Sad News! Michael Ealy Is Officially Off The Market — As In Secretly Married

December 20, 2012  |  

Source: PEOPLE

OK so this isn’t really sad news for Michael Ealy, but it might be for fans like us who were unnecessarily holding on to the actor’s alleged singleness. Turns out he’s not single at all, and he hasn’t been for a long time. In fact, now he’s married. According to PEOPLE:

Actor Michael Ealy married longtime girlfriend Khatira Rafiqzada … back in October, his rep tells PEOPLE.

Ealy, 39, and Khatira Rafiqzada, 31, wed in a private ceremony in Los Angeles. The couple have been dating for almost four years.

“Michael has always been a private guy, and he wanted to enjoy his time as a newlywed with his wife privately,” his rep said. “Now that some time has passed and the holidays are here, he wanted to share the news with his fans that he is married and very happy.”

Four years?! Michael had us all bamboozled. I guess he just wanted to keep some part of his life private, but is anyone else feeling some type of way about him claiming to be single all this time. Couldn’t he have just said he doesn’t talk about his personal life? Hmmmmm.


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  • LadiesNight

    You thought I was going to let this fool right off the hook. I DON’T agree with interracial
    dating, I DON’T condone interracial date, and I would NEVER date interracial. You mean to freaking tell me this clown ninja couldn’t have found a black girl??

  • LadiesNight

    You thought I was going to let this fool right off the hook. I DON’T agree with interracial
    dating, I DON’T condone interracial date, and I would NEVER date interracial. You mean to freaking tell me this clown ninja couldn’t have found a black girl?? Nasty, lame, weak fool.

  • LadiesNight

    See, just by him marrying a “woman” who is NOT black makes me not support him. You mean to tell me he couldn’t have found a decent, intellectual, educated black woman that carries herself with poise, grace, and style?? SMH, when will these black men learn???ANOTHER one bites the dust.

  • MKayy

    I know love sees past color, but it’s way more than a coincidence that most of these successful black man always seem to have a wife or girlfriend of a different race. Smh keep turning your back on us, but remember it was a BLACK WOMAN who raised you.

  • braun shuga

    ppl have the right to date and marry whomever makes them happy…..period… the end!

    every black person does NOT have to marry another black person. it just burns my buns whn “we” purposely exclude our own.

  • Keeping it real

    Most black men date and marry black women. This man is bi Racial because he clearly has Europeans features with his skin color and eyes. You can go ask Akon do black people look like him in Africa and he will tell you no. Most black people in America do not look like him. Some black women have to smarten up because most rich black men in business and the NBA and NFL or soccer players are married to black women and that is a fact. Most black men only marry women of the same CULTURE go ask Lebron James. If you think so many black man marry out then tell us who are they marrying because not many marry white women and that is a fact. The 22% is not factual because the guy who said that took a small number and inflated it base off of what he BELIEVES.

    • Angela

      He does not possess any European features. There are no Europeans who look like Michael Ealy. Its absurd that people think because a black person is lighter than average or has a different eye color, that somehow makes them closer to white. It doesn’t.

  • And some of ya need to stop fronting because if she was black, ya would still rag on her for something, either being too dark or too light, too skinny or too fat. Women love to complain period.

  • Eh who cares, I got bigger problems to deal with than two people getting married.

  • Penny jones

    White advertisers know exactly what they are doing when they refuse to use attractive African women in commercials, their is a strategy to portray our women at the bottom, yet they make $500 billion dollars annually off of African women, you think you will see White women complaining they are the ones that benefit, not African women.

  • Penny jones

    Do you think it is a mistake that we are bombarded with billions of images of White women annually, they are always shown with a white man, Black women are left out of commercials, if they are included once every 10,000 commercials, Black women almost always looks like the obese Pinesol lady, with bad braids.

    You think this is a coincedence? In the meantime, the White women are allowed to steal from our exotic features, by plastering their hips, lips and buttocks to look like us, all while painting a billion silent messages annually that we don’t count. Then you honestly believe it doesn’t effect people’s choices in marriage?

    • SMMFH @ YOU

      Large lips, hips and butts are not black features. Every race has that. Black features are very dark skin, very curly / kinky hair, upturned eyes and broad nostrils. Nobody goes and gets that. But I will tell you who does steal. Black women. They actually take another woman’s body parts and put it on their bodies. That’s what the hair industry is… black women stealing Indian women’s hair and putting it on top of their own hair. That’s actual stealing. White women get their own fat moved to their butt, they get collagen in their lips. Black women actually take someone else’s body parts and put it on top of their own and have the nerve to call white women thieves.

  • scandalous7

    she is a very beautiful white women. *Sigh*. There is nothing we can do about that is there? Sigh. I wish he was with Taraji P *sigh again*. I really wish I can get over this issue but I CANT!!

