An Open Letter On Proper Madame Noire Etiquette: Since Some Of Yall Don’t Know How To Act

December 18, 2012  |  

Why we cover the stories we cover
While Madame Noire exists to provide content for you, it is also a business and subsequently needs to make money. In the two years we’ve been up and running, we’ve noticed, and data has proven, time and time again, that a majority of our audience, loves to talk about celebrity news. Loves it! And we’re here to give the people what they want. But that doesn’t mean that’s all we’re going to write about. We want to be reflective of the interests of black women. And we know that black women care about a whole lot more than what the rich and famous are doing. So we’re always going to balance it out. I mention this because on election night, last month, a few of our Facebook followers were upset that every story we posted wasn’t about the election. Though we had posted three stories on the topic already and the results hadn’t come in yet, some still felt it wasn’t enough. Then again last Friday, in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy a few of our Facebook followers tried to berate us for not posting the story, when they saw fit. We were working on the story, waiting for as many facts as possible, as they were typing these messages and we ended up posting it later. I say all that because we’d like for you to know that we appreciate our readers telling us which stories they’d like for us to cover; but at the end of the day, the decision of what we post and when we post it, is ours to make. Yes, we’re going to cover major news stories but that doesn’t mean we’re going to completely stop reporting on the entertainment and lifestyle pieces our site is known for. We simply ask, that if there is something you want to see, you request it… politely. Insulting us for not covering a story you could easily find on CNN, is not the most persuasive argument.

Things we’d like for you to do… or stop doing

When It Comes To Social Media
We often publish stories and ask questions that can be pretty divisive. A lot of you have very strong opinions about things. While we’re happy that you feel comfortable coming here to express them, you also need to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion and it should be respected. Lately, far far too many of you have been using our Facebook and Twitter pages as a way to start some unnecessary drama with your fellow readers. It is not ok to call another person a name on social media or use information you find on their profile to attack them. It’s not cool, it’s not classy, and if we see it, we will ban you from the page, no discussion. We used to issue warnings, but at this point in the game, we just figure these are issues we shouldn’t have to address with grown people. So we’ll get rid of people who exhibit this type of behavior.

Respecting Us
Unfortunately, I fear that some of you, because you are protected by a computer screen, feel it’s somehow acceptable to disrespect the women and men who write for this site. It is not. It’s one thing not to agree with a writer’s opinion; but attempting to insult a person’s intelligence or talent, question their morality, or call them out of their name because you don’t agree with their piece is rude and tacky. Please don’t do it. There are ways to politely disagree without resorting to personal attacks. And honestly, it is the mark of a person who lacks both maturity and class, to attempt to insult someone over the internet, behind a computer screen. Disagree all you want; but do so politely. Furthermore, if you stumble upon typos, misspellings or grammatically incorrect sentences in any of our articles, we definitely encourage you to bring those to our attention. As I stated earlier, we are a small staff, so there will inevitably be errors that we miss. But in correcting us, we ask that you do so politely, and not use it as an excuse to shade or shame a writer or the site in general. If the site were truly beneath you, you would stop visiting, instead of looking for ways to insult it. We realize some of these people are trolls and will be banished accordingly; but some of you are rational people who have resigned to a level of rudeness we don’t appreciate. Though you may not realize it, we have feelings and we take pride in and are protective of our work. Your unnecessarily rude comments and corrections hurt our feelings. We ask that you consider that before you post something nasty. Some may call us too sensitive but we just expect people, and our readers in particular, to exercise a level of human decency when reading and responding to the work we spent time and energy creating.

Ok, good talk ladies and gentlemen. As I stated earlier, this doesn’t apply to the vast majority of you; but we are noticing this behavior far more frequently these days, which is why this post was written. We want to make Madame Noire a place where our staff, writers and readers are respected; where our content is professional, entertaining and inspires discussion; and where trolls, rudeness and a lack of compassion doesn’t run free and unchecked. If you’re down to help us achieve that goal, please keep coming back, again and again.


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  • BOOM! ^^^

  • hollyw

    MN, I can respect your need to address concerns for respect for your staff, and appreciate your attempt to address the multiple ad/multiple page issue, but I can’t help but feeling that this issue, which I have no doubt in assuming is one of THEE most pressing issues for your readers (sorry for the caps, but it has more uses than shouting, such as emphasis), was dismissed rather than addressed. In fact, most could be said for all of your readers’ concerns that you addressed, correct me if I’m wrong.

    Did you provide any offers of improvement in this article for your readers, or was this solely to be a ‘scolding piece’ to put us in our ‘place’..? Again, please correct me if I missed it, but this article really just left a bad taste in my, and I dare say many others’, mouths. Thank you.

