Can I Be Your Wifey? Please? Pretty Please? Celebrities Who are Thirsty for a Ring

December 20, 2012  |  
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We love Bey, but Put a Ring On It gave a lot of thirsty chicks the wrong impression. Lots of women want to get married, but some celebrity women are so thirsty for a ring that they’re scaring men off. Nothing’s wrong with being upfront about what you want, all we’re saying is can you give him a chance to like it first so he can put a ring on it?!

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Kim Kardashian

This chick is in such a hurry to wife Kanye that she can’t even wait for her last marriage to end.

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Jessica Simpson

Remember when Jessica was in her early twenties and all holier than thou and “marriage first”? Now your girl is older and two babies in to a ringless relationship. Well, she has the ring, but the marriage part is what’s taking some time. Jessica and Ed Johnson announced their engagement in November 2010. Two years and no wedding? She’s got to be getting antsy.

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You’ve got to feel a little sorry for Brandy. She wanted to be married so bad that she lied about it during her first reality show. And now she’s pressuring her boo Ryan Press to get married. I think every interview she’s given mentions her empty ring finger.

For months she’s been dropping quotes like “I know the ring is coming,” “I think I’ll know when I get my ring,” and “I’m 33. It’s time to be married for real this time.”

She better chill out before that man runs for the hills.


Kimbella’s been popping off in interviews and dropping side hints at Juelz by saying she won’t wait as long as Crissy did to get married. But apparently Juelz hasn’t gotten the hint. The (second) baby is here and there’s still no ring. If she’s that thirsty she might be better off looking for a ring somewhere else.

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Kate Gosselin

Ya’ll remember Kate and those 8 babies? Turns out your girl is real lonely these days. In an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky, she teared up and said she was “so lonely” and  just looking for anyone who could tolerate 8 kids. But I don’t know who’s going to put a ring on a whole football team worth of folk at the same time. Jon was wrong for leaving her to raise those babies alone.

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Kat Von D

I know that DeadMau5 just proposed to her on Twitter a few days ago, but she’s going to stay on my thirsty list until she can keep a man. She’s been engaged four times already and hasn’t managed to make it down the aisle once.

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Gabrielle Union

Some would say Gabrielle Union was so thirsty for a husband that she took somebody else’s. We won’t go there, but few are believing Gabrielle’s claim that she’s in no rush to get married. Many think that’s just a cover because Dwyane is nowhere near close to proposing but you have to think that at 40, if she’s thinking about having kids one day, they are going to have to get that marriage show on the road. At least she does have one ring to boast about — a championship ring.

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Joseline Hernandez

Joseline is so thirsty that she lied and said that she and Stevie J were engaged. She even went so far as to put on a fake engagement ring talkin’ bout “It’s just a little something I wear.” If Stevie didn’t marry MiMi in 15 years, what makes you think he’s going to wife you? We have to say, though, that Joseline is the only one on this list who isn’t thirsting after a ring for love. She already told us on the reunion all she wants from Stevie is his package and his money.

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Taylor Swift

The pop star has dated 13 guys in the last 2 years and rumor has it that her relationships might be falling apart because she’s so thirsty for the ring. While she was dating her last boyfriend Conor Kennedy — a high school junior — word got out that she was pressuring him to elope to Las Vegas and get her pregnant right after. Connr burned shortly after that. I don’t blame him.

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Farrah Abraham

Before Kenya Moore embarrassed herself on TV and demanded that her man propose, Teen Mom star Farrah ambushed her boyfriend on a romantic vacation. They’d only been dating a month but Farrah demanded that he propose. They broke up right after that.

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Britney Spears

Back in 2011, Britney Spears announced that her man Jason Trawick had to propose by the end of the year or she was out. It’s 2012 now and they’re still together and Britney is still thirsting for holy matrimony even tough they have so much beef that they’re sleeping in separate bedrooms. Sometimes you’re too thirsty to let it go when it’s time.

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Christina Aguilera

This poor girl has been thirsting for a ring for two years now. Back in 2011, she was so desperate to get engaged she made the InTouch Weekly gossip column because she went around town joking that she was going to propose to Matthew Rutler if he didn’t pop the question first. But sources said that made her boy so nervous she calmed it down. It’s the end of 2012 and they’re not engaged yet. Reel him in girl.


