Staying Power Or Flavor Of The Month, Will These Stars Be Around 10 Years From Now?

December 27, 2012  |  
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Will the stars of today be the icons of tomorrow? Some of them will be, sure, but the majority of today’s biggest names … well, get ready to say your goodbyes. We took a cold, hard look at today’s reigning kings and queens of pop culture and sized up which ones could have a bright future ahead of them and which ones are racing the clock and coming up on that cherished fifteenth minute of fame. Do you agree with our predictions?



Homegirl definitely has some hotmess potential. While her career has been on fire, her love life and personal choices have left a lot to be desired. Though she started off as this fairly innocent R&B ingenue, it wasn’t long before her dancing with strippers, hard-partying ways began to make more headlines than her tracks. And her life will be in even more shambles if she really rekindles that destructive flame with Chris Breezy. But since Breezy appears to be somewhat out of the picture for now (at least for today, thanks Karrueche), we’re going to safely assume that there’s a good chance that RiRi will easy off the partying, concentrate on her music and continue to dominate the charts and trail blaze a particularly sexed-up, eccentric kind of career.

Katy Perry

Think what you may about this chick, but California girl Katy Perry can crank out some catchy music when she puts her mind to it. I don’t think we’re reaching here to say that “Firework” or “Teenage Dream” ain’t exactly “Billie Jean,” but she has grabbed the music industry by the cojones over the last few years. But will she continue to be relevant five or 10 years down the line? We’re going to say probably not. There’s only so far that cone bras and vinyl dresses can take a girl these days.


Lady GaGa

As much as we all wanted to be convinced that Lady GaGa was this generation’s Madonna, a real musical and fashion trailblazer who would change the game for years to come, we’re not entirely sure that’s the case. While she dominated in 2008, 2009 and 2010, the cachet surrounding her offbeat style and strange behavior has definitely fizzled. She’s become a parody of herself and kind of annoying with her attempts at commenting on social and political issues. Easy chief, you prance around with no pants on and wear meat dresses; you’re not changing the world, here.


Justin Bieber

Are you a Belieber? Nope, no we’re certainly not. There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that this little boy will have a long, fruitful career. I’d say you probably have a better chance of Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj being each other’s bridesmaids than you do of this Canadian heartthrob having a lasting career. We’re sorry but his music is too forced and the bubble gum factor too high for this to be the start of a legit path. Ladies, you’re not looking at the next Justin Timberlake. You’re looking at his not-as-talented distant cousin.

Mr. Blue/

Nicki Minaj

And speaking of Ms. Nicki Minaj … what are her chances for a lasting, meaningful musical career that will transcend time and space? We’ll put those odds pretty low. Look it’s not because she’s got one of hip-hop’s most abrasive personalities or that her actual talent level is debatable, but it’s because she relies so heavily on kitschy gimmicks that it’s really difficult for us to take her — or her music — all that seriously. Look it’s definitely time that another female rapper step up as game changer, but don’t expect it to be this outspoken little lady. Time is ticking for Barbie.

Michael Wright/

Honey Boo Boo

This one probably goes without saying, but we still felt that this hotmess of the child variety deserved a spot among our celebs whose careers are destined to crash and burn. Sure she was the talk of the latter half of 2012, but there is no way, no possibility, not a chance that her family’s hillbilly hijinks will lead her to teenage or adult fame and fortune.

Lia Toby/

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is probably one of our more interesting case studies. Had you asked us four years ago if Kimmy K. would still be around today, even more successful than a few years ago, we would have thought you had completely lost it. But here we are, about to bid farewell to 2012, and Miss Somewhat New Booty is still all over our television screens, gossip sites, magazines … anywhere you could possibly imagine. And now that she’s knockin’ boots with Yeezy (jockeying to be the next hip-hop supercouple, we’re sure) expect to see her around for quite a long time to come.

Miley Cyrus

Child stars who go wild are almost always poised for a tremendous career meltdown, and Miley Cyrus certainly won’t be the exception to that rule. She has made headlines more for wild-partying, style transformations (what up blonde pixie cut) and adoration of all things stripper-related (poles, dancers and everything in between) than for her actual music, which is never a good sign.


Chris Brown

Oh C-Breey. It’s not because we simply think you’re a horrible person. It’s not because you are a loose canon who can’t seem to control himself. And it’s certainly not because you’re lacking in talent. In fact, you were one of the brightest R&B stars to hit the scene in a long time. But unfortunately, unless Chris Brown changes up his approach to fame, fortune and being in the spotlight, there is no way his career is sustainable. He’s only a few more incidents away from really becoming a huge joke … and larger liability.

Judy Eddy/

2 Chainz

His two hits have been “Duffle Bag Boy” and “Birthday Song” in which he sings about big booty h*es. Yeah, this man is down to the wire in his 15 minutes of fame.



So while most of our stars are likely destined to no-name/has-been status in a few years, Adele is the one singers we’re confident will be making beautiful music (if she chooses) in the next five to 10 years. She is extremely talented, but more than that, she has this timeless, classy air to her that allows fans to enjoy her music without the added distractions of scandal or being overly sexed-up. She is, by a landslide, the artist we’re most confident that we’ll grow old (or at least older) with.

Adriana M. Barraza /

Bruno Mars

With a swagger like Michael Jackson and a voice to match, Bruno Mars has been one of the brightest, yet most underrated stars to pop up recently. And while maybe he hasn’t dominated the charts like we may have hoped, his talent and likeability are guaranteed to make him a force to be reckoned with over the coming years. If you’re not convinced, might we suggest you taking a look at his completely genius SNL appearance. This man has it all going on.