  • ambitious 1

    NOT FEELING THIS ARTICLE AT ALL! To me, this was a FU to ALL of ur readers. I was one who really enjoyed ur work, but what professional writer is going to sit there and defend grammatical errors and crappy writing skills. We don’t have to get use to how you run this site. Speaking only for myself, this will be the last time I will have any ACTIVITY on your blog and don’t surprised if others follow suit. Who the heck are you to tell me that I can’t type in all caps? PLEASE!

  • scandalous7

    MN, I hope you know you rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way with this pathetic, condescending open letter. Who does that? That letter made me feel some type of way and I know Im not alone

  • Just Peachy!

    In regards to the slideshows, I noticed that a particular writer always puts out their articles with them and that’s what made me pay extra attention as to who writes what.Sometimes you will have a hit or miss, but the writer that always posts slideshows articles usually is mediocre at best and I simply refuse to read anything written by them because it’s always a waste of time and something not worth commenting on nor reading. Now others who show more balance in their writing style & content I don’t have a problem with many clicks because it may be worth my time as that is not their usual.

  • Tamz

    Now, I posted a comment on yesterday and it STILL isn’t up here. It didn’t exceed 200 words, didn’t have any curse words in it nor did I type in all caps. Anyway, I get what everyone is saying about the tone of the letter, that may not have been MN’s intent but unfortunately, that is how the message is conveyed. I try not to be an offender, but a suggestion I have is this: I, like many, don’t like the fact that I have to click through a gazillion pages to get the jist of an article. Every article does not require a Shuttershock photo to get the message across. Bullet points work just fine. This site is VASTLY different from when I first came, I really don’t care who is down with the swirl, what Kim K. is doing, or who injected their butts with caulk. Go back to the formula you started with, that’s all I’m saying.

  • JazzyGee

    Ok MN. I frequent the site but this is my first time commenting. This article did seem to have a slight attitude behind it. As a 25 yr old black woman, I always try to support other black women. However, the tone in which this piece was written was totally unnecessary. Why are we resulting to name calling? What ever happened to professional journalism?. While I can totally understand blocking disrespectful people from your site, why does the rest of the general public have to hear about it? I read some of the comments that set all of this in motion. I agree that they were very offensive to the writers. That being said, I also have ignored many spelling errors throughout your body of work. When you put your work out in the world, you are allowing it to be judged. Therefore, you should always put your best foot forward. Dont stoop to the level of the very people whom you would block from your site. In my opinion, you all should spell check more frequently, and develop thicker skin. Thanks for the opportunity to give my feedback. Keep writing Ladies 🙂

  • Nunya

    Um, Ms. Wells, you still spelled “Y’ALL” incorrectly. It’s not “YA’LL” like you had it yesterday, and it’s not “YALL” like you have it now. It is, spell it with me now, Y-apostrophe-A-L-L, which reads “Y’ALL.” If you don’t want anyone criticizing your work, do it correctly. If you don’t want people to be condescending and snarky in their comments to you, don’t be condescending and snarky in so-called “open letters” because your ego got bolo-punched when someone pointed out an error. I get what you’re saying, but you have to be more mindful that not everything in the world is kittens and rainbows, and you will get called out from time to time.

  • iHeartMarijuana

    How embarrassing for your site.

  • get real

    Madame Noire
    You really need to post my last comment to “Puerto Rican Breed”. Because he/she really needs to read it. I don’t think that poster has ever heard of “Afro Hispanics, Afro Latina’s, Afro Mexicans, Afro Cubans, Afro Puerto Ricans, etc. Even she said she got dark skinned Latin family members. Wonder why. I guess they are dark for no apparent reason. Please post that insighful comment of mine plz.

  • Space Is The Place

    Although I agree with a lot of this letter (clicking isn’t an issue from me. Most of the time I access MN from my phone at work), an issue I have with this site is that MN keeps pushing, pushing, pushing, this interracial dating/marriage agenda. I’m a black female, early 20’s, and I’m not very interested in races other than my own. In that same breath, it’s uncomfortable when MN overtly or subtly pushes the White Male/Black Female agenda. On many, yes many, posts regarding love where race is not mentioned, we see photos of WM/BW couples. Also, although a certain writer on here is happy in her marriage with a white male (is her name Alissa Henry? I forget but I read the articles off an on), it gets annoying when she feels the need to mention the race of her husband when it is clearly not warranted or necessary.

    MN is a great site and I appreciate this site. I just think instead of pushing interracial love, we should push for Black Love more and more each day.