Karlie Redd

We all know that had Benzino actually proposed to Karlie Redd, she would have more than gladly accepted. Karlie isn;t trying to get married for love, but she will get wifed by whoever she thinks can make her career happen. Why else would she move in with a man who she’d only known for a few weeks at most?

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Kenya Moore

We couldn’t leave out the thirstiest of the thirst. Never in the history of TV has a woman appeared so thirsty for a ring as Kenya Moore. She can’t go half a day without mentioning marriage and babies — and she’s clearly not above being fake in love just to say someone put a ring on it.

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  • Mesha Lovercuzshegotterown Lee

    You should leave crissy outta this cause you really don’t know why her and her man not married. When jimmy did ask crissy said no so no your facts kimboosie

  • Buford Longshanks

    SERIOUSLY?!!?!? No one is gonna marry those WASHED UP BROADS.

  • Keia

    This is so sad. Ridiculing women looking for a partner. Jokes on you btw Gabrielle got a ring (a $1 million ring) You have been so positive and uplifting to women. Good job MN. -_-

  • Kimmie

    Kate Gosselin is alone for three reasons 1) She treated her husband like crap on TV who would want to marry someone that degrades and talks down to their mate? No, thanks they see how she treated him. 2) She’s getting older and men that are older don’t want a house full of screaming a** kids. 3) She has NO f**king money. Raising 8 kids alone is no joke, but what does she expect a man to do step up and be their daddy, I’m sorry women with one kid can hardly get a man to do that and it’s not like she has a face like Beyonce and a body like a Victoria Secret supermodel. Long story short her plain looks, unlovable nagging personality and lack of funds to support her children makes her quality booty call but NO settling down.

  • IslandGal2012

    People are so cynical, I believe Gabriel Union when she says she’s in no rush because she’s been married before and knows what it takes and she has also said she doesn’t want to have kids of her own!


    all yall watering tools are thirsty for a ring.

  • Skys Tha Limit

    whos care if she lied she now engaged in 2013 so at least she did open up and admit it and shes only human what have most of you lied about that you cant even open up about.

  • chaka

    Gabrielle union? she’s with Dwayne! They WILL obviously get married , like she’s not thirsty for a ring. smh. who came up with this list???

  • chaka

    okay I wouldn’t use the word thirsty, more like desperate but hey all these women are getting older! their biological clock is ticking! why wouldn’t they be desperate!

    p.s okay brandy really? there a a list that said brandy lied that she’s married to keep her good girl image (baby out of wed lock) now its because she wants to be married so bad??? so stupid. y’all just try to look for anything to talk about! lol

  • Guest

    Men can smell desperation from miles. If you want marriage and he doesn’t, it’s best to end it and move on to someone who is also looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage. Seeing some of these women on the list is interesting. Jessica Simpson had a husband and let us all know she saved herself for him, look at her now. Taylor Swift dated so many men in such a short time I suspect because as soon as they see her for who she really is, they bail quickly. She is not who she pretends to be. She’s an mean girl disguised as the girl next door who’ll tell all your business in a song. Kate treated Jon like one of the children, so you could see that breakup coming a mile away. Better luck next time ladies!!!!

  • Kaori

    I cannot wait for the word ‘thirsty’ to go back to not being a slang word.

  • Ladybug94

    Am I missing something?! Since when did wanting to be married before having kids make you holier than thou? That’s how it should be done.

  • Chloe

    Here’s the thing. and it’s been said millions of time YOU CAN’T FORCE OR MAKE A MAN WANT TO MARRY YOU — now plenty have put engagement rings on it just to shut her up and buy himself some more time, but that actual wedding band isn’t something he is going to give you until he is ready. , Engagements usually last a year tops before the actual nuptials, anything longer than that be mindful and careful because 9 times outta 10 you are destined to become a “Forever Fiancee” — yeah you got the engagement ring and yall living together, having babies and everything, etc. BUT you are not HIS WIFE and of late it seems some women are getting caught up into these type of situations thinking they winning because she is no longer just “My Boo/MyGF” or the hood term “My Wifey” but now an actual ‘Fiancee” with an engagement ring so in her mind he has upgraded her status but that’s where it sometimes ends…. at the “Fiancee” stage, the WIFE “MRS” title doesn’t always follow.