Source: Getty Images

The Weeknd

As much as we adore The Weeknd and are basking in the glory of his inventive sound and ultra-cool, baby-making music vibe, we’re not entirely sure that Abel Tesfaye has staying power. Why, you ask? Well, The Weeknd’s trademark sound could be his undoing. With so many songs that sound so similar, it won’t take very long for most music lovers to get at least a little tired of him. So while he’ll likely be making music from now until forever on the low, we don’t think he’ll have the same success five or 10 years down the line.

Source: Getty

Kendrick Lamar

Compton’s Kendrick Lamar has dominated the interwebs for a hot minute and is now finally breaking into the mainstream with “good kid, m.A.A.d city”. But will he continue to be popular a decade from now? Ehh, we’re not so sure. His sudden rise to fame almost guarantees that the day will come when a backlash finally hits. So as much as we’d love for him to stick around a bit, we’d bet that he probably fades out before he turns the big 3-0.

Source: WENN

Frank Ocean

We figured we’d end this gallery on a high note with the utterly awesome Frank Ocean. We are confident that Frank Ocean will continue to grace us with his musical presence for years to come not only because of his talent, but because he will forever be a hip-hop pioneer. After coming out in 2012, Ocean forever changed the landscape of hip-hop and as a result will always have a place in that industry.

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  • Kendrick Lamar, I feel is really gonna bring back good hip hop 🙂

    • keesha

      Yeah, I don’t get why people think he won’t be around for a long time.

  • Kaori

    With the exception of Adele, Bruno Mars, and Lady Gaga, everyone else on this list can only be as popular as people allow them to be until they get tired and move onto to something else that is catchy.

  • Love_Sexy

    I think most of the people listed on here will disappear or career will go no further than what it has. I only see a couple with true staying power regardless if people feel they have true talent or not. Remember Hollywood seem to only back people who they feel is marketable and that does not always mean they have to have true talent.

  • heyheynow

    Ok first of you just had another article with rih and chris booed up so how could you claim that are on outs right now…but she might be around for ten years since shes been on the scene since like 05 and how are you gonna say 2chainz 15mins of fame he has been rapping since luda which was like 8 years ago and he had way more hits than that

  • KJ23

    At first when you mentioned The Weeknd and how all of his songs sound the same, I was like: “No! He’s so talented,” and then I started singing the songs and was able to move seamlessly between 3 different songs I began to realize that you might have a point there…

  • Just saying!!

    I honestly think Rihanna can stick around if she chooses to. Heck she’s already been out quite a while considering she can’t even sing. But she does have star quality and she also knows how to reinvent herself…and that’s why she’s been relevant so long. I think if her personal life doesn’t get in the way she will still be around. She’s a real workaholic anyway lol.

  • CeCe

    Rhianna is the modern Grace Jones

  • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

    IMO Lady Gaga is ultra talented, but her gimmick overshadows it.

  • pickneychile

    Some of these people I haven’t actually listened to their music and I don’t plan to, but a majority of them I definitely thought would be one hit wonders. I’m surprised they’ve even lasted this long!

  • Loop

    And Justin beebread has an owl on his arm because? I can’t. The answer is no!

  • kb

    Rihanna has that “it” factor but Rihanna is living on borrowed time. Where before her a woman pop performer was either strong dancer (Janet) or strong singer (Beyonce), she is neither, even Britney can dance. I don’t think she writes any of her songs as well. She manages to be popular because her voice blends in w/almost every style, also she has is pretty in racially ambiguous way.

    • Nope

      ” I don’t think she writes any of her songs as well.”

      Actually very few recording artists write their own songs but your other points are valid. Of the other artists you mentioned she probably relies on her looks the most because she doesn’t have much discernable talent.

      • kb

        The pt was like you said she doesn’t have a strong talent. Not to be picky but , Mariah, Beyonce ,Gaga Keri Hilson ( who would like to pop star) even Madonna and Ashanti do write their own songs,tho. I guess I meant it to say she couldn’t even fall back on songrwriting once her performing career is done.

  • Ay

    I disagree about Kim Kardashian. If she doesn’t lock down Yeezy with a baby then she will be Paris Hilton by 2014.

    • Nope

      Paris Hilton went into self imposed seclusion to get that inheritance $$$$$.

      • Ay

        Well she can’t get anybody to care about her these days can she? Hence her cancelled reality show…..Same will happen to Kim IMO

        • Love_Sexy

          Yep!…I forgot about Paris myself

        • Nope

          Kim K. became famous because of her sex tape, Paris was famous and rich with or without her sex tape. The point is that Paris never needed the cameras to maintain her $$$.

          • Ay

            We aren’t talking about money were talking about fame/relevance. Paris is rich but no one cares.

    • Love_Sexy

      I agree with you. I think she will be around for alittle bit longer and then she will fade away. Kim was able to do what Paris could not and that is why she has been able to be around for awhile. I do not see Kim becoming some kind of icon in the future.

    • Kaori

      So, what you are implying is that Kim Kardashian will only remain a popular public figure as long as she is tied to a man in some way?

      • Ay

        Um, yeah. People only care about who she’s dating at the moment. Otherwise she’s not interesting at ALL.

  • Nope

    Rihanna will be around. She’s kind of like a Madonna for the younger generation.

    • Ay

      Not hardly.

      • Ay

        To clarify, I believe Rihanna will be around, but she’s not the new Madonna.

        • Nope

          Rihanna has the dance/club/techno scene, loyal gay fan base, etc. R&B isn’t Rihanna’s bread and butter. Hell, Rihanna borrowed her whole swag from Madonna. Same thing to a different extent with Nicki Minaj.

  • ieshapatterson

    I agree with most of this list,but i think biber will stick around.he might be this generation of j.timberlake.oh! And adle.she can sing and other hits will probably be made.

    • Ay

      Bieber is nowhere near as talented as Justin Timberlake. He will go the way of Aaron Carter.