  • First off, I would like to say that I love MN and I enjoy coming to this site everyday. The topics are interesting and do keep me in the loop lol. However, addressing everyone (good or bad) as children is a little disrespectful. I do feel this article wasn’t solely addressing the “bad eggs” of the bunch, it just lumped everyone in the same carton. The only major problem I has on this site was the clicking and the ads which get annoying very fast. MN didn’t used to do this, and I was surprised when it started. I say surprised because its the very reason I left another site and came to MN. In the future please know that your readers do love you or else we wouldn’t take time to comment, read or address or concerns. We all say our critiques (however ratchet we at times come across lol) with love.

  • gina

    I am a black woman and I cannot relate to most of the content here. Maybe you ladies should try clutch magazine. Much classier than this ratchet mess of a website.

    • sassybuttclassy

      I spent hours on Clutch yesterday. it is a very entertaining site. wish I would have known about it sooner.

  • Anna O’ Jay

    I’ve been a MN reader for almost as long as the site has been up and running, and I have two main things that I would like to say about this article. First, there is no reason that we shouldn’t be able to have civil disagreements about issues that come up on this site. I think attacking the writers as opposed to their ideas does show a tremendous amount of immaturity. Secondly, MN you need to do better for your readers. And hearing that shouldn’t make you offended or upset, it should make you want to do what is necessary to improve this site for the people who come here every day. MN purports to be about issues important to and relevant for Black women, but it seems that over time those issues have been dwindled down to the latest happenings on Black reality TV shows. The Black women who read your site are too multi-faceted for the majority of your content to be about BBW or LHH. And while I understand that those are your most visited articles, part of the reason those articles get so much traffic is because the people who would prefer to read something more substantive are going somewhere else. Despite the popularity of those slideshows and stories, I think you might get a more positive response (and more readers) if you increased the amount of articles with actual content. Perhaps instead of writing an open letter to wag your finger at your readers you should have an open forum to find out what it is that we would actually like to see on this site- ’cause this ain’t cutting it.

  • It’s The Readers Turn 2

    I think MN has
    some good points its few of the writers that get low with the trolls.
    If you dont want strangers attacking then set your page to private,
    block them and move on. Any one on a public platform is going to be
    subjected to criticism. Look at the tone. I am not a troll and never
    commented until now. I dont argue … I just skim on my lunch break and
    go back to my life. IF anything the crazy people should make you laugh,

    not only do they add to your checks
    Great Idea:
    you should make an article every week where we laugh at the trolls …. Like “Most Emotional Cases” and post their comments and make it funny. No one wants to be laughed at for being a mess. That will make some people lighten up and chill out….. not this way you are going about it wrong.

    You are pissing off people who you need for support. Also please understand when speaking on serious topics (rape, murder etc) to take out puns, humor and what you think happened. I know its a blog but have some respect for the family. As a black community we should be the 1st to love on our own in time of chaos. Also as I stated. It shroud be a policy (as with many high level journalist) that you do not argue with your comments. You made your point now let the readers….Don’t keep addressing the same issue to drive your point home.

  • RelaxMN

    Whats funny is that its all good when we make fun of the celebrities featured on this site and MN uses it for weekly highlights, but when we criticize things we don’t appreciate about the site MN throws a tantrum. Calm down and grow up please.

    • realadulttalk

      Very good point,

  • sammi_lu

    I frequent this site at least 3 times a week and enjoy reading the comments and various POVs from readers as much as I do the articles. While yes there are plenty of times I see some of the behavior that this article is addressing, I don’t really think that this ‘open letter’ is as effective as it could be or even necessary. Perhaps it was the writer’s tone that came off a bit too sassy, or the fact that I have never read any other respectable site issue anything like this, it really came off as a scolding nice-nasty rant. Maybe that was the intent..I don’t know, since this wasn’t directed towards me and I took no offense, However, it did make me think of something you may want to consider as well. Those people you are addressing, even if what they contribute is negative, are still on your site adding to the number of clicks and views and traffic to your site. If it were me, I would have just quietly blocked, banned those readers, or as I’m sure you have noticed, some of us often come to MN’s defense by replying to their comments and letting them have it. And subsequently as I mentioned before,. adding traffic to this site. Every insult does not require a response.

  • whatdummywrotethis?

    To MN,
    Know that people who read and commentt on this site ( for good or bad) are the reason you exist and are currently employed. Also, why would you allow someone to write and article reprimanding your audience? This is a public forum…if you don’t like commets made…disable the feature and shut up. Otherwise, be realistic about criticism you may receive. This article truly shows the lack of professionalism of your staff. Its as if an angry teen wrote this because…”[she]don’t know how to act.” Please buy yourself a clue and apologize for this trash before you lose more followers.

