‘All Money Ain’t Good Money’: Keyshia Cole’s Sister Neffe Pugh Discusses Walking Away From Reality TV

December 19, 2012  |  

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Considering all of the turmoil and negativity surrounding reality stars of today, it is great to see that some have broken free from the negativity and have grown drastically as a result of it. In a recent interview with Bossip, former reality star Neffe Pugh of BET’s Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is  and Frankie and Neffe opened up about her decision to walk away from reality television, her new book and her current relationship with her sister Keyshia. Check out some of the interview’s highlights.

On what inspired her to write her book:

“My decision to write The Price I Paid came from making a huge decision in my life to walk away from reality TV and I’ve been off the market for almost two and a half years now. So when I made that decision to leave reality TV… it was a hard decision. But, it was a decision I had to make for the better of myself, my husband, my daughters, my family. I wanted my life to go in a different direction. I wanted to take control of me and I didn’t have that control doing reality TV… And if I’m going to be out there doing television, it’s going to be something that is going to change somebody’s life, versus you telling me ‘Oh my god I love you. You’re so hood. You’re so ghetto’.”

On the Neffe we’re used to seeing on reality TV vs. the Neffe we see today:

“I’ve always been this way [having a professional, calm demeanor]. I was in a time in my life when I was going through a real heavy divorce. My husband was dating my cousin. It was a lot going on. I didn’t know where I was […] I was still in a time in my life when I was going through. So what you guys saw was a angry, angry, angry, depressed, young African American woman with children that needed to find her way out. What you guys may have thought was ghetto or hood was hurt and pain. The tears, none of that was fake. I’ve always been a woman of God. I’ve always been a mother. I was married for 10 years. I’ve always worked. I graduated from high school. I chose not to go to college because I wanted to take care of my kids. I’ve always been this way but nobody had a chance to see it.”

On what we can expect from The Price I Paid:

The Price I Paid is inspirational, it’s failure, it’s tears, it’s strength, sacrifice, it’s you, him, her, them, they… It’s the world. I think that as public figures we need to do that more often, instead of saying ‘Well, I have this million dollar home’ or ‘I’ve got my Bentley outside’ why don’t you tell the struggle you went through to get that because that is what people really want to know.”

On the status of her relationship with Keyshia and why she wasn’t at the wedding:

“I will say this. She did not like that me and mom did the reality show in the nature that it was done. What we thought was ‘Oh, you ain’t gonna do the show cuz I said so’ was really ‘You’re not going to do this show unless it’s done right. I’m protecting you’ and I didn’t realize that until after the fact. As far as me not being at the wedding, it was like a last minute thing so I couldn’t just hop up and pack up my five kids and my husband and dash off to Hawaii. So I ended up missing that. Do I regret it? No, but what I do regret is not being there for her when she wanted me to. So it wasn’t like we don’t get along or some type of sibling rivalry. It was just wrong timing, miscommunication and because of that I was unable to make the wedding. But, I did congratulate her and spend some amazing time with her and her husband and my nephew is a doll.”

She also shared the amazing news that Frankie has been clean for over a year and a half. It is great to see that whatever patches Keyshia and Neffe hit in their relationship are in the process of being repaired. In a recent interview with Z Hip Hop Cleveland, Keyshia also discussed her recovering relationship with her sister.

“Me and Neffe used to fight like cats and dogs. I remember fighting her plenty of times after award shows, after shows, we just fought. I just feel like if Neffe had a problem with me, then as much as we fight or argue, you can come and talk to me about these problems. We haven’t gotten to the root of the problem. We’ve had conversations about it, but we haven’t gotten to the root as far as an understanding […] I think it might take Oprah.”

Check out Neffe’s interview on the next page. What do you think of her decision to step away from reality television?

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  • Misses

    I guess a lot of people (below) won’t be buying her book because trash and degeneracy sells. They say if you want to hide something from a n**** put it in a book. I see they are right. Here she is turning over a positive leaf and people are so negative about it. Misery does love company. Hmph… Sad in 2013…

  • Bhd

    She didnt stay with her husband. She has a new husband

  • There are some miserable people on this blog. I guess it’s hard to compliment people when you are not satisfied with your own accomplishments. I’m glad I’m happy with my success. Maybe that’s why I can say congrats to Neffe. I love a success story. And I pray the two of them can heal their sisterhood.,

    • Pleasestop

      Shut up

      • yep one of those miserable people I was referring to lol @u boo!

  • DTJ

    About her complexion: you can clearly see her chin and arms are still brown. Around her eyes is that “new” white eye to supposedly enhance the eyes but all it does is make black (and whites cause i’ve seen it on them too) look crazed. Who invented that ugly isht?!?! On another note: I am glad that is actively turning over a new leaf and trying to be a better example for her children. I applaud

    • Pleasestop

      Ummm are we looking at the same picture… Neffe was dark skinned..if you look at the picture her arms match her clearly lightened complexion-altered face. But then again you, like many black people, ignore social medias “whitening”of black women….or make ridiculous claims of having vitiligo…..But then again most of these celebs are lacking any knowledge if brainwashing and the impact their self-hatred has on black America.

      • pretty1908

        Or it could just be the flash… I am tika sumpter’s color and sometimes I can be lighter depending on the camera and the filter

  • Myssdee

    Instead of applauding this woman for being more mature and become a positive role model for her daughters, you guys still want to put her down??? Black people always find stuff to nitpick. I for one never claim Neffe as being “ghetto”. She wasn’t as bad as her mama. When Keyshia moved them to Atlanta, I saw how she wanted to to change her life for the better. Reality tv is not for her anymore. There are other careers she should look into and I hope her and Keyshia will make a fast recovery on their relationship.


    Did she have plastic surgery and/or gastric bypass, cause she looks totally different!!

  • Patricia

    Wow. That is a rare. Very rare. Most people don’t turn down reality television opportunity. I give her credit for doing that. Hope she won’t go back, hopefully she is smart with her money.

    • Kaori

      Actually, people turn down reality TV all the time.

  • Pleasestop

    Okay since no one else wrote about i will be the first to say….who the hell is that a picture of? I will admit i haven’t been up to date with reality tv…but the last time i checked Neffe was of a beautiful dark complexion. I also recall a different nose. This brainwashed self~ hating baffon gets as much of a side eye and sit down as her ignorant sisters comments about not wanting to do Black girls Rock because she claimed her black arse wasn’t all black…whatever that means. These black women do a great job of assisting the white agenda of self hatered.

  • Ay

    People can be so judgemental. I’m glad she explained the space that she was in while the show was going on. Going through a divorce is hard i’m sure. I wont be buying the book but i’m glad she’s doing well.

  • So ghetto = hurt and pain? Riiiiiiggght! Why fake the funk she’s ghetto and lives a ghetto fab life. Talking about “I graduated high school” yeah dummy your SUPPOSED to graduate high school.

  • bluekissess

    I’m going to be “polite” and say I refuse clicking on the next page loading… takes to long. Congratulations to her. I’m so glad that she changed for the better. Her reality show was a disgrace and I was to embarrassed to watch. God Bless her. I’m not interested in purchasing the book. Good Luck to her

  • Mia

    Why does she think people would buy her book?