror herself.

    • Taryn Bryant

      Well this is a site based on black news…so, it stands to reason, there would be more black people talked about. They just throw in others for a little extra crazy. Although they should have thrown in Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus. There are just too many to name.

      • Jacque

        You forgot Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears.

  • scandalous7

    MN, this is about the fifth time yal posted that pic of Tamar with that damn lace front lmao…yal know yal wrong for it!

    • Massive Attack


  • cryssi

    *Toni….not Tony

  • brisha

    This article is a perfect example of why mental health issues are not always taken seriously, especially amongst US.

  • moemiel

    i dont understand how u linked mel’s racism as a result of bipolar disease. bipolar disease doesn’t mean a loss of understanding social mores, it’s exaggerated feelings and emotions (can go both ways), it hardly manifests itself as racism. We prolly learned that mel is racist n bigoted bc he was on an extreme that made him unable to control his thoughts but he was always racist. just hid it better. pls mental health is already so taboo, lets not go around misdiagnosig ppl.

    • KJ23

      Yeah, I watched a documentary about Mel Gibson and his father was a known… I wouldn’t say “racist,” but he definitely felt a certain way about Jewish people, and that intolerance rubbed off on his son, and probably grew once he moved from Australia to the United States.