Good Riddance 2012! Celebs Who Had Their Worst Year These Past 12 Months

December 31, 2012  |  
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For some of our favorite celebs, 2012 couldn’t end fast enough. We all take time to reflect on the good and the bad as we bid another year adieu, but these stars have seen their shine fade more than just a bit over the past 12 months. While some of these disappointments didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone, we do hope that these folks get some help and get their lives back on track. After all, 2013 is a new year, and a new chance to get it right.


1. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson

It was a whirlwind romance that took off…and then crashed and burned – all in front of our eyes. Evelyn Lozada met Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson on Twitter, and we watched their very public, very strange, very tumultuous relationship unfold on Basketball Wives and in social media. Chad and Evelyn tied the knot in a 4th of July wedding this past summer, and we were all set to catch a glimpse into their martial bliss (sarcasm) on VH1 until news broke that Chad had allegedly head-butted Evelyn in an altercation that later led Evelyn to file for divorce only weeks after their wedding. Chad pleaded no contest to the charges, is serving a year probation and is taking domestic violence classes. He was let go from the Miami Dolphins as a result of the incident and lost a ton of endorsements and a spin-off deal in the process. While he says that he’ll be fine if he never plays again, he is hopeful that a team in the NFL will give him a chance…one day.


2. Evelyn Lozada

Like Chad, Evelyn has had a bad year as far as their relationship and her public persona are concerned. First Evelyn was jumping on tables acting a fool trying to fight her now ex-BFF Jennifer Williams on an episode of Basketball Wives, only to secure…and then lose…a spin-off based on her relationship and marriage with now ex-husband Chad Johnson. Because she was considered one of the ring leaders as far as ratchet behavior is concerned, many felt that Evelyn got exactly what she deserved when she accused Chad of head-butting her during an argument after she allegedly found a receipt for condoms in his car. While we don’t condone domestic violence in any form, it was clear after an interview she gave to Iyanla Vanzant that she saw, and ignored, the warning signs that Chad might have violent tendencies. On Iyanla: Fix My Life, Iyanla referred to her as a “thug among women” and explained that being violent herself has allowed violence to enter into her relationship. Evelyn has since vowed to redeem herself by being a better example to her daughter and controlling her temper, so let’s hope we see this renewed Evelyn next season – will you watch?


3. Katt Williams

I don’t know what’s been going on with him lately, but I hope for his sake, whatever it is, he gets help. He’s been arrested so many times in the past few months it’s hard to keep track – from leading police on a not-so-high speed pursuit in which he was riding a three wheeled motorcycle in California, to slapping a Target employee in the face for supposedly calling him the N-word. There are even reports of him getting arrested outside of a Subway restaurant while waiting for Suge Knight to finish getting a mani/pedi (just had to throw that in there) in which he was later released. There are reports that Williams suffers from bi-polar disorder and isn’t taking any medication for it – which would explain some of his recent absurd behavior and many arrests. If that is the case, I hope someone snatches him up and takes him to a facility so he can get the help he needs so he can go back to entertaining us again…on stage, not in the media.


4. Terrell Owens (T.O.)

Terrell Owens, the former NFL star receiver who was cut from the Seattle Seahawks this past August, once told GQ Magazine that he is “friendless and nearly broke….I’m in hell.” I would be in hell too if I managed to lose the reported $80 million he made over the life of his career. While he says he didn’t squander his money living a baller lifestyle, he blames his financial advisers and risky investments as the reason for his financial downfall. I guess it had nothing to do with the three of four women who were suing him for child support, in which he supposedly must pay $44,600 a month per child for his four children, ages 5 to 12.

It looks as if his NFL career might be over, and I see no more reality shows in sight for him, so how he’ll support himself and his children remains to be seen. T.O. says he has no friends, and doesn’t want any. Maybe Iyanla can help him fix his life, for his sake, and for the sake of his kids.


5. Demi Moore

It’s finally official. Ashton Kutcher filed for divorce after being separated from wife Demi Moore for about a year now. I don’t know why it took so long for either of them to file for divorce, especially since Demi said that she’d be seeking a divorce after she caught him cheating on her on their 6th wedding anniversary last year. Could it be that Ashton can longer justify to his new girlfriend Mila Kunis why they’re still married?