    • sammi_lu

      Agreed, the need to even publish this piece to vent seems a bit juvenile and unprofessional.

  • Shaela129

    I agree with the article and unfortunately these things have to be said to some. If you take offense to what was written then you must not understand that sense is not common and also I’ve found that most people take offense when told they’re doing something wrong and reverse their attitude upon the person addressing it instead of understanding what they’re doing is wrong and addressing that. It’s about responsibility in all of its shapes and forms. Just take this for what it is, a response from someone who is frustrated about the way they are being targeted for mistakes and miscues. A VENT. Move on…..

  • Jelly

    Thank you for this message Veronica. I now know it’s time to leave this site. How dare you with these poorly written, barely researched, grammar-fraught so-called articles have the never to write this to your readers! Some nerve you have. Your editors/authors need to mature real quick fast! If you want to be taken seriously try proof reading your articles. Please understand that not everyone will agree with you. Learn that and move on. Please take a writing composition or journalistic writing course, okay? That is all!

    • jasmine

      …says the person who didn’t proof read her comment – “have the never to write.” That is all.

    • If you’re going to talk about someone having typos, could you at least make sure that your comment doesn’t have any?

  • Patricia

    In all due respect Veronica, if these comments gets read, I understand that you do entertainment for this website. You wrote in the article this website is suppose to be about lifestyle of black women. It seem to me you spend more time writing about Kim Kardashian, or anything dealing with the Kardashians, Evelyn Lozada, white women (i.e. Coco and Ice Cube), Rhianna than any other people when you claim this website is suppose to be about black women. Now, I do understand that you are giving people what they want and these people are popular, but at the sametime you are working overtime to continue to help boost their popularity by continuing to write about these people. I can see maybe once in a while you write about these people, you write about them all the time. Even when you have a slow day you write about these people. I am all about and support black owned website and businesses, but it is ashame black owned media outlet like Madame Noire spend more time writing about everybody else except what the website is suppose to be for: BLACK WOMEN.

    • get real

      Good stuff. But Evelyn is a blk woman. She descends from West Africans slaves as well. But I totally get what u are saying. Great comment.

      • Puerto Rican Breed

        she is Latina. She writes for a Latina magazine, She is from puerto rico. She may have African traits in her family who knows but her race is not black. She puerto rican I am too and Hate when people just group you in what they feel is your race. Its almost like people get mad when people are proud of their culture, so they try and strip it away, with girl she black… Not going to argue with people saying puerto ricans have African in them. everyone does… Do you call a Mexican black … NO! Do you call a Polish person black… No. Do you call Jennifer Lopez black no. Its not offensive. Its offensive when you tell someone their race as if you doing them a favor. My whole family is from Spain and puerto rico. some of us darker than others I am sure we do have African in our genes as every person on the planet does. But our immediate race and culture is Latina. Many Latinos can look black and many Indians can too. You cannot just group them as black. Many black women look white. They may have white in them somewhere or just be really fair. Are they not allowed to say they are black even if they dont look it. Please know what you are talking about. She descends from west african slaves!? how do you know all puerto ricans have different roots some have more indain and french and Spanish ….. Every single puerto rican does not descend from African slaves so therefore they are black. it … Only person that knows that is that family. Have a seat. I am not trying to separate because we are all in one. But your statement is not for all puerto ricans sweetie. If that is the case everyone is black (which to some extent has truth) but you dont call jLo black or Selma hayek. Evelyn is latina (maybe has more african roots who knows but she is latina.

        • hollyw

          I know this may pain you to hear, but here, in the U.S. Latinos are officially classified as an ethnicity, not race. For the U.S. Census Bureau, you have to choose either White or Black, THEN whether you’re a White Hispanic or Black Hispanic…sorry. Just the way it is here for now.

          Black/White/Asian is a race. Zamibians/Dominicans/Portuguese/Polish are ethnicities.

        • hollyw

          I know this may pain you to hear, but here, in the U.S. Latinos are officially classified as an ethnicity, not race. For the U.S. Census Bureau, you have to choose either White or Black, THEN whether you’re a White Hispanic or Black Hispanic…sorry. Just the way it is here for now.

          Black/White/Asian is a race. Zamibians/Dominicans/Portuguese/Polish are ethnicities.

  • get real

    What kind of “if u don’t like the slide shows then don’t come to our MN website” condescending bs is this? Only a person tht is used to being talked to any kind of way or is subconsiously programmed into thinking blk people are always talked to like this, sees no problm with this. Blk people use your power ad stop coming here. And watch your critisisms get answered real quick. The slide show will be gone, typing in all caps all of a sudden wouldn’t be a problem etc. Ever notice when the stories get low comments they run to their “when all else fails I’ll get 400 plus comments for my lastest interracial dating article”? Peep the game ladies.

