“Women Are Starting To Take Control:” CDC Reports Fewer New Cases Of HIV In Black Women

December 19, 2012  |  
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From The Grio

The number of black women newly infected with HIV in 2010 is 21 percent lower than it was in 2008, according to data released today from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The data suggests that [black] women are starting to take control,” says Dr. Kevin Fenton, director of CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS. “They are realizing that this is a threat to their families and their lives.”

There is no clear cause and effect, Fenton says, and a variety of reasons could explain this recent decline. However, over the last five years, the CDC says it’s increased its HIV prevention efforts in the black community, including partnering with organizations to increase HIV testing and treatment.

“And we’re seeing that women are engaging the health care system more and taking up some of those prevention messages,” Fenton says.

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  • KIR12

    Straight black men are blamed for infecting black women but it’s far from the truth. The facts are gay black men are 200 times more likely to be HIV positive than straight black males. Not 10 or 20 times…. 200!!! So while you’re partying with homos bringing them around your sons know the facts. Just as you wouldn’t leave your daughters around your straight male friends you shouldn’t leave your sons around your gay friends.

    Black women wake up keep these men away from your sons! They’re being friendly with you waiting for the chance to make their move on your son. Would you leave a straight male friend with your teenage daughter? Homos3xual men are the face of HIV/AIDS. Statics show that gay and Bi BLACK men are leading in this disease in the country. Wake up and read. Yes other nationalities and straight individuals are affected by it as well but we are saying who’s leading in the percentage.. its black gay men. –About 87% of young males got HIV from male to- male s3x, 6% from heteros3xual s3x, 2% from injection drug use and about 5% from a combination of male-to-male s3x and injection drug use –About 86% of young females got HIV through heteros3xual s3x and 13% from injection drug use. –Nearly 60% of new infections in youth occur in African Americans, about 20% in Hispanics/Latinos, and about 20% in whites.

  • Take care of yourself sisters. Always use protection and try and hold out for that man who will be your husband, there is no point risking your life for sex.

  • Nope

    “a variety of reasons could explain this recent decline.”

    Maybe the authorities have finally busting up the ring of ‘undercover brothas’, smooth talking hypnotists, and secret ninja HIV/AIDS assassins a lot of Black women blame their own p*ss poor personal decisions and lack of judgement on.

    • So lemme get this straight, you are throwing shade at black women for getting their shyt together and protecting themselves? So you really thought it would be cute to make your witty little sarcastic remarks about HIV prevention? Bravo you get the Azzhole of The Day prize!