  • CA95616

    Glad he’s finally married – I was beginning to wonder!

  • I live in a state where all black men do is date outside their race, so this is no surprise. Black women we get know love. Extra points to the President for recognizing.

    • scandalous7

      no love , not know love. Please tell me that was a typo

    • chanela

      is that california? if it is then i know 100% of what you’re talking about. when i was in high school i worked at a movie theater and if i saw 20 black men a day, only 3 would be with a black woman.

  • iReezy

    Et tu, Michael?! *SIGH* Oh well, they’re cute together. Congrats to the newlyweds.

  • yes. he would probably be called a self hater if he claimed his other half.

  • greyedeyed girl

    why is this such a big deal?

  • Bey

    This is not bad she is not black but for god sakes for one chance at least a middle eastern woman is going out of her but idk they dont like blacks so her family is not going to be thrilled even if he is rich and famous this wont last at all

  • Aaaaaaarrrggggghhhh. So sick of these black men marrying anything but a black woman…….won’t be supporting Mr. Ealy or any of his projects anymore.

    • that’s a lot of power to give someone? wow!

    • So i guess if your mailman marries a non-black woman(assuming he`s black)are you going to stop accepting your mail?

    • Ya mad!? Or nah?

      LMAO! Ahhhh haahahahaha. Let it burrrrrnnnnnnn, let it burrrnnnnn, ya gotta let it burrrnnnnnn….

      • Diveta Cranford

        You just now commenting a YEAR later????? Lmmfaoooo!!!! Wow obviously you have nothing better to do than troll Madame Noirs page looking to start some ish….you are so 2000 & LATE!!! #SITYOA**DOWN!!! #ByeFelicia

  • Ms_Mara

    Congratulations to them both.

  • Negress

    I’m only shocked when she is black.

  • Katze

    Congrats to him, she’s beautiful! 🙂

  • Candy

    Think Like a man is the black woman’s fantasy. It is marketed to black women. Black women are big business. I remember a black woman interviewing Michael Ealy asking him if he loves black women and he said of course I love black women and the interviewer got sooooo happy and Michael looked at her like damn you are so happy cause I said I like black women. I remember when Wendy Williams was interviewing him and she was trying to find out his type. Black women dont see what is coming down the road. Some are soooo desperate for high profile black men to say that they love the sisters that that is all you have to do to get a strong black female base. Then you can make a lot of money off of them. 3 out of 4 of the main male cast of The Best Man are married to white women Taye, harold (guy with dreads), Terrance. 3 out of 4 of the female main cast members of The Best Man are over 40 and never been married nia, regina, sanaa. not sure about Monica Calhoun. All of this was going on before ww/bm marriages started being promoted so much in the media.

    Give it five years, black women are not going to know what hit them.

    • Lovely One

      Yep…everyone wants to be post racial…which is fine…but when will black women realize they are getting the short end of the stick?

      • Candy

        That is the best comment.

    • Suchalady

      Nia Long was once married. But I agree with everything else you said.

  • They make a nice couple. I wish them the best.

  • How could the union of marriage be sad. Ours society is so backwards. God please help us. . .

  • Candy

    Black women are in denial. Most black people are married to black people TODAY. 23% of the NEWLY married black men last year married women of other races. It was about 5% years ago, then it grew to 11%. Within the last couple of years it went from like 19% to about 23% of NEWLY married black men in 2011 marrying out of the race. We are talking about NEWLY married black men.. And dont think that every other commercial on TV with a black man with his white wife is not effective marketing.
    For those still in denial and talk that “most black men are still marrying black women bull” you will see the increase go up to 30% or more in about 5 years. This is NEWLY married black men. So stop worrying about Denzel, Sam Jackson, etc. those guys will be dying out. The younger generation is marrying out. On my street there are 4 bm/wf couples and I cant go out with seeing at least 2 or 3 bm/wf couples in the restaurant. Now I am not complaining because people should be with who they want to be with. My point is that for all of those black women in denial saying that most black men are with black women, these are NEWLY formed couples. The changes are happening now and you will see the results in the VERY NEAR FUTURE. Black women in denial are not going to know what hit them in about 5 years. And I would say ALL of the new marriages of black men in Hollywood are with non-black women. And middle class black america is following.
    I say this to say that black women had better start making moves because if you are sitting aroud waiting for black men, you will be in a bad position because the black men left over think they are a prize. Other groups of people understand trends and understand where this is going. Black women dont seem to catch on as fast as others. Pay attention to trends. Most people in America right now are white but white people are panicking now because they are looking at the trend. America will be majority minority soon. Black people dont get it.

