The Story Unfolds: Jovan Belcher Told Secret Girlfriend He’d Shoot Kasandra Weeks Before Killing Her

December 19, 2012  |  

Source: Examiner

While murder certainly was not the answer, as more details are uncovered regarding the murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, we are provided with more insight as to what pushed Jovan to commit the heinous act of shooting his girlfriend and then himself.

According to The Kansas City Star, police reports reveal  that not only did Belcher  text message his girlfriend on the side expressing that he “would shoot” Kasandra “if she didn’t leave him alone,” only weeks prior to the murder-suicide, but also that the couple was experiencing intense relationship issues and that they argued frequently. Some of the particular issues named in the report included “trust issues,” disagreements over spending, and the couple’s 3-month-old daughter Zoe. Belcher also revealed to his “secret girlfriend” that Kasandra had been threatening to “take all his money and his child if they split up.”

Head coach of the Chiefs, Romeo Crennell, also revealed that the strained relationship between Kasandra and Jovan was affecting his performance as he recalled an incident weeks preceding the murder when Jovan showed up late to a team meeting and expressed that Kasandra had been out late the night before, leaving him to stay up all night with the couple’s newborn.

Jovan’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd, moved in with the couple two weeks prior to the shooting in an effort to help the couple make it through their rough patch. According the Shepherd, many arguments stemmed from “relationship problems due to financial issues associated with Perkins’ spending habits.”

To add to the tragedy, details surrounding Jovan’s last moments have also been revealed. It is being reported that Belcher offered an apology to his coaches before shooting himself.  According to general manager Scott Pioli, Belcher said:

“I’m sorry, Scott. I’ve done a bad thing to my girlfriend already. I want to talk with (linebackers coach Gary) Gibbs and Romeo.”

Crennell pleaded with Jovan not to take his own life, telling him that he was “taking the easy way out,” but when Jovan saw a police officer approaching him he quickly made the cross sign across his chest, placed the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

It is unfortunate that Jovan felt murder and suicide were the only methods of escape from the problems he was facing. Still, Kasandra’s story has yet to be told.

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  • me

    This was clearly a relationship they both stumbled into. That much is obvious. Why stay? Why kill her and the yourself? It’s just tragic all the way around. I am sure this is much more messy than any of us could even imagine – most relationships usually are. I just don’t get why anyone would feel like that was necessary. But then again, that is easy to say when you are not in the thick of something or in that person’s state of mind. The older I get and the more of this sort of thing I see, I am realizing that none of us REALLY knows what we are capable of. I am sure that man never thought he’d really do such a thing. Scary, scary, scary.

  • mac

    I love how all of you are talking like you know the situation firsthand, declaring who did or didn’t deserve what, speaking on their intentions, calling people all out of their names, dead folks at that. Shame on all of you.
    At the end of the day this is all speculation and not one of us knows sh** except the little tidbits that the media gives us and how we interpret them. So for goodness sake, keep quiet.

  • You know I am so sick of peope and all of their negative comments. The fact is that we should be praying for this young man’s soul and the soul of his girlfriend as well. What he did was wrong, no doubt about it. But we will never really know waht this man was going through. I for one just hope and pray that others will learn from his mistakes and his girlfriend’s as well. And I pray that is family and Kassandra’s family will put everything aside and come together to raise their daughter who is now left without her parents.

  • kierah

    Because he is a semi-celebrity, automatically the media was justifying his behavior. First he had possible brain injury, then she hung out too late, and now she’s spending too much money.

    The coaches say they argued because Jovan was very frugal with money. Frugal my behind – He’s driving a Bentley and buying guns, yet they lived in a basic townhouse. They argued because he thought he could do whatever he wanted, including controlling Kasandra. He lost his moral authority when he decided to spend the night at the side piece’s house.

  • Kaori

    Let’s not refer to the other woman as a ‘side piece’ or ‘side chick’ and call it what it was, which is HE WAS CHEATING.