Earlier this year, Demi checked into rehab to deal with the devastation of Ashton’s infidelity, and now folks think she’s off her rocker again after her recent bizarre behavior at Miami’s Art Basel. Just when I was about to be happy that Demi has moved on, she got with another dude who is even younger than Ashton. Now there are reports that 26-year-old Vito Schnabel dumped her last week, which led to her acting out in Miami. And to top it all off, reports say her daughters have distanced themselves from her until she gets her act together. Poor thing…a breakup and now divorce papers, right before the holidays. Sucks.


6. Lindsay Lohan

I don’t even know where to begin with this one here. She just can’t seem to get right. In 2012, she seemed to repeatedly find herself on the wrong side of the law, yet it doesn’t seem to scare her one bit since she seems to beat the system by serving only days in jail or getting no jail time at all every time she gets pulled over for a DUI, crashes her car into something or sucker punches someone in a club. She is, however, currently potentially facing 245 days in jail for a recent probation violation unless she cleans up her act, so once again Lilo is saying she’s going to clean herself up and get rid of people in her life who keep her partying ways going.

In addition to falling off the wagon again, her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in Showtime’s Special Liz & package received less than stellar reviews, leaving many to wonder if she can rebound her career. And lastly, Charlie Sheen had to come to her rescue recently by giving Lohan $100,000  to help her pay off her $233,904 tax bill. That was very nice of him, and she thanked him with flowers. He probably  knows more than anyone what she’s going through, so hopefully he can also help her to get out of her own way and starting “winning” again.


7. Tameka Foster

Whatever your feelings about Usher’s ex-wife, you can’t help but sympathize with a parent who has lost their child. Over the 4th of July holiday, Tameka’s son Kile, from her previous marriage, was struck and fatally inured in a jet ski accident. Tameka and Usher were in the midst of a brutal custody battle over their two sons together, Usher V and Naviyd, when the incident occurred, to which Usher briefly offered a cease fire in their war over the kids. But he soon returned to court, and in August he was awarded primary custody of his sons because it was believed that Tameka was not a stable parent. Adding insult to injury, it was reported that Usher was evicting her from their mansion as he made plans to put it on the market.

Tameka has been feeling the fire from the media and Usher fans since they began dating, saying she was too old for the singer and calling her a gold digger. And he seems to always come off looking like a saint, especially after sitting down with Oprah on her Next Chapter program painting himself as the perfect father. Whether or not Tameka deserves all the dirt directed at her, you can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for her. Losing your child, to death or custody, can’t be easy, so we hope she finds a way to heal through all of this.


8. Halle Berry

Okay, so maybe the ENTIRE year hasn’t been bad for Halle, but the last few months have not been a picnic as she’s been involved in a narsty custody battle with her daughter’s father Gabriel Aubry. She is currently engaged to Olivier Martinez, even though she vowed to never marry again, but can’t move to France to be with him because Gabriel and the courts won’t allow her to move. So she’s stuck here, and has to make it work with her daughter Nahla’s father….which doesn’t seem to be going so well. Over the Thanksgiving holiday when Gabriel dropped Nahla off to Halle’s home, he caught a beat down after he got into it with Halle’s fiance. The couple had to pay Gabriel’s medical bills, and this CAN’T look good for Halle in court. Let’s hope all the adults work this out for the sake of cute, little Nahla…who didn’t ask to be involved in any of this mess.


9. Kristen Stewart

While I’m not a big fan of the Twilight series, I did enjoy Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman so imagine the shock to find out she was cheating on her Twilight Saga co-star and rea0 life boyfriend Robert Pattinson with Huntsman director Rupert Sanders – who was married! Stewart’s professional reputation took a hit this past summer, and she’s still apologizing to Pattinson and her fans who feel betrayed by her. She’ll be fine though. She supposedly spent Thanksgiving with Pattinson, and as the highest paid actress in Hollywood according to Forbes, something tells me this little blemish to her reputation will soon clear up and no one will even care anymore…if they don’t already.


10. Mitt Romney

Let’s just say Mitt thought he had it in the bag, but the re-election of President Obama has left Mitt stunned, and reportedly devastated. Aww, poor baby. What will he do now that the campaign is over and he has no job? I guess he can find solace in his millions of dollars and he and Ann can find healing in retail therapy. Those millionaires got it bad, don’t they?

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