Aww Shiznyee: JR Smith Goes On Record To Say K. Michelle Is Not His Girl And He’s Single

December 19, 2012  |  


Well I think it’s safe to say K. Michelle will have some love mixed in with her hip-hop on the next season of LHHATL because her love life is turning into a major e-saga.

At the beginning of the month, K. was lamenting to Hot 97 how she ruined her relationship with NY Knicks player JR Smith and that she regretted messing things up and was going to do whatever she could to get him back. Last week, it looked like she’d succeeded when several pics like the one above popped up with her an JR getting nice and cozy at a party and even sharing some pecks right in the middle of the dance floor — or VIP. One would have assumed that meant things were back on between the two, but JR insists that is hardly the case.

Last night, one of JR’s fans tweeted him something about K. Michelle having her man now, meaning him, and he took that opportunity to let the world know that he belongs to no woman.


If I was K. that would sting just a little. Just because they kissed in the club obviously doesn’t have to mean they’re in a relationship, but I also wouldn’t want someone I was fooling around with to go out of his way to let people know I’m not his girl. What’s up with that? As far as the tweets are concerned, though, K. Michelle doesn’t seem to be tripping. She came back with this response:


That might be a good front but if she wants that man as bad as she claimed on Hot 97, there’s no way she isn’t at least slightly bothered by what he said. Plus, if you watched the Dirty Little Secrets special Sunday night, she also mentioned that there was a man she was trying hard to get with, which I can’t imagine being anyone other than JR. Let’s just hope our girl doesn’t get her feelings hurt in this cat and mouse chase.

What do you think about JR’s tweets and her response?

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  • Ashley

    K is so talented, but sadly many people will not be able to see this because of this BS right here. Make your money girl and leave all this for the birds…

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  • bluekissess

    Nelly and Ashanti 2.0. With all the craziness going on I try my best to get a lesson from other people’s foolishness. The lesson would be to walk away K Ghetto. It’s obvious that you were a drive by take it for what it is and go on about your business. Men are simple he just said in so many words he doesn’t want you. I’m sure that hoodrat mentality will keep her coming back to a man who is to lazy to say his own name so he has to have initials. I can’t stand dumb women

  • Shaybaby

    Oh… to be so thirsty only for this man to not even claim you. K Michelle needs to chuck him the deuces, move on & focus on her music career. Because she’s so thirsty for him, she’ll still be chasing him around NY every chance she gets. At least he’ll give her some writing material for her music… SMDH

  • Out of the box

    K.Michelle is a stalker and a hoodrat. This guy better be careful or she will lie and say he beat her.

  • Kaori

    They are both foolish.

  • See this is exhibit A of what happens when a woman invests in a man that ain’t all that interested. She can chase him as long and as hard as she wants he just isn’t into her. Its sad and desperate looking.

  • Trisha_B

    I don’t feel bad for her at all. She has made it known she just wants sex. She’s on tv asking men about their package on the 1st date. She said when she thinks of J.R she thinks of sex. Most women would say they think of love, affection, happiness, the future. But she said sex. You get what you put out. So if you want a man to commit to you, be a man in the relationship, maybe you need to start acting like a lady & filter somethings. They both just ratchet

    • bluekissess

      It sounds like common sense. Why is this hard to keep in the brain. Love the comment

  • Britt

    When Madame Noire first wrote that Km Michelle said J.R. Smith broke up with her due to her anger issues, I predicted that if they ever got into a dispute, it would be worse for JR’s image than K. Michelle’s, and I was right. This is a prime example of when social media stunting goes wrong.

  • Say What?

    I never understood why women are so excited to sleep with obvious ratchet men. It’s not like you can f*** 2 Chainz and then put that s*** on your resume. I’m starting G.Y.L.F or as it’s better known the Get Your Life Foundation. To help wayward and loose chicks find a backbone, guidance and a decent lace front.

  • What has happened to K Michelle, I assume her lack of success in music has forced her to become an attention seeker. She is from a family of professional parents, she was not raised to have no respect for herself.

  • dontdoit

    She should have never put it out there to EVERYBODY how bad she want that man and none of this would have happened. Can you say looking all kinds of desperate!!!

  • littleoleme

    Love K. This makes me sad for her.

  • Dolo

    Women pls step it up for 2013. Learn to value your cooch and in turn you will value yourself. Stop giving it away to just anybody

    • Kaori

      How does a woman’s vagina have value?

      • DTJ

        She does so by not letting any man run through her. The values she has for herself should be automatic for her vadge

        • Kaori

          Is that what sex is, ‘running through a woman’?

      • Dolo

        Your cooch has mileage on it similar to a vehicle.. Just like your vehicle you have to maintain it so it remains in good condition..

        • Kaori

          SMH. A woman’s vagina does not have ‘mileage on it similar to a vehicle’.

      • Ashley

        If you value yourself as a woman that means you value your body (coochie included). You can’t give it to just anybody

        • Kaori

          You’re preaching to the choir as one would say. My point is, why is a woman’s vagina being talked about like it is a separate part of who she is, like it is a thing?

  • JaneDoe

    K. Michelle and all the women out there that put up with this kind of behavior from men get your life.. Learn to love yourself until the right man comes along. No need to give up the cookies to a boy who only regards you as such.. All this young and having fun business is for birds. Those same men won’t want you once your all good and used up

    • pretty1908

      I agree ! I have been in similiar situation and it is exhausting . Move on K,michelle only deal with me who seeking the things you desire as well.

    • Kay

      I want to like this comment several times over