‘We’re Not Nominated When We Do Honorable Work’: Jamie Foxx And Kerry Washington Speak On Hollywood And Black Actors

December 20, 2012  |  

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Django Unchained stars Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx recently sat down with The Grio‘s Chris Witherspoon to discuss their new film, which follows the story of a slave who frees himself from slavery and then goes back to rescue his wife. The two A-listers opened up to Chris about some touchy subjects including Kerry not being Emmy-nominated for her outstanding work in Scandal as well as the common belief that Black actors are frequently overlooked when it comes to award nominations in Hollywood. Check out some of the interview’s highlights.

On Kerry not getting the recognition she deserves:

Kerry: I feel really grateful to have a job and to be able to do what I love for a living and to work with people who I respect and admire. I do this because I love to do it, not because I have a desire to have attention.

Jamie: Well, I think she should be nominiated. I think it’s right to feel that way.Because sometimes you look at people that do get nominated and you go [makes confused face]… but I tell people, Kerry Washington has yet begun to fight.

On if they’d be opposed to getting an Oscar nomination for playing slaves:

Kerry: I don’t think you can ever control how people respond to the work. I’ve never had shame in playing somebody who is a slave or a prostitute, or anybody who may be looked down upon in society. I think we all deserve to have our stories told no matter who we are. And if I’m proud of playing a woman who is handling a crises, I’m gonna be proud of playing a woman who is a maid. My story doesn’t deserve to be told more than my grandmother’s story. My grandmother did clean houses. My great great grandmother was a slave. Everybody deserves to have their story told. There’s no shame in who we are or who we’ve been.

Jamie: A lot of times we’re not nominated when we do honorable work. Because with the slave she [Washington] plays there is dignity in everything she played. It wasn’t subservient; she wasn’t giving up to anything. So a lot of times they do overlook that, they may not want to reward that.

Check out the interview on the next page. How do you feel about Hollywood’s tendency to overlook Black actors?

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  • we all know racism exists and it is not going anywhere, because neither side has enough love in them to kill it.
    if you want some changes to how the Oscars are nominated (which he
    already has won), try to get on the board of directors or something. i get tired of
    hearing the bigotry from both sides, and don’t think for a second that
    blacks are not just as bigoted as anyone else.personally, i think Kerry deserved an Oscar for her work in “Ray”, but what do i know.

    • get real

      Care to explain this “both sides” nonsense that you are talking about? Its not “both” sides, it comes from one side and the other side just reacts.

      • for you to claim “nonsense” suggests you know exactly what i am talking about, yet are in denial. racism comes from blacks as well as whites. only difference is some blacks think ours is excusable.

        • get real

          Racism is a system. A system that was put in place to disinfrenchise blks while beneftting whites. Racism is based on power, its economic and military. If a person has 2 working brain cells then heshe would know that blks could never impose “racism” on whites. Racism is also one group feeling superior over another. In America blk folk came from slavery to the civil rights era to now. So when have we ever had the chance to feel superior over anybody? So yeah you are talking nonsense. Sounds like u got few white friends or white boyfriend that you are very loyal to and therefore “blacks are just as racist”. So let your white bf and white friends read this post so they can know what the real defintion of racism is.

          • my white bf? oh, i guess i am supposed to be “whitewashed” because of the way i think? really? my husband is black. and just because i don’t walk around being offended by everything that comes down the pipe, does not mean i don’t understand what racism is. i chose to live my life in peace, and have peace of mind. not out there wondering if some non black person likes me or is trying to offend me, and certainly not if other blacks think less of me because of it. i fight the battles than need fighting, not the ones that people like you think i need to fight. and i have more than just white friends. the world is full of people other than black and white. but you know what, think how you please, and i promise not to judge you on it. i’m out.

  • Treacle234

    Scandal is a really good show but common on now, Kerry, plays an adulterer (the President’s side piece) who handles/manages crisis? Why on Earth would you want an Emmy for such a negative role. Sorry but Olivia’s love life is a mess and she needs to manage that.

  • get real

    Madame Noire my comment that is awaiting moderation, plz tell me what is wrong with anything I said in that comment.

  • James

    They have a very good point. Why does everyone like Scandal though? No hate…but that’s some Sally Hemmings ish to me..lmao

    • pretty1908

      sally is a b word lmao

  • bluekissess

    I agree. I remember a time when a black movie would come out at least once a year and that’s not including Tyler Perry. I understand why a lot of them resort to TV instead of movies.

  • ieshapatterson

    If this was like the help or driving miss daisy,then they would win Oscars.but the black guy is on top and the white man is on the bottom,so it’s not gonna happen.

  • JaneDoe

    MN pls post on Michael gorgeous Ealy getting married to his girlfriend of 4 yrs pls.. I am crushed

    • bluekissess

      Didn’t you just post about it?

  • rosemary davis

    I have not seen this movie yet so I can’t comment on their acting but I am sure that the both of them did a good job.But Mr. Foxx has too realize that no matter how good an actor or actress is their are still others that can act better than you all of the nominations are not in yet especially the Oscars so I think he should keep quiet for the time being.Also recently Mr.Foxx has made some outrageous comments and wheather he knows it or not peope pay attention to the things we say and do and may not take him seriously he should be carefull many actors have black listed because of their mouths

    • bluekissess

      He should keep quiet voicing his opinion. So, would you listen if Denzel said it? The message/argument would be the same.

    • So he ought to play the good negro role and just be happy that masta’ and em’ even let him be in movies huh? What he said is valid and furthermore he is perfectly free to answer a question he was asked how he sees fit. He did so in a respectful intelligent manner and its something that had to be said.

    • get real

      This is a white folk worshipper right here. That’s right Mr. Foxx keep your mouth shut and be a good boy.

    • Jake

      Interesting because Clint Eastwood didn’t seem to have be careful about what he said. I took what Mr. Eastwood said very seriously and will never watch another movie that has anything to do with him. So I see what your saying to a point.


    Truth…nature of the beast. It’s shld be called FOLLYwood!! White is right in Follyhood!!

    • TRUTH IS