    • KIR12

      Your analysis is correct. Your solution is simplistic and flawed. There is no bellhop of men of any race looking to marry overweight and obese black women. Which is the current majority of unmarried black women. Also, there are attitude and baby mamma issues those men aren’t going for that. Newflash, if black women corrected their weight, attitude and baby mamma issues more black men would have married them in the first place.

      • Candy

        No that is not true that the majority of black that are single are overweight and obese. Look at Hollywood. All of those beautiful black single actresses. That scares me that they are over 40 and are not even dating interracially and they should be able to easily. I have lots of doctor, lawyer friends who are not obese or who have attitude who are single.

        • KIR12

          Do you really believe black women who have been single for months or years aren’t dating interracially by choice and they’re turning down offers of romance from white and non black women? Laughable

          • Machelle Kwan

            Maybe they aren’t into other races. At the end of the day, most people still and will always date their own. That’s just the way it is And a whyte man is not some prize to be seeking anyway. Dogs come in all shades.

            • Hellokitty

              swp is that you???

            • Penny jones

              You are a 80 to 90% lie, why are your people shooting up kids in kindegarten what a bunch of cowards.

            • Penny jones

              You are a 80 to 90% lie, why are your people shooting up kids in kindegarten what a bunch of cowards.

            • Beauty-Queen

              YEP! Ask ” Fancy” from the Jamie Foxx Show.

          • Candy

            You seem to get a lot of pleasure out of the fact there are so many single, black women. Let me tell you something. What is going on with black women is what goes on with groups before things start turning around for them. The situation seems hopeless and then in a split second something happens that you would never expect. Kind of like Obama becoming president. But for the black men who are gloating because there are so many single women dont be suprised. Black women are being forced to change. There are wealthy white men married to black women and there will be more. Just watch. Roland Betts, the former owner of the Texas Rangers—married to a black woman, Peter Norton of Norton Antivirus married to his second black wife. There are some heavy hitters married to black women and will be also in the future. It is so funny to me that black men are so happy that a lot of black women are single. You still dont have the same pull in the world as white and asian men. When you marry other women you add to the bottom line of other races. Black men are not building empires with each other. Black women have more to gain by marrying out with asian and white men. Do you really think that there are not enough black women who are sophisticated enough to move out of this hole? Come on now. This will be in retrospect the best thing to ever happen to black women in the end…

            • Candy

              What has happened to black women has actually created a huge opportunity. Now it is up to black women (and some are figuring it out) to see how they can take advantage of that opportunity. As a result of being with black men, white women will (in large numbers) become single mothers. Look at Europe. Look at Barack, Hallie, Mariah, Alisha Keyes whose black fathers who were all with white women and left them. If black women are so bad, why did their black fathers leave their white mothers? Being with white women has made black men think that they are better than they are. By black women marrying men of other races, the out of wedlock rate will go down for us. Black women marrying out will be a win, win. It is happening now. Slowly but it is happening. Black men wont be able to gloat forever. In the end black women will get the last laugh. If you are a critical or forward thinker, you know that this is true. I would never gloat when my enemy is doing bad cause if they can find their way through, they will be even better off on the other side.

        • Penny jones

          Candy is has never met the majority of African women, that’s like me saying the majority of white women get lip injections and are obese and on welfare. Candy is a joke!

      • chanela

        it’s actually tons of non black women with baby daddy issues yet men still date them.

      • Penny jones

        This comment is so ignorant, do they have children by themselves? The real issue is 70% of Americans have weight issues. What do you mean by attitude? Do you mean get angry like White women do when they are frustrated. Are you speaking of the fact that they have to fend for themselves and their communities? Are you speakingf of all the White men who take advantage of Black women in business, and descriminate in home loans, education, medicine? Please explain.

        • KIR12

          There are 40 million blacks in this country. Slavery and black illegitmacy are not connected. from the end of slavery until 1920 the black out-of-wedlock birth ratio was about 10 percent. From 1920 until 1960 (40 Years) this ratio went up to 20 percent. In 1970, (10 years) the ratio went up 18% to 38 percent. In 1980, (10 years) it went up another 17% to 55 percent. In 1990, it was 67. Today it’s 72%+.

          There is much historical documented data that shows the black man didn’t always abandon the the black woman. As a matter of fact, there were some decades between 1900 to 1960 that show the black woman married at a higher percentage than white women. We also know that up until 1960 almost every black kid had a father in the home.These are facts not pie in the sky revisionist history. What happened to the black man and the black family? Social engineering of white liberals. I suggest you read an article 40 years if lies. The black family.


    Jill Scott rant about BM came to mind….tehehe. And those saying he is bi-racial ok?!? Just like he choose a non black woman; same he could have picked a dark skinned woman (we ran out of dark skinned BW?!?) Exhibit A Barack Obama (biracial right?!?)

    • Beauty-Queen

      He’s not bi-racial

  • MissRae

    🙁 Lol. Well, congrats to them both.

