This Disorder Doesn’t Discriminate:15 Celebrities Who’ve Battled Depression

December 28, 2012 ‐ By Ashley Page

Even though celebrities live the life that we all wish for, we all know that there isn’t enough money or fame in the world that can buy happiness. As surprising as it may seem, there are several celebrities who have battled depression but thankfully many of them have been able to see the brighter side of things. Here are 15 celebs who battled depression in spite of their ranking in society but  have still been able to climb to the top.


Nikki Nelson/WENN

Nikki Nelson/WENN

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd suffered from depression back when she was in 6th grade. She admitted to considering suicide and went to a rehab clinic to help remedy her depression. She says her humanitarian efforts have helped her regain perspective in life.

MadameNoire Video

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  • UmmYeahOK

    Depression is very real, so real that it can actually hurt. I had a long bout with depression in 2011 into 2012 and it was a struggle to get out of bed every single day. Even when the sun is out, it feels cloudy outside. Your favorite people, foods, activities, music, etc. provide absolutely no joy. Just getting through a normal day felt like a monumental task. I’m so thankful to not be in that place anymore, but sometimes it’s a struggle to not fall back into depression when I’m facing challenges.Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Therapy is a godsend.

  • Kaori

    A lot of Black people suffer from depression in silence because they think ‘God’ will fix all of their problems.

    • psylocke_2001

      It’s not just that. There’s somewhat of a stigma associated with mental illness in the black community. Our people don’t take mental illness seriously. We are told to be strong and just deal with it. It’s not considered a “real” illness.

      • Kaori

        Yes, that as well.

      • Kaori

        Yes, that as well.

  • rainbow

    I’ve suffered from major depressions most of my adult life. I am a black woman. It is embarrassing, so I suffer alone. Years ago, I believe I wasn’t being taken seriously by doctors. It was almost like they were saying “black people don’t have these problems”. It is a serious problem in our community and most of us don’t even realize we have a mental illness. I am slowly getting back on track because I sought treatment.

  • Nikki

    I’d like to see an article about mental health in the black community. (Or lack, thereof)

  • Sagittarius81

    I suffer from bipolar disorder and I’m glad I gotten help for it sooner, I’m taking my lithium and it’s been doing me better. No one’s perfect.

  • me

    Omg with f’ing advertisments on each page uuuggghhh

  • There are SO many celebrities that werent included on the list… Oh well…