  • realadulttalk

    I felt like this should have been 2 very separate posts. One of women thirsting for a ring–the other of women who may have commitment issues. Kim K is not thirsty for a ring (she’s been married twice) she’s thirsty for a baby–so she should have made neither list. If a woman has been engaged 4 separate times–that’s a commitment issue–not a thirst for a ring. Kate Gosselin??? What you wrote surmised that she was thirsty for companionship. And I really wish your entire staff would sit down together and decide as a whole what you feel about Brandy–one story she’s thirsty the next she’s justified.

    • Ladybug94

      Exactly, and Jessica Simpson has been married before as well.

    • chaka

      RIGHT! on the brandy comment.

  • Meyaka

    A lot of women are thirsty for a ring.

  • Tamz

    What the h3ll is wrong with that pic of Christina!!!! Her head looks photoshopped on that body!!! And dang, that’s a rough looking pic of Kenya…lmao On topic, take your time, marriage is not something you want to rush into…” ’til death do us part” is nothing to play with!!!

  • ieshapatterson

    If your playing house,then most people say what’s the point in getting married? Plus,if you know what you want and the person your with can’t or won’t give it to you,then you should move on.

    • mac

      Bingo. Most of these women are probably living with these guys, cooking for them, sleeping with them, pretty much being ringless wives. No one’s gonna pay for what you’re already giving away for free

      • ieshapatterson

        True but that’s the new thing now.if you try and tell people to slow down and don’t give it away to easily,then your old fashion.

        • GirlSixx

          Anndddd……. what that’s a bad thing, having some morals and old fashioned traits? if those are your standards and requirements THEN STICK TO THEM, a man who really wants you will rise to the plate and give you what you want only if he sees and feels that you are worth it; if he doesn’t then he will not and he may bounce but at least then you will know. The problem is that women are afraid of being by themselves or lonely so we will fall in line with this new age dating in which women are acting like WIVES to barely there Boyfriends because we don’t want to lose out to the next woman and men know this.

          • ieshapatterson

            I know this.I’m saying for most people,the don’t believe in waiting.

        • Ladybug94

          Or holier than thou in the words of the author.

    • realadulttalk

      I “played house” and then got married–the point was I wouldn’t ever marry someone I hadn’t lived with. You don’t really know someone until you live with them.

      • Pivyque

        I think it takes the fun out of being a newlywed. We waited until we were married to move in together and it just felt like we were starting a new journey together when we got back. My sister and her husband lived together before getting married and she says the same thing you do about knowing someone. So, to each its own. As long as both people agree on where the relationship is going, I guess it doesn’t really matter which route they take.

        • realadulttalk

          It’s very much an individual choice. I just can’t stand that tired “cow/milk” phrase when unless you are a virgin when you marry you already gave the milk away. But it didn’t take any fun outta being newlyweds–if anything does that then you should not have married that person.

          • Pivyque

            Lol yeah, that phrase is old and I hate comparing women to cows! I’m just one to believe that there should be more than a legal difference between dating and marriage. I’m glad to hear that it didn’t change anything for you because my sister said that when they got back, she felt like they were just living together again because they had to get right back into the swing of things…with work and school and whatnot. She married years before me so that sort of helped me stick to my decision to wait to move in until afterwards. After they moved into a new place, she felt more like a newlywed. I guess it’s just a mind thing.

      • ieshapatterson

        That might work for SOME people,but that same line doesn’t work for us all.some people are only fooling themselves by staying in a relationship that is going no where.but they think by staying around,they can change their partners mind.

        • realadulttalk

          Now I don’t understand a woman staying with a man b/c she thinks he might marry her. I’ve never met a man who didn’t know very early on if he would wife a woman.

      • mac

        To each their own, but I’ve heard that line so many times and I call BS. If you really REALLY take the time to get to know somebody before you marry them, and you know all their little nuances, habits, and their lifestyle then you shouldn’t have to live with them beforehand to “make sure” they’re marriage material.

        People only feel the need to “test drive” when they’re not sold on the person. And if you’re not sold, you shouldn’t be getting married. My opinion.