  • Chassie

    i don’t know why, but the expression on his face is hilarious to me. But congrats to him, never been a big fan, but I wish him well

  • Does anybody actually have real stats when it comes to IR relationships or are most of the people on this post just venting about black men and how they marry again. Stats give hard facts vs what you THINK is actually going on

  • Angie

    Dang! black women dont have a snowballs chance in hell these days trying to find a man- well, glad I got mines- 11 years married- keep hope alive ladies!

    • Black females get married and enter into relationships all the time. They find mates quite often despite the propaganda that says OTHERWISE. The vast majority of black people marry other black people.

    • ANTMilf

      I know right, I’m getting married in 2 weeks from Saturday, I know lots of black women who are happily married to black men.

      • Trisha_B


    • Candy

      And those with black women think that they are the prize so now they re harder to deal with. i just went through it.

  • ANTMilf

    Ah man! Welp, fine azz men like him can’t stay single forever, so congrats to him.


    Black women have it the worst. Their own men rejects them and if a white man cant benefit; he’s not interested!!

    • scandalous7

      say it again. I just wanna hear it one more time!

    • chanela

      seriously. then on top of that black FEMALE features are considered ugly in every single beauty standard around the world. i feel so frustrated sometimes and wonder if god hates black people.

      • Gina

        Black female features are envied all around the world! Other races of women are running to their local plastic surgeon to buy what we have naturally.

        • chanela

          not dark skin though. dark skin is looked down upon from japan to india. from nigeria to mexico.

          for some reason our features are only considered beautiful on other races of women. how many black female celebrities have a beautiful curvy body with a big butt and wide hips ect or beautiful full lips?yet only jennifer lopez and kim kardashian get credit for such a body(sometimes beyonce but she’s the acceptable black woman. she is super light skinned). black women’s lips have always been considered ugly, then here come angelina jolie. notice how every black female celebrity that people consider the most beautiful are all light skinned or biracial?

          it tells you something….

          • Penny jones

            Because Black dark skin women who spend $500 billion dollars annually must create their own shows and produce them, do you honestly believe when we spend $500 billion dollars annually with people who despise your guts, they will give you credit for your own features?

  • Dimples87

    I don’t know, Michael Ealy doesn’t give me butterflies like Lamman Rucker does. Michael just isn’t my cup of tea but I’m glad he’s married and happy for his new wife.

  • Beauty Queen

    (not sure if this posted)
    Read about Willie Lynch & where the tactics of divide and conquer started. I’m not a Black activist & I believe TRUE love has no color, however there are obviously some psychological issues involved when a particular people group have a high statistic of unwed mothers, absentee/ multiple fathers, & negative comments/total disregard for someone of their own race/skin tone. There are definitely still issues affecting us when 1.-The Supreme Court says it’s O.K. that there has never been a Black Batchelor (I must admit I’m glad about not seeing a brother swap spit with a bunch of different women, reiterating the Mandingo stereotype so no loss there…) 2.The majority of negative roles for Black women go to actresses who have darker complexion. 3. Roles are cast specifically to make sure that the lighting doesn’t have to be changed to accomodate a woman of a darker complexion 4. Take some time to check out all the TV or print ads tha happen tohave Blacks in them, & you’ll notice that Black men are cast 8/10 with a sister who’s light skin or white OR if it’s a group of people there will be for e.g. 2 Black males, 6 whie females & NO Black female. What’s the point? Black people rarely see in the media a dark skinned couple who are happy, progressive etc.

    Having that kind of representation in society, most Black men haven’t been raised with an example of a family & seeng a Black man honoring a Black woman so whatever society dictates is more beautiful, gets him into the big boy’s social club& holds greater sexual gratification, that’s where he’ll submit. How come Caste Indians with dark complexions aren’t rejecting their own en masse? Mind you every evil stronghold of divisive thoughts has a source, (“for we wrestle not against flesh & blood…) Ladies let’s just walk in integrity have a good attitude, work on our issues & trust God to send love our way in whatever color He does. -A man with a plan & a ring in hand.

    • bluekissess

      It’s surprising. That most black’s haven’t read. Willie Lynch that speech puts everything into. Prospective

      • alot of blacks have read it. And alot black college history professors, black historians as well linguists have debunked willie lynch.

        • Beauty-Queen

          Well, I’m not a historian but even if there wasn’t a WRITTEN, SYSTEMATIC PLAN TO TELL SLAVEMASTERS WHAT TO DO, all over the Americas there are a plethora of similarities in how slaves were, traded, breeded, psychologically broken, disallowed to get an education, socially ostracized & written about REPEATEDLY as being less than human etc. (Ask the Nazis today & some Afrikaaners, they’ll give you the updated version.) The mental & social effect is still seen today.