  • Nookie

    how dare them blame her like really she didnt deserve to die alot of couples go thru things and its funny how no one is taking up for her he shot her lets not forget he was cheating on her with sideline hoe and told her he was going to kill the ,other of his child is there anything she should had went to the police but naw being a hoe n home wrecker she wanted wat it to happen but never knew he would kill himself

    • He’s 100% to blame no one else. Not Miss Side Booty and not Miss Baby Momma.

    • Kaori

      What makes the woman who he was cheating with a ‘hoe’?


    2 wrongs dont make a right. Hes busy with secret gf yet he thinks he’s God’s right hand. He’s wrong!!

  • UmmYeahOK

    Well hmmmm…I wonder why they argued about “trust issues”??? He wasn’t worth sh*t, much like the rest of his species. Why couldn’t that scumbag just kill himself?!!

    • UmmYeahOk

      Why are people on Madme Noire stealing screen names?!?! Can’t you find your own shyt???

      • rzakia

        lol, i wondered why sometimes I would read a post and the same person would be commenting but from differing points of view. That’s so crazy.

  • Nisha

    So this “man” basically didn’t want to take responsibility for his actions. He had a side piece but yet was all upset about his girlfriend staying out late? Did he ever think maybe she knew about the side chick? Then all upset and thinking the baby wasn’t his… can we say paternity test?? And his mother doesn’t sound like she helped the situation at all, probably believed he was right in all his nonsense. RIP to Kasandra who got caught up with a momma’s boy and irresponsible football player and now this poor child who lost both of her parents.

    • Yeah that’s what happens when you make kids with a man/woman you aren’t married to.

      • bits

        being married has NOTHING to do with it. Married men/women do stupid shyt like this all of the time. smh.

        • If you thinking being somebodies jump-off and then getting pregnant by him is a good ideal then knock yourself out.

          • bits

            what? who said anything about “a good idea”. I was just pointing out your invalid statement.

            • So help me understand, having a baby by a guy who doesn’t want to commit to you is a good Ideal under WHAT scenario?

              • bits

                under no circumstance is it a good ideA. the POINT is marriage does not equal 100% commitment and you`’re extremely naive if you think it does. married couples go through the exact same thing that unmarried couples go through. unfortunately this scenario would have played out the exact same way if the two were married. jealousy, greed and infidelity are blind to relationship status.

                • heyheynow

                  it’s no need to argue with someone who clearly had a child out of wedlock…you can always tell when someone did or is a product of because they try to defend it,,,,while marriage may not always be the answer I’ve observed less problems like babymama drama when the couple was married first..but black women seem to dislike birth control and black men don’t like condoms so ummmm idk

                  • bits

                    I was actually married once. my husband died from a rare form of leukemia when he was in the prime of his life. We have three beautiful children. before he passed we would often talk about many things among those things was the topic of marriage and if being “married” indeed made our bond stronger. after thinking about it we came to the conclusion that we were just as in love and bonded in the marriage as we were when we were unmarried. the ring and the contract made no difference because our commitment to one another was so strong. unfortunately for you your judgement of my personal situation and those of plenty of others speaks volumes on your inability to properly “observe” anything. Try stepping off of that observation deck, humbling yourself and walking in someone else’s shoes.

                  • I think you met to quote me. But I agree for whatever reason black women think all their worth is to be somebodies baby momma and to jump into parenthood already a single mother.

                • “married couples go through the exact same thing that unmarried couples go through”

                  See that way of thinking right there is EXACTLY why 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. People wanna treat their boyfriend/girlfriend like they are their spouse.

                  Let me just say this any woman who would even think for half a second that she ought to let a man who thinks so little of her as to not marry her, father her child(ren) is a gosh darn fool. If he won’t respect you and wife you he damn sure shouldn’t get the honor of fathering your children. That aside, what he did was flat out atrocious and wrong no matter what their marital status was.

                  But how many scenarios similar to this one play out everyday in the African American community? Two people who don’t really know or care about each other make a baby and a hot azz mess ensues.