        • Preach it!

        • realadulttalk

          Nah–no matter how much time you take there are little nuances about a person that do not appear until you live together. It’s very easy to hide quirks when you only see each other periodically. I also didn’t say anything about making sure someone was marriage material–please don’t put words in my mouth.

          • mac

            If you refuse to marry someone until you’ve lived with them, what else can you call that besides ensuring they’re worth marrying? Feel free to explain.

            If discovering a little quirk or two stops you from marrying them, then you weren’t set on marrying them in the first place.

            • realadulttalk

              You are very good at putting words in peoples mouths-huh? Sickening. Did I say I REFUSED? Nope–I wouldn’t consider myself serious with anyone unless we lived together. Why is it so difficult for you to understand that others don’t follow your train of thinking? Notice that I could converse with Pivyque…you…not so much. Good day.

              • mac

                “I wouldn’t ever marry someone I hadn’t lived with”. Now what is the difference between that and “refusing”? People only argue semantics when they have no argument, stop being childish.

                • realadulttalk

                  Oh goodness–now I’m childish–thank you for proving my point about you. I actually don’t need to have an argument–since you obviously didn’t get it the first time I said it. I don’t need to have your train of thought–that is why I am me and you are you. So since semantics was your issue–would I ever seek to marry someone I hadn’t lived with–nope. Would I REFUSE to marry someone b/c they had a moral belief not to live together–I’ve not been there–but I wouldn’t seek that either. And at my current age-most men would agree with me. I don’t desire to be like my gf who married her husband only to find out that his credit was crap and now hers was too. Had they lived together and tried to get things together she’d never have gone through that.

                  • mac

                    that makes sense and that’s all you had to say instead of becoming defensive. Thank you for clarifying.

        • Pivyque

          It’s funny you said that. I was just telling my cousin the other say that I don’t agree with the “try before you buy” concept that living together before marriage promotes. I think that whether you live with someone or not, you will not know them unless they are ready to open up and show you who they are. There were serial killers living with their wives and these women had no idea because these men were doing a great job of hiding it. If I love and trust you enough to think about marrying you, I don’t need to live with you beforehand. I’m willing to take that leap of faith. With that being said, I get her point tho. It worked well for her, so I can’t say that it is a terrible idea.

      • Alexis

        Not necessarily true. You get a general feel of what they’re like beforehand. You just get to see their habits and them much more closely.

    • Pivyque

      I agree with you about leaving if it isn’t what you want. So many people are afraid of starting over that they will stay and just hope that things change. It’s sad. The way I see it, if you aren’t happy, but you know you are going to stay, you better make yourself happy and accept it for what it is. I remember reading an article about steve j’s side piece saying that she’s not going anywhere so she’s done crying. Good advice. Accept it and be content because you are choosing to be there.

      • ieshapatterson

        True.the sad part is one too many women,will spend years on a man,who doesn’t want to commit to them,but will give all of them to these men.

        • Pivyque

          Yep and they will complain about it the whole time. I have never understood, but I guess it’s just one of those situations that I will do my best to keep my daughters from getting into lol

  • Ay

    Most these chicks can use therapy first……………


    Desperate much?!? Marry yourself first!!

    • Dolo

      You def have to be completely in love with yourself first. I am loving me and waiting.. The idea of getting married to me is hella scary. Not that I have commitment issues but I’ll wait until everything is just right. Even if its in my 40’s (altho I hope not) lol

  • Patrica

    Ladies, please if somebody could learn you cannot make a man marry you. It does not take men years to decide to get married. Most men know in less than two years. Kate Gosslin, remember the reality television ruin your marriage. Sadly Jon agreed to do the reality show as well and realize that he did not want to do it anymore. But since you were getting paid a huge amount of money to put your personal life out there, you did the show for a couple more years. By the way who is the Redd girl? Never heard of this person.

    • hollyw

      You see, I hear what you saying…but then there’s this whole group of both men AND women who tell single women that they CAN make a man marry them, through an ultimatum, through cooking, through being a “ride-or-die”…

      Then, of course, for every 50 women this doesn’t work for, there’s one woman that it did. Juuust enough to keep hope and delusion alive for the next generation lol…