        • Beauty-Queen

          Well, I’m not a historian but even if there wasn’t a WRITTEN, SYSTEMATIC PLAN TO TELL SLAVEMASTERS WHAT TO DO, all over the Americas there are a plethora of similarities in how slaves were, traded, breeded, psychologically broken, disallowed to get an education, socially ostracized & written about REPEATEDLY as being less than human etc. (Ask the Nazis today & some Afrikaaners, they’ll give you the updated version.) The mental & social effect is still seen today.

      • chanela


        • bluekissess


          • chanela

            kekeke : )

      • I`ve read it.What does that have to do with the 30+yrs of misandry b/m have received at the hands of b/w?

        • Beauty-Queen

          Let me school you. Even though slavery has been abolished the psychological & social impact still continues. It takes a solid family environment & society atmosphere that endorses & promotes Black people in loving relationships to reproduce that social structure. There are places all over the world with people of darker skin (eg Pacific Islands, India etc) where darker skin people are marrying their counterparts.

          As for the attitude of Black PEOPLE not just the women, that unresolved anger takes time, effort to recognize that the family structure with a responsible father & mother is the start to breaking the cycle. Once men were taught to inseminate & then leave the woman, breeding like animals that curse was started. The result was women no longer saw the necessity of a man in the home because she had to do it herself, she saw her Momma do it & the generational curse continued. Naturally depression & anger set in.

          Fast-forward to the future & even though we’ve progressed intellectually those SPIRITUAL LAWS still influence. Healing the heart is a SPIRITUAL thing. So what do you have? Some Black man who hasn’t made a QUALITY DECISION TO HELP REVERSE THE EFFECTS OF SLAVERY realizes his sexual prowess gets him the girl society says is the trophy. Also his physical dominance in athletics or his finacial status has now opened up the door to the boys club so he wants the Trophy wife like THEY all have.
          Having said all that, PLEASE REALIZE, I BELIEVE LOVE HAS NO COLOR. However, when you see people get to a certain social level & the only people they can date is outside their race, you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to figure something’s up.

          • Listen miss beauty-queen,i hear that,but what does that have with b/w`s beligerent,entitled,”i don`t need a man”,yet mad when a b/m of prominece doesn`t marry one of you,yet pick the worse b/m around,then blame the ones they thought was beneath them for the results?Please explain THAT?

            • Beauty-Queen

              Hurting people do/say hurting things. Kudos to those who stay in the fight to make Black love work! It’s important for us ALL to realize change is required in spirit, soul (mind, will & emotions) & body for it to be a complete work.

  • Deb

    I literally just fell outta my chair on this one..Ha…That “pink elephant” just stomped all over me in the process….Michael, Michael, Michael…lol

  • Miemie

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO He’s suppose to marry me! LOL, he was the hottest light skin guy in MY eyes. Happy for him but GRRR

  • Guest89

    He always looks like he’s surprised. Lol congrats to them, much love and happiness.

  • 1stGoddess

    who cares i didnt know him and by the looks of his happy wife i wouldnt have had a chance in hell either lol congrats and now to more important news lol

    • Such low self esteem. Please don’t ever have a daughter.

      • 1stGoddess

        its sad that you feel that way i pray you dont have any children at all.It’s not having low self esteem it’s being realistic I dont know that man we dont swim in the same circle anyway. My self esteem is very high and for you to feel the need to try to knock me down for having a realistic opinion show how ignorant you are. I will never be as millions of ladies are craving a man who they most likely will never get to even know their name he is good looking but oh well the man is married move the hell on and please dont have children and stay away from peoples kids i would hate for them to be like you in anyway bashing people for having an opinion and being realistic get a life and take your opinion and post it else where on this page other then under my OPINION COMMENT THANK YOU

  • F*ck him.

    • 2cents


      • awet


  • Faith

    Who cares? I am not a fan of Michael Ealy. Men do a very good job working overtime to hide marriage and children. Please take note on this. I need to holla at Michael to school a sista on how to work that game. Brande, he had you bamboozled.

  • kb

    Ahh! The sound of a thousand hearts breaking. Sigh. he was going to be my baby daddy!

    • bluekissess

      By the looks of that picture you probably would’ve had a chance

      • kb

        Thanks Bluekisses but I’ve been known to appeal to all kinds. 🙂

      • Foot

        She’s is pretty basic looking. Not that this matters at all.

        • Trisha_B

          I bet if that was a black woman you all would have been saying how beautiful/gorgeous/pretty she was, just so yall could ‘black love is beautiful’ even if she wasn’t that attractive. But b/c she’s lighter & have a different grade of hair she’s just basic smh. I love my black man, but SOME of you black women are so hateful for no reason. Always finding a reason to put another woman down. She’s a pretty lady. Maybe that’s why a lot of yall don’t have a ring & just have a title of being “the mother of my child..”