    • for real now?

      I wanted to reply to your comment but was put in moderation. Basically I said it was so true what you said. Also, I never stopped to think that all then interracial stories were just easy grabs for quick cash. It’s sad because the stories make us black women look like we all want a white man, because you know… interracial just mean being with a white man- forget latino,asian and all those other types of guys (being sarcastic) lol

      • get real

        Exactly. If Monday’s, Tuesday, and Wednesday”s articles get few comments, then you better Thursday here comes a “10 reasons why US black women love us some white men” articles. They know comments will be coming by the masses that day. All people gotta do is peep the game.

  • In Disbelief

    Additionally, if you’re finding the work difficult to balance, why don’t you hire more employees or interns if money is tight? I’m so DISGUSTED with the quality and tone of this post! You effectively turned me off – a dedicated reader at that.

  • TatumPascal

    This article lowers the integrity of MN, along with the constant spelling and gramatical errors and the fact that the writers of the articles will respond to comments when they feel the they are going too far left. That is just unprofessional. I understand they need to make money and the ads are how they do it, I really do get that. However, this article was a poor decision on their part and while I enjoy the site for the most part, I may just need to find a different site to frequent. No shade intended. And what some people are saying about “if this article doesn’t pertain to you then it shouldn’t bother you” is rediculous. I don’t know anyone who was murdered but I still feel sad for the lives taken. According to that logic, I shouldn’t.

  • Disappointed

    Highly unprofessional and unnecessary post. I’m actually quite shocked and appalled that MN chose to publish this. Shame on you.

  • Chrissy

    I enjoy subscribing to this site and reading the articles. For the most part I have no issue with them. What I do take issue with is the basic issues with the web quality of the site itself. Common Madame Noir staff. This is 2012 soon to be 2013. If you want to have an a list site and you have major advertisers paying for spend some of that money on proper web design. The design is so poor that a reader cannot complete an article without unacceptable delays, reroutes and interruptions. If you want to have a first class site and stop the rumblings put some money into hiring someone reputable to fix the basic issus and don’t be so thin skinned about it. My next issue is the content of this ‘open letter’. Its simply not acceptable. You cannot hope to have a site on par with other competitors and then spend time penning a finger-shaking letter admonishing people how to respond to your articles. What kind of ridiculous thin skinned nonsense is this?? Have you researched or looked at the open forums that are available on major sites -Yahoo – MSNBC you name it?? The comments that you recieve are nothing compared to what I have seen on those sites. It sounds to me that the staff needs to mature a little, perhaps hire someone more seasoned and actually listen to their advice. Grow up. Sheesh.

  • ANTMilf

    How about get rid of Funniest Comments Of The Week, like no one cares, except those whose comment gets mention. And the clicky click-a-page slideshow STILL HAS TO GO! This excuse makes no sense, more views, REALLY! Hey, IJS and keeping it real.

    • msgeegee

      i love reading the funniest comments of the week. keep it!!

    • sassybuttclassy

      I didn’t appreciate their “excuse” for the clicking either. Their explanation just made them look money thirsty. If the money they make from all the ads and clicking was put to better use towards the site and all its flaws and hiring an editor I wouldn’t be so disappointed.

  • Kaori

    Is it okay for me to say that I think this site needs to be redesigned?

  • Erin George

    Additionally, I find it funny that the writers at Madame Noire consistently “go in” on the people they blog about from the safety of their keyboards yet that want to admonish faithful readers for expressing their opinions in the same manner.

    • Guest112

      Like I stated earlier, this article is one of the best/worst compliment sandwiches ever.

    • EasyReader

      Well said! Comments that are constructive have been deleted by “staff” and some staff members (I guess they can be called that) have gone in on readers in the comments section of their articles. The pot calling the kettle black.

  • Erin George

    For the most part, I do not mind clicking to get the information. But, I am disturbed by the poorly written and edited articles. I want to see an excellent production from black women so our sites can be considered outstanding. Some of the mistakes come from negligent fact checking, poor training, and carelessness. It shouldn’t hurt your feelings to read that you make frequent, avoidable errors. Just read a style book, brush up on your grammar, fact check what you think you know, and do better. No offense.

    • LMJ82

      Here, here!

  • Meyaka

    Whoop there it is,I apologize if I have personally offended any of the Madame noire staff members,I’ll remember these guidelines in the future. Thank you for creating a little home on the Internet.

  • for real now?

