Gawrr! 15 Celebrity Cougars Who Make Cradle Robbing Look Fantabulous

December 21, 2012 ‐ By Meghan Williams

We can all think of a celebrity cougar or two who has defied the odds and dated/married younger – sometimes much younger – men (I’m looking at you J.Lo!). Sometimes those pairs looked like a hot arse mess from the start but others made us think, “I’m trying to be like you when I get older!” This list is for those ladies who we sometimes forget are all up in the bassinet, until they step out with their pretty young male thangs and make us all say daaaayyyyuuuuum.


"Shaunie O'Neal PF"

Source: WENN

Shaunie O’Neal

After divorcing one of the biggest ball players in the NBA (and receiving a mighty large divorce settlement as a result), Ms. Shaunie jumped at the chance to snag her a youngin’. And in 2010 she caught one: 23-year old Marlon Yates, a Los Angeles model 12 years her junior. The two have been dating for approximately two years now, although this past summer, scandal arose when sources reported that Shaunie’s super young boo may have a wandering eye.

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  • JolieMelodie

    Its so funny how an older woman gets a negative name ‘cougar’ (aggressive and thirsty) while men have nothing to qualify them. They’re just ‘men attracted to younger women’…The hypocrisy of society is beyond me.

  • jc

    I am 33 and my bf its 21 ..does that age difference made me a cougar?

  • ohsnaponu

    Vivica Fox looks horrible…too much plastic surgery.

  • tiffanyann

    having Whitney in this article just does not seem right……Could have left her out. She’s too big of a legend, as well as a part of history to be focused on who she was dating it has nothing to do with her legacy…….Show some respect

  • heyheynow

    yo…I can understand 5/6 years I have younger siblings 6 and 7 years younger than me and their guy friends cuties…but 10 + ok that’s just a little weird especially 15 years plus I mean that could be your child geesh expect Tina you go girl!!!

    • lateshia

      lol…..I my brother is 7 years younger than me and his best friend is a hottie. Anyways, I don’t think 10 year age difference is too bad. I can understand someone that is 20 years older than you or 30. I’m 30 years old and I’ll date a guy up to about 40.

  • ann brown

    Was J. Lo here?

    • sabrina

      nope! she seriously needs to be though. as well as demi moore!

  • Danielle

    For some reason, there’s something about cougars that doesn’t sit well with me :-/