          • beautyo

            But she is ugly, get over. It, you nitwit. There is no reason to hate, she looks like a a rat.

            • Trisha_B

              & I’m sure your drop dead gorgeous right? Micheal finds her beautiful, reason she has the & not one of yall on here

              • @8c9f24a1862fc57a16819b56c353e01d:disqus @4f9a1603b5f5bdef00b01754ea6ea204:disqus LADIES,You don`t have to fight.You can both share ME!!!

              • You just gave yourself away. No self respecting black woman would respond as you have above.

            • Trisha_B

              Ooh & the name calling smh. How old are we? I wouldn’t date you if I was a black man either. So immature.

              • beautyo

                Oh shut up, fortunately for me I don’t have a problem finding a man, so who cares what you think, you u sound like a bitter ole bat!

              • And it is black women like you who raise men like him. Grow up.

    • That statement says it all.

      • kb

        Your idiot, it is joke among women. what are you doing on a woman’s site anyway?

        • I get the joke,and the subtle attack on my manhood is atypical of bitter-stellas that don`t like something the black man(because you are scared of your white-daddy)says.idiot.

          • MLS2698

            No. Seems like they just want you to get off this site.

            • Unless i violate the rules of this site,ain`t sh*t they can do about it.

              • Man grow up. On a woman’s web site arguing with woman. Come on now.

                • Anytime the blk man defends himself against insults,slander,and outright disrespect,his manhood and/or maturity is challenged.Yet the blk woman can say what she wants to the blk man anyway she chooses and the blk man is suppose to take it like he`s some peon that owes her something for being here.Did i get that right?

        • MLS2698


  • Congratulations!

  • chocolate

    Why do they all marry outside their race: actors, football players, basketball players, and any others. No disrespect to other races, but just wondering how come Afro Americans can’t stick to their own race?

    • Chelle

      Why does that even matter?

    • He did stick to his own race, he married a human.

      • bluekissess

        Didn’t know human was a race. I wonder if the census knows about that one

        • Manifesto

          bluekisses, dear…do better. Find more interesting things to give an ish about.

          • bluekissess

            Do better? I wish that comment was logical. This post has over 50 comments and you picked mine to criticize? I feel so lucky. Agree to disagree. Back to admiring Mr President and The First Lady.

        • i thought everyone had heard of the human race. i stand corrected.

    • qui8tstorm83

      Get a little money and fame and that’s where they turn. But it really doesn’t bother me much b/c as one celeb stated….black women really aren’t missing out on anything b/c many lie, cheat and are often disrespectful to their women b/c they have money and fame. But we know when the money and fame runs out…the non-black woman runs out too and guess who the black men are running back to? Yep..the sistah! LOL. Love who you want to love but with many of these celebs…it just seems like it’s a competition. Who can have the most exotic wife and produce some exotic kids. LOL..SMH.

      • Thank god i`m smart enough to know that ALL women are crazy,so no matter the race,the results are gonna be the same.

        • MLS2698

          So, what? You like men?

          • I did`nt say anything about hating women,i just don`t make it a habit of co-habitating with them.

          • empress123

            Lmaoooo good one!

      • Penny jones

        African women are the most exotic, they finally learned how to make fake hips, lips and buttocks like ours. They plaster the tv with billions of images of white women if they show a African women, she is fat, with dried out hair and unattractive 99.9% of the time why?

    • This man is not black he’s either bi or multi-racial so he just might be marrying within his race. Regardless of what the media portrays majority of athletes that are married are married to black women. Ppl need to do their research instead of always believing what’s on TV. Let’s just be honest about the current rep of blk women regardless of status that ish is in the toilet. Too many settle for being the baby mama with these athletes and actors rather than waiting for the wedding ring.

      • Beauty-Queen

        Bios say both parents are African-American

        • He’s mixed and not because of his eyes. Those could be due to recessive genes, my friend’s son has blue eyes. Looking at his mom and definitely his sister. I’m not buying they are just solely that.

          • Mixed or not he’s still fine

          • Beauty-Queen

            Bios say both his parents are African American

      • beauty o

        Oh shut up, stop generalizing and stop calling black women baby mommas, it’s so tacky and ghetto , are you a Christian because if so stop trying to push your beliefs on someone else when you probably aren’t even a virgin. What next are we all going to be slaves again, because the bible surely agrees with it.

        • Beauty-Queen

          No actually the Bible says who the Son sets free is free indeed. That’s why slave-owners didn’t want slaves to read.

    • Xzacas

      That’s ridiculous to mention. Its 2012 and sticking to your race shouldnt be dictating who you can fall in love with. Its not like hes never been with black women plus the man is mixed anyway. I wish people would get off that obsession with race. His wife is gorgeous and probably a great woman.