    Mmm…. I agree that people should maintain a level of civility on the message boards, but I disagree with the statements you made about corrections. I see nothing wrong with readers providing corrections to articles. Correction is what makes a person grow and develop in whatever craft/career he or she chooses to participate in. If someone is offering constructive criticism than you and your writers should take it, period.

    I had to blink my eyes a couple of times when I read that because I thought, are they for real?

    Established papers make corrections to articles all the time, like when a writer prints something that is not factually correct. That is being a professional.

    Now, I’m not trying to offend but maybe people correct because they see potential for the site to be bigger and better than what it currently is.

    Rise to the occasion and be great. Don’t run in a corner and nurse your bruise ego.

    • bluekissess

      Beautifully well written. Since MN can’t appreciate constructive criticism I would like to say THANk YOU

      • jasmine

        I must have read something different, because in the article, MN says they welcome corrections. I find that most of the folks in an uproar about this article didn’t read it thoroughly.

  • Kaori


    • Heavanly1

      Well, we can clearly see that you’re one of the very violators this MN article was referring to.

    • LOL @ you writing in all caps after she clearly said they hate when people do that! hahahahaha!!!

      • Kaori

        That wasn’t intentional. I realized afterwards.

    • TatumPascal

      LOL Kaori! I get you!

  • MadiRae

    I discovered your site a few months ago, and now I am hooked! Keep up the good work! You all write insightful and often hilarious articles, with even funnier viewer comments. I <3 MN.

  • Trisha_B

    The tone of this article!!! Lol. I say us “children” stop clicking the slideshows that have 10-15 pages, their money will decrease real quick lol. I understand their are multiple writers for this blog, but can there be some fluidity here. One person will write about how she hates being called a Baby Mama & how degrading it is, & then the next person is calling someone a baby mama. When post will be about unity of women, the next is tearing down a woman. When i 1st started coming on this site, i loved it. It was a breath of fresh air. There was no shade throwing, no side comments, no grammar problems. But then it changed. Which seems to be a trend w/ blogs. When they 1st get noticed, it’s cool but after the popularity rises the authors change the tone & turns readers off.

    • I do agree with your comment about fluidity. Madame Noire may need to strengthen it’s identity as an online publication and filter the content it decides to showcase. There seems to be inconsistencies with style and material at times. Some articles come across as pointless and as if they are just brain farts or written for the sake of writing (i.e. the article on body odor, and the embarrassing article about celebrities thought to be black/African-American; the first slide being Channing Tatum).

      Some writers manage to write fluff/opinion pieces that are quite enjoyable. Other’s leave me scratching my head….like, wtf?

  • Haterseverywhere

    It’s funny how the people offended at the satiric undertone in this message are the ones who are guilty of everything Madame Noire mentioned in their article. I have never gone onto white-oriented sites where the readers continually disrespect the writers. I frequent Yahoo everyday and have never seen the amount of disrespect and negativity thrown to their writers. Every Yahoo article is not well written yet white people don’t feel the need to tear each other down. Hopefully one day blacks can learn to uplift each other and maybe we can become better in the process.

    • White people tear each other down all the time. Visit HuffPo and read the comments by the mainly white readers. Whew!

      • Haterseverywhere

        I read Huffington Post all the time and I have never viewed any of their readers attack their writers. Their readers disagree with the content of the articles but they do not attack the writers in the same way as Madame Noire readers. Black people are much more likely to tear down other blacks than their white counterparts. The truth is the truth and we can take the explicit disrespectful comments of some of the Madame Noire readers as a perfect example.

  • Guest112

    After re-reading the “article” and comments several times, I can see the point of those in support & those against it.However, I personally will not continue to visit a website that feels it needs to talk down to some of its supporters. In business the customer is always right, even when wrong and spell/grammar check is just an ‘F7’ away.

    • Kaori

      ‘The customer is always right’ needs to be done away with once and for all.

      • sassybuttclassy

        Kaori how long have you been working for MN? And does your cut come from ad and click money? Just wondering…

        • Kaori

          What are you even talking about? I think the whole mantra ‘The customer is always right’ is wrong and poor for businesses to implement. What does that have to do with MN?

  • laleeleeeeee

    we didn’t have to click through 5,367 pages to read this mess so your point is invalid. If that was your means of making money every article would be that way! MN isn’t the only website that provides celeb gossip & stories and their content is free without all the annoying ads and excessive clicking !

  • Where’s the editor?

    This site is definitely unprofessional. For example…why is it that the “More on Madame Noire” links do NOT link to the actual articles, but to the very same article that you’ve already read? This has been a problem for weeks and it easily fixable, yet it’s still occurring. I right-clicked and opened new tabs for all the articles, only to see the same link for all of them. Those are missed page clicks that resulted in me not visiting the site for a few weeks. Get your act together!

