Mama Always Said Think Before You Speak: Tamar Cleans Up Comment On Beyonce And Her Fake Baby Bump

December 19, 2012  |  

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It seems that Tamar Braxton’s debut on Tiny Tonight has made her the queen of stirring up mess by breathing life back into old rumors that most people have long forgotten about. Yesterday, we reported that Love and Hip Hop‘s Joseline Hernandez went completely off on the “Love and War” singer calling her a Beyonce “wannabe” because of Tamar’s reference to the ancient rumors that Ms. Hernandez is actually a man posing as a woman. Of course, being no stranger to controversy, Tamar didn’t miss a beat chiming in when co-host Claudia Jordan brought up those old “Beyonce faked her pregnancy” rumors either. When asked what she thought of Bey’s pregnancy, here’s what our favorite blabber mouth had to say:

“Well I thought she was pregnant until the whole deflating of the stomach thing when she sat down. I was like…”

It goes without saying that the “Bey Stans” lit up Tamar’s Twitter mentions almost instantly and not long after our girl was back peddling.

“Never said Beyoncé faked her pregnancy! ! That was claudia’s A$$! I was talking about the video that came out this year so _/ and rewind,” she tweeted.

Remind us not to commit any crimes with Tamar. As soon as the Beyhive turned up the heat on her, homegirl started singing like a canary,  throwing Claudia completely under the bus.

Everyone and their mama had opinions as to whether or not Beyonce was actually pregnant. That’s not the real offense here. The true question is why the hell are they still talking about it? Baby Blue has been here for almost a year, why is this even relevant anymore? While Tiny Tonight is an extremely cute show, those writers and hosts need to get up to date with the latest happenings because stirring the pot with old news is not going to cut it.

What do you think of Tamar’s statements regarding Bey’s pregnancy?

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  • heyheynow

    Ok I see alot of BeyHive hate on my time line I’m a huge fan of Beyonce and who gives a fugg what Tamar has to say clearly she wants to be B and that’s all and if you don’t like B fugg off

  • psylocke_2001

    zzzzzzzz…………what’s a tamar?

  • Trisha_B

    Why the hell did she have to clear up, apologize for what she said? Especially to the stans? If Bey is not paying attention to it, why the stans crying. Tamar can be much sometimes, but she get props from me for saying how she feels, no matter the person. She made be laugh on the show. Especially when she said Bey made the ‘oh sh!t’ face w/ the still of the picture. & She didn’t throw Claudia under the bus b/c Claudia herself was saying she didn’t believe Bey was pregnant. She’s allowed to say what she wants, like you bloggers & the people who comment.

  • black rose

    It was a year in review. They spoke on things through the year. Im tired of all this celebrity idolitry. We all are entitled to our opinion. Tamar included.

  • kathicks01

    You can’t recap or review an entire year without talking about what happened earlier in the year so they were supposed to talk about Beyonces pregnancy…she had the baby in 2012 duhhhh??

  • Just saying!!

    First of all Tamar didn’t bring it up, she was asked what she thought and that’s that. Secondly, most of the people on here talkin trash have said something about Beyonces baby bump as well so please have several seats. It’s not that serious. Beyonce will not give you a cookie.

  • Kaori

    I don’t think anything of what she said. I don’t know why people act like celebrities aren’t allowed to have opinions about things.

  • Miss_Understood

    Tamar look like that Jim Henson muppet that played the drums…what was her name again?

    • Nokids4me

      The muppet is named Janice.

      • Miss_Understood

        Thank u and I love ur screen name! Lol

  • On_Point

    Why be mad at her stans, she is just voicing what every clear person i thinking

  • Ms. Eb

    Well to be honest the Tiny Tonight show was a 2012 year in review. To review everything that happened in 2012 so therefore that’s why Bey’s pregnancy was brought up. I personally thought the show was good and will be a big hit.

    • honest

      i loved it..Tiny did a great job and the panel was everything Tamar is funny…i liked how tiny was joking on Mimi and Tamar snickering that ish was funny

  • sososerious

    tamar changed the subject when Claudia ask women bleaching

  • Nae

    Tamar can say whatever she wants to say-she should stand by it though. Beyonce’ is not excluded from people having an opinion of her. She is a human being…silly. It isn’t this serious.


    Back track before Jay Zero destroys your 2/3 curreer

    • pretty1908

      He can do nothing to her…. She isn’t even signed or connected with his label. Is Jay Z the jesus of the music world last I checked diddy is the main go to guy if you want your career ruined. Tamar can actually sing and she has a personaility… she isn’t going anywhere.

  • Really I cant have an opinon

    Ok why are people so emotional behind beyonce. Its like you talking about their family!!! Calm down its her opinion and right. Now people on the view, gossip about celebs all the time and we listen. But damn its like if someone is eating out of Beyonce’s A** people get mad. Just when Wendy said that she talks like she has a 5th grade education. Wendy goes in on all people. Tamar talks alot about all people she talked about Nicki Minaj’s wigs, Her sister, Her husband, K. Michelle (it did not even involve her), she always talks…………Its talk. to the author so what if the baby is here and people still bring it up they can say what they want beyonce still will be paid at the end of the day.. Back up and breathe. The only reason people keep going back to that is because beyonce does. Now in the documentary she shows a quick shot of a bare belly. come on!!!!! GTGOH. She brings up controversy to get media coverage she knew that would spark baby talk again. SHE BRINGS IT TO THE FORE FRONT and people debate it. It is questionable and weird do I care no. But guess what its opinion just because everyone does not believe her does not make them a hater. Calm down MN, Calm down Beyhive … you are not a paid member of her team. Have as many seats as possible in order to calm down.

  • realadulttalk

    This is exactly why she needs to change the hosts. Trina acted faker than she looked and Tamar is backpedaling.

  • DT

    Everytime i see Tamar..i get the urge to wash my face..with a brillo pad.

    • TRUTH IS


  • Man has to suffer. When he has no real afflictions, he invents some.

  • Tamar’s 15 mintues are almost up and she’s trying to stay relevant any way possible.

    • Just saying!!

      I highly disagree. You must not have heard any of her music.

  • TeahMonae

    “While Tiny Tonight is an extremely cute show, those writers and hosts need to get up to date with the latest happenings because stirring the pot with old news is not going to cut it.”
    They were reviewing events from 2012, which is how the Beyonce pregnancy came up.

  • almondebrown

    Is “Tiny Tonight an extremely cute show”? Really? I must have missed something because I thought is was extremely corny. No bueno. I pass.

  • Kitty

    Tamar needs to talk about that ridiculous jacked up muppet face of hers…did you get plastic surgery and Botox Tamar?????

    • beyonce diva


  • Say What?

    Yeah cause the video where she said it was faked was altered just like her face! Look as someone who’s trying to break into the industry even I can tell you that you better watch what you say. I once made an innocent comment about Joaquin Phoenix and a director got pissed, threw a fit and deleted me from Facebook. A lot of people in the industry are sensitive.

  • rzakia

    They were talking about it because they were doing a year in review so it was relevant. As much as I don’t like Tamar, she didn’t say anything a lot of other people have said. On another note, I’m tired of these fans or stans who worship these famous people and defend them like they defending their own mother’s honor. It’s really sickening.

    • Its not a heart attack

      Damn for real calm down. Everyone is always saying be real ok she was… now its wrong!? cause she did not agree

      • beyonce diva