    • Wow where do i begin. In proportion to all other interracial marriages blacks marrying outside of their race are on the bottom of the totem pole. White men/asian women being the top. White men actually marry the most outside of their own ethnic make up. So why not comment about all the others also?

    • Trisha_B

      Maybe b/c yall so darn critical. I come on this blog & read the comments from black women & i’m like “they really are the stereotype, we gotta do better..” If i was a black man, & dealing w/ overly critical women all the time, i’ll probably venture off too. You want them to stick to their own race while dating, but yall tear each other down more than anything. & Don’t say ALL b/c there are plenty in hollywood that are married to black women.

      • beautyo

        It has more to do with black women always holding the black race down, it’s not our job it is the black men. If you know the history of black Americans then u wouldn’t say such an idiotic thing.

        • Trisha_B

          So you don’t think black women have arole in uplifting the black race? So black women settling as baby mnames isn’t holding us back? Or sitting on blogs tearing other women apart just on physical/ materliatic things isn’t holding us back? Smh. Its not solely on black men, women also.

          • Machelle Kwan

            They aren’t settling for being baby mamas. A lot of black men just aren’t in a position to be married or just don’t want to be.

    • Treacle234

      Most black basketballs are married to black women. Please live and let live.

    • People date and marry who they want. Black women don’t own black men. If other races were checking for black women like that, they wouldn’t be concerned about who black men date.

      • pfft

        Actually,, Asian men do huff and puff. I’ve been a member of quite a few of their forums to know they don’t like Asian women with white men.

    • greyeyed girl

      Why to we black women care about who black men date? I am so glad that more and more black women are moving on and not concerning themselves about black men and who they date…let them all go.

  • Madeline

    This actually isn’t sad at all. I was beginning to worry about him ( how YOU doin?)

  • autumnbreeze

    Congrats!…And looking at the two of them…they will have some beautiful children 🙂

  • Toosweet

    Damn, Damn, Damn, I was really hoping he would get back with Halle Berry. Lol

    • Kells

      Halle!? Girl bye. Dude dodged a bullet with that one

      • I like Halle, but I have to agree with you….mama got issues when it comes to men. There is something going on there that needs to be brought to the forefront. Just between her and her therapist.

        • E-GO

          Just because Halle has issues with men doesn’t mean that’s she crazy! Hell, as a woman, we ALL, go through stuff, it’s just that yours and mine is not front page tabloid fodder.

          • Ummm, she has A REP in the industry for being just that.

          • please, don’t let me get started on my issues with this man, oh yes he is my hubby lol!

          • and just because a person sees a therapist doesn’t mean they are crazy. i never said she was crazy, i said she had issues when it comes to men, and that can be indicative of deeper issues. sometimes instead of worrying about who is gonna be the next man in your life, we should take time and make sure we are of sound mind, after the previous relationship, before we inflict ourselves on someone else.

      • Alana

        Agreed! She has went through several men over the past few decades, the common denominator in all of those relationships was her. If that doesn’t indicate an issue, I don’t know what does.

    • folamix

      nope, on that one…..I don’t think he was really into her

  • Alana

    So what was going on between him and Taraji Henson?? I remember seeing her on BET 106 and Park and she herself said they were dating….. that’s strange!!! I also don’t think they’re a cute couple,him and his wife don’t give off much chemistry in the pics, but I’m sure my opinion doesn’t mean squat to them, lol!

    • Beauty-Queen

      I’ve heard them BOTH say in interviews together & separately, that
      they were just acting & must have done a good job if people were
      convinced it was a real relationship.

      • Alana

        Oh, ok. Well, the thousands of rumors were wrong. Just kidding, hundreds of rumors. But, I distinctively remember Taraji saying their romance had went past the big screen. It doesn’t matter really, He’s married now. 🙂

    • Machelle Kwan

      She’s probably too dark for him.

      • Alana

        Really?smh. Not much else that I can say to that.

  • Chelle

    You are single until you are married. Good for him.

  • Jaytee

    What difference does it make that he said he was single…he wasn’t checking for any of us. LOL

    • bluekissess

      Obviously NOT

    • SunshineBlossom

      LMMAOOOOO!!!! I can’t! So hilarious! Sadly, it’s true though.

    • MLS2698

      Yup, and we ain’t checking for his blue-eyed, high yella self, neither! Never thought he was fine.

      • realadulttalk

        Not at all…he’s about 20 shades too light for me. Lol

        • MLS2698

          I know complexion isn’t everything, but I’m caramel colored, and anything lighter than me is……….A NO! I can’t explain it…….and I don’t want to roll over in the morning to cat eyes in my face!

      • Machelle Kwan

        Me either. Not my type. Too European looking.

    • folamix

      I remember when he was dating Halle Berry but he didn’t really appear to be into her.