  • Thank you for this…respect should be shown in all aspects.

  • bluekissess

    I would like to tell the MN readers that I’m one of those “faithful readers” who questioned the author and the site. I use to enjoy reading these articles. They gave me another way to address certain issues. Now it’s a shift one article talks about how to love your man and the next is how to find out that he’s cheating. This use to be a forum where women openly expressed personal experiences and no judgement. But, if your story is trash expect to get trash as your answer.. I would’ve loved to hear some sort of an apology from MN but it just looks like excuses. We the readers keep you in business and put paychecks in your pocket. So if this is a blog for us and by us why aren’t any of our opinions and ideas considered? It only takes a handful of people to walk away from this site to really see how MN succeeds. Keep speaking up readers keep them shaking in there boots

    • Wow

      You used the wrong word. It’s their boots not there boots. Just saying.

      • bluekissess

        In my “positive voice” Thanks

  • May I suggest to Madame Noire that when they post a story headline, that they dont have the reader clicking next, next, next just to read the content of the article. I lose interest after about 2-3 clicks if the subject matter isnt addressed after 1-2 clicks, and give up on the article. Is that your way to get more ads in ?

    • goldenlifeinfl

      It was written in the article that they have so many slideshows and clicks to get the content to keep you on the site longer and to get you to view more ads from sponsors.

      I can honestly say that is the main reason why I keep my visits to MN on the minimum. The constant clicking for content for one story is excessive. I rarely ever finish a story on here because I don’t like clicking and then waiting for each page to load only to take me back to the top of the page and I have scroll down to see the new content.

      • jazzy

        here, here! in addition to the ridiculous slideshows, i notice that the links don’t work. instead of bringing me to the correct article, it redirects to the same page as if i hit the refresh button. this might just be me, but it has happened on different computers i’ve used. overall, i’m not impressed with this site and i find myself coming here less and less. the subject matter is lowbrow, the writing is not good (sorry, i’m a writer and it bothers me that the staff isn’t more detail-oriented) and it’s unprofessional for these bloggers to argue with their detractors in the comment section. however this site is owned by the same clowns that run bossip, so i’m not too surprised. it’s like going to mcdonald’s and expecting great food. there are much better sites that cater to black women with quality layout, content and readers.

  • realadulttalk

    Perhaps had this not started with references to children the tone of this might not have been so offensive. It’s not about whether or not I feel I fit this description–it’s more about you speaking to adults in this manner. I don’t condone the negative behaviors you described–but it’s not what you say but the manner in which it is said and it sounded quite negative. Regarding the slideshows–why not just a break? Would that so severely affect the time spent on the site? I won’t even come on here without chrome b/c based on the time it takes to load a page–I can only imagine the amount of ads that have to be popping up. Last thing–the way in which some of your writers respond in the comments section is very unprofessional–akin to the story you wrote about the woman fired for doing just so- and hiding (as you said) behind the MN Editor only makes the situation worse. I think that’s one thing that should be addressed–as a writer (I write as well–and as Badu said “we’re artists and sensitive about our ish”–but you can’t have snarky commentary with your readers (unless you choose to do so under a pseudo account-why do people not just choose that route????)–you have to take it on the chin and bish with your friends the way other people do about their jobs.

  • crazyco

    Before I read my only problem is the “clickety, click. You may think it keeps you here longer but if I see 16 links I immediately clickety, click out. There were two articles posted yesterday I would have read and wanted to read but one had like 16 pages and one had 11 and I didn’t bother with either. Anyway this was a well written article. I think most understand what you mean. I like the site, and I like the fact it’s not flooded with celebrity gossip. I have no complaints for real and I fully understand where you are coming from !

  • I agree 100% MN, especially the part about Respecting Us. Sometimes I read comments and I think to myself, can you do any better, no! so shut up and enjoy the read. Most of you who are complaining are guilty of more than one offense so you become defensive. No-one asked you to leave they are asking you to behave. The attitude of “Oh hell no you didn’t” showes your level of maturity. I like that the writers came out and said something. Much love MN, I’m sticking with you.

    • Name

      “Can you do any better” is a terrible response.

      Can I make a film? Am I a professional chef? No. Does that mean I can’t criticize terrible movies or can’t say anything about a meal that gave me food poisoning? From your logic, I have to sit there and take it.

      Also, yes, I can write a better article than the average MN writer.

      • Kaori

        You know, I have never understood why one must be this or that for their criticism to be valid. It’s like when people say that nothing else matters because such and such is ‘getting money’.

