Alicia Keys Slapped With Copyright Lawsuit Over “Girl On Fire”

December 19, 2012  |  


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Alicia Keys has been tearing up the charts with her new album “Girl On Fire” and the hit single of the same name. But there’s someone who says she needs to share the credit for the song, and the riches that have come with it.

Earl Shuman, a songwriter, says there’s a portion of the song that samples the song “Lonely Boy,” which reached number two on the Billboard charts in 1970 when it was recorded as “Hey There Lonely Girl.” He’s suing for copyright infringement, asking for damages and costs related to the alleged infringement and the court case. The Hollywood Reporter has a copy of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that a section of the song sounds a little too much like a part of the 1970 tune. The similarity was pointed out back in November by a site, Showbiz411, THR reports. The lawsuit lifts directly from the Showbiz411 story.

So you’ve no doubt heard “Girl On Fire” since it’s everywhere — from the radio to commercials to the Madame Noire office where I’ve gotten the karaoke version numerous times from a couple of my fellow editors. Below, here’s the older “Lonely Girl” song. What do you think?

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  • Ms_Mara

    Call me crazy but I don’t hear any similarities. I’ll take his word for it though because I’m not about to go listen to her song to check. I can’t stand it.

  • KeepinitReal

    I suppose you could say there was a slight copyright offense and you could also say he’s pulling at straws. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and the dollar rules. I suggest they agree to disagree and settle out of court for a small, undisclosed amount. I mean really! And if you dont like her song(s), dont listen to it. Cases closed, next!

  • MrsT

    “GIRL ON FIRE” sounds nothing like ‘LONELY GIRL’!!! He is suing her because she has the lyric “no one knows she’s a lonely girl and its a lonely world” at the end of the song. that is utter BS… she didn’t bite off that song. she should counter-sue his a$$.

  • wanjon

    Use to be a big fan, cant stand her now. Husband stealer SMH

    • HAHAHA!!!! i thought i was the only person who still see her as that.

    • bluekissess

      Is she really a husband Stealer or did Swizz allow himself to be taken?

      • Kaori


  • Say What?

    First Mashonda’s husband and now this tacky song? Hide ya husbands! Hide your lyrics! Alicia is on the loose!

    • This is so ridiculous. “Hey There Lonely Girl” sounds absolutely nothing like “She’s a Lonely Girl’. It’s not even the same melody. Oh and I like “Girl On Fire” more everytime I hear it. Sounds like just a bunch of haters on this site who like nothing better than to kick someone when they THINK they are down.

  • realadulttalk

    Can I sue her for thinking Girl on Fire is the worst song she’s ever made? Or possibly for this grown arse woman still describing herself as a girl?

    • bluekissess

      I’ve never heard of the song but I can imagine that it’s a whole lot of yelling. She must have a good management team.

      • realadulttalk

        Be grateful you haven’t heard it–I literally said “what the hell is this ish?” on my first hearing. Lol

    • Kaori

      I guess ‘woman’ didn’t quite fit. But a bigger issue (I think) is the fact that our society frequently refers to women as girls.

      • realadulttalk

        Idk–reminds me of slavery days–I’m a woman and do no not like being referred to as a girl. I am raising a girl–I stopped being one long ago.

      • Dale Streetz

        Maybe ‘Women’on Fire would of been too much like the movie ‘Man on Fire’ starring Denzel,especially if the movie had a sound track with the same title.

    • Girl on Fire is easily the WORST song she has EVER released!!!! I HATE it and I’m a fan!!!

  • bluekissess

    I guess she’s taking a page out of the Beyonce handbook.

  • bluekissess

    I guess she’s taking a page out of the Beyonce handbook.