        • Yes they do

  • Flower

    So from what I read the baby mama was a gold digger who instead of stayed home with her baby partied…If Jovan wanted out of the relationship he should of just went to court to get custody of his child and prove she was unfit mother and say his mom will help him raise the baby much like what Usher did instead of cheat on her with a woman who he probably felt gave him more attention…it’s not like he and Kassandra were married so she couldn’t get alimony …. The shooting could of been avoided I guess this is what happens when immature young people try to be grown…this is coming from a 21 year old

    • Nisha

      He could have done all of those things in addition to just not having a baby with her period. That’s why men and women need to be more responsible and choose not to have unprotected sex when they arent’ married to a person. But to go out and shoot her and yourself, that’s a cowards way out.

      • I think all pro athletes should be given mandatory vasectomies. Freeze some of the boys but get that thang snipped so you only make kids with a woman you plan on sticking around and raising them with.

    • Kaori

      You didn’t read that Kassandra was a ‘gold digger’. That’s your own opinion of who you think she was.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Things like this are so sad, but this young man should have educated himself about his situation instead of resorting to these extreme actions. His daughter is now an orphan. If this article was correct and Kassandra was his girlfriend not his wife, there’s no way she could have taken all his money. So he should have dismissed that immediately. If she had access to his money it’s real easy for him to take that access away. If she wants to take the child away, you go down to the courts file child support on yourself and start custody proceedings. This did not have to end this way.

  • Jerzee Gurl

    So basically it was her own fault that she got shot. Love how the VICTIM is being portrayed as the reason for his stupid and selfish act.

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t like the way a lot of the details about this case seem to blame the victim. No matter what she did or did not do–she did not deserve to die.

    • Kaori

      Now there is something I can agree with you on.

  • bluekissess

    For some odd reason I don’t care. What about the baby? Is she ok. Does she have therapist lined up? She’s gonna need it.

  • Mrs. A

    He should not have had guns in his home… With those kind of feelings.Smh… There is always a side piece somewhere w/ these athletes.

  • JaneDoe

    Its never that serious to kill someone. Walking away is so much easier. Its crazy to believe he felt loosing some dollars and having partial custody of his child would be harder to deal with that versus ruining a whole lot of ppls lives. His act was selfish. As a reminder be careful of ppl you bring into yor lives and have children with.

    • JaneDoe


      • Zenaida Nunnery

        You had it right the first time

        • JaneDoe


    • bluekissess

      Love the last sentence.

    • NikkitaMichelle

      My mom always said watch who you breed with.

    • Sharon

      You are right it is no excuse for what he did. If he had an issue with her which I am sure he has seen the signs and ignored it, he should have never got with her. Since he had a side girlfriend, he should have somehow broke it off with Kassandra before she got pregnant. I guess since the sex was soooooooooooo good he wasn’t able. Sadly, black guys refused to learn the lesson. They need to be careful who you lay up with. Just because they think she is fine, white, asian, mixed, etc. you don’t need to lay up with that person. Also, they need to keep tabs on their money. These athletes act like they are going to play sports forever and it does not last. They really need to control their spending as well as who they get with. Like I said before, the minute that child comes out of that woman, a DNA test should be done. It will save black men a lot of headache and expensive costly child support payment and mental stress.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    What a coward. Any sympathy I felt for Jovan Belcher quickly evaporated after reading this side chick nonsense. Women and men need to figure out that secret sexual relationships only make life harder, not easier. People need to man (or woman) up and live their lives out in the open instead of pretending to be something they are not .

    • JaneDoe

      I hope ppl in 2013 will man up/ woman up and start taking their lives more seriously. Life is so short and in the end its not worth all the nonsense

    • The side chick is the least of the problems. What happened is he was having fun with Perkins and had no plans of committing and oops she turns up pregnant. So pretty much you got a FWB situation morphing into a babbydaddy/momma situation. She was young and still got her azz out running the streets. He was young and dumb and had his azz out running the streets. Still HE is out of pocket for what he did.

      • chanela

        this is what seems to happening so much lately. but does anybody care? no! instead people encourage these type of things. smh

        • Its true! He never wanted to be seriously with her. She saw someone with deep pockets and allowed herself to get knocked up so she could live that life. She still shouldn’t get murked over it. Sad for the babygirl