  • bluekissess

    Does anybody else see the pink elephant in the room? Goes back to admiring the Obama’s.

    • JaneDoe

      Lmao, what elephant.. I kid I kid

      • bluekissess

        Girrrrl… the world might be ending, tomorrow

    • Madeline

      We’re just gonna pretend it’s not there. We’re also gonna pretend to be shocked.

    • Soulsis

      This was very smart on his part. Many of these men are being advised by their pr rep to court the consumption of black women by keeping their non black lovers private and projecting a romantic interest in black women.

      • bluekissess

        We’re just gonna have to agree to disagree. I’ve already voiced my opinion. Now back to admiring the Obama’s

        • D

          You’re right (…back to admiring the Obamas) too.

          • rena 314

            yea this makes my mom sick!! i mean she has nothing against interracial dating but she just hates how some black men become successful and then end up with anything but a black woman…i don’t know if that’s just the way it is or what…but i have a few friends that have dated black guys to wits end and then ended up with their hearts broken when he left them for an Indian chick or another woman of another origin, NOT only did he leave but married em as well, smh. has to be something in the water. but hey whatever floats ur boat. i guess ur ATTRACTED to who u are attracted to. right?

      • D

        What you stated may not sound good or right to others, but unfortunately it is the truth.

        • Soulsis

          I am currently weaning myself from all single high profile brothas………as hard as it is to write that even includes Idris and Lamman. I am looking forward to the fantasy, no more, but to reality, i.e. brothas who brand black women as wives. Here’s to using my consumption to invest in the Columbus Shorts of the world, the Coby Bell’s of the world, the Anthony Hamiltons of the world and on and on and on till the break of dawn.

          • Keeping it real

            Most rich black men in any profession do not date IR fact. Most of those men are like Lebron James they marry a black women. Most black men will not marry a female of another culture.I know President Obama is mixed but do you think if Michelle had a different culture he would be with her hell no. Do you think if bey had a different culture than Jay-z he would be with her hell no.

          • Diaryofa1stTimeMom

            I dated Lamman. He loves black women:) You can add him back to your list…lol

      • awet

        nothing but the truth! welp…congrats, he did nothing for me anyway! i’m more of an idris-kinda girl myself!

        • realadulttalk

          Me either–so congrats to him.

      • Machelle Kwan

        I don’t consume his subpar acting kills anyway. I really don’t see the big deal about this guy. I guess it’s his light skin and green eyes.

        • MLS2698

          Which reminds me……who the heck keeps putting Terence Howard in movies? I just watched ” Red Tails ” the other day, and this fool plays the same character in every movie. Same accent, body language, everything. If this man is good at something else, like singing, let me know!

          • folamix

            I read an article the other day that he has been typecast. We really never get a chance to see if he can play any other role.

      • greyeyed girl

        thank goodness i don’t care…or prefer black men…but this is true…black women need to stop caring about bm and move on.

    • SheBe

      *GAAAASP* There’s an elephant in the room?!?!?!

      • bluekissess

        I honestly can’t call it anymore. Kanye shrug

    • Nicki

      LOL Shhhhhhh. I was actually surprised. I guess I shouldn’t have been.

    • Africanpride

      lol…I will much rather focus on many successful black men out there who are married to intelligent, beautiful black women. But, sometimes it’s also not the men’s fault. Many black women are not marriage material because they have different standards due to the fact that many didn’t grow up in a two parent household. So, dating might be good but when it comes to marriage, it’s a different ball game for them. I also heard him say, he used to be attracted to a certain kind of women in the industry but now he’s going for non industry women. And, when it comes to Hollywood, it’s not a lot of black people you see around, so you have limited options. I’ve noticed, men who go out of their way to talk about their love for black women always do the opposite.

      • Lisa

        That is because he has a movie to promote an know that black women will go in groves. Money trail!

  • NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (It was nice to think that i had the slightest chance) Darn, now i got to offically remove Ricky from my heart.

  • Say What?

    Sad day for thirsty broads everywhere.

    • bluekissess

      I know right?

    • Dolo

      Not really. They never stood a chance

  • JaneDoe

    Very sad.. But his fine self couldn’t be single forever.. His wife is gorge.. God Bless and can’t wait to see those pretty babies

    • E-GO

      Sorry, she’s not gorgeous.

      • f’reelz

        don’t hate… she’s a beautiful indian or pakistani or persian woman

        • LadiesNight

          Nobody is “hating”!! Just because she isn’t black, that doesn’t mean people are “hating” on here. Sorry,black women are the BEST looking women on the planet. You better ask somebody.

          • Poor You

            So, you’re hating then. “black women are the BEST looking.” That’s what hating is. Being so jealous that you tell yourself you’re better than others when you are not. At all. No race of women are the best looking, only jealous women even make statements like that. Hater.

  • Na Na