      • So start your own!

        • realadulttalk

          Do you think MN would really appreciate you telling their readers to go somewhere else? I’m betting no.

          • Really? She or he, boost about how much better she or he could do MN’s job. I just challenged her or him, whatever. That’s like going to someone’s home and telling them the meal was nice but you could do much better, it’s rude. That’s real talk.

      • realadulttalk

        I thought the same thing–I have an English degree and write as a hobby–so yes I probably could do better. I just know that writing in this format is not my passion.

      • jasmine

        Well then write an article and submit it. Since you’re such a great writer, I’m sure they’d publish it.

        • TatumPascal

          I doubt it. I tried to offer my copy editing and proofreading services as I was an editor at my hometown newspaper after an article that that was full of errors and they took down my post. I wasn’t being snarky or anything. I’m not above some freelance work. And I was just trying to help them out.

  • I have no problem with this article, I often feel this way when I see people act accordingly to the descriptions presented here…

    • Nikki

      I think the way she wrote this was in response to all the negativity she receives via Facebook, Twitter, and MN comments. Obviously, the MN editors want to please their audience but we have to meet them half way.

      • That’s why some folks shut their sites down.

      • sassybuttclassy

        Visiting the site IS meeting them halfway…

    • I thought the article was going to be about social media posting and was going to share it.

  • sassybuttclassy

    I stopped reading when the readers were referred to as “children”. That was extremely disrespectful to the people who keep this site running. Sorry MN but the truth of the matter is… you all may do the legwork for this site but without us “children” (whether “good” or “bad”) there would be no Madame Noire. The readers have expectations as well, and if they aren’t met of course there will be complaints. But at the same time those same complaints still count as traffic to this site. So really it’s a win win for MN.
    Speaking of “etiquette” you have to give respect to get respect and this article reeks of disrespect and I got that by just reading the first

    • Really MN,

      They write articles like they are children. With all the typos…. LOL! It boggles me how black people always feel they can say anything and hide behind keeping it real or being honest. Adults speak to other adults with respect the moment you start talking sideways, sarcastic, or have this attitude of checking someone then you are asking for it back. Its like “Its the readers turn” said above they want to have sole authority on what they say. Girl Bye. Calm down the internet attracts all kinds of people. For you to take time out to say hey guys here is the issue lets come up with ways to encourage troll behavior to cease, ok cool. Cause some people take their views to the extreme. But to have this ok look I am gonna talk to you like kids and if you dont like it bye…. this is why black businesses dont last. The attitude. If people leave we will see how many ads you will get then. Bye Clutch Magazine .. all day.

      • bluekissess

        I did visit Clutch for five min and I love it. Omg waaaay different from this nonsense

  • Misty

    omg.. needed to be said!!! I’m noticing on this site, that no matter what is said,who is saying it, there is some kind of issue!!! MN has a job to do, and folks need to respect that!! i tell you what, i rarely see this type of behavior on “white sights”… those folks can read an article,enjoy it,comment,and maybe disagree, without cursing each other,and profile bashing!! MN is right, people on this sight need to stick to the topic,and stop with the personal attacks,and all the cursing!! Now everyone is mad because MN addressed the issue!!! REALLY? Again, they have a job to do, and until you start working there, they’ll handle it how they see fit!!! Black folks need to get it together with all this,”no matter what i’m going to complain:i’m not happy foolishness!!”

    • Sheena

      If you made mistakes on every project you wouldn’t still have a job!

  • two cents

    It’s good to have some confirmation about why MN makes us click so much on every story. I still HATE it though. I want to come to MN, get my news and go on about my business. I don’t want to come to this site and have to take forever to get my news. Since this isn’t something MN is willing to change, I’ll change my behavior. No more MN for me. And while we’re clearing the air, MN, you guys really do have way too many typos. Seriously. As a communications professional I understand that sometimes there will be mistakes, but they really shouldn’t be as frequent as they are on this site (or Bossip, for that matter).

    • I know…..that clicking to the next, next, next, next page drives me to just keave the article. I’m glad somebody else can see the same thing I see. they lose me most of the time because of that click, click click to the next page craziness.

    • bluekissess

      I’m considering walking away from this site as well. There not willing to comply so is there another website you go to. I would love to check it out

  • bits

    Thanks Mom.

    • Wow


  • This was pointless and immature. Know the business you got into, every comment isn’t going to be what you like everyone has an opinion…..Please mature and realize that.

    • Hola

      I agree. Why have a blog if you can’t accept your visitors opinions?

      • Kaori

        Having a blog doesn’t mean one must ‘accept’ opinions from others, especially if those opinