Listen To My Heart: 15 Things I Learned About Love In 2012

December 22, 2012  |  

Don’t let selfish people take away your love of giving

You’ll date men who you do over the top kind gestures for, and they barely give you a thank you,  are spooked away or they simply never return the gesture. Do not let these people frighten you away from being a giving person because then you lose your shot at one of the greatest feelings in the world: being with someone who you can give to and who will give back. You will, unfortunately, have to power through some selfish ones to find that one, but it’s so worth it.

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  • Jud Jud

    I don’t agree with # 15

  • Jud Jud

    I don’t agree with # 15

  • bluekissess

    Saw I had to click through The List. Backs away slowly. Don’t care how “good” the list is I refuse. Anti- list clicker

  • reese

    This was great! I feel like a lot of women, inculding myself, can learn a lot from this list. Thanks!

  • mac

    Very well done. Kudos

  • curlyk

    awesome. I definitely learned a lot of this within the past year. Especially that last point about pain. That is one thing I told myself I would do. Take the pain in order to heal. After the breakup I didnt wanna jump right back into dating although everyone was telling me to. I didn’t wanna be a hoe and I didnt wanna put on a front like everything was okay. My heart was shattered. I took those nights [and days] and cried. I wrote in my journal … And cried some more lol. I took to my tumblr page to let out emotions. After doing all of that, it finally allowed me to get over it and move on. Only until I allowed the pain to come and deal with it, was when I could realize that no we’re not getting back together but that just means there’s someone who is just for me. Im thankful for my last relationship because it taught me every single lesson in this article. I was the queen of lifetime movies and romances and dating/relationship articles. But nothing compares to experiencing love and heartbreak in order to learn and grow from it

  • sabrina

    Dear Julia,

    I have thrown shade at you in the past for always making these 15-page slideshows, and I do apologize for that. This was actually an enjoyable read, and I appreciated it a lot. Thanks, girl.


    • I still hate going through all these pages…

      • hollyw

        I concur; even if the points are good ones, most of them are similar enough to be converged w/ another. I’m still advocating for reader-friendly articles, thaaanks! 😉

      • mac

        Simple solution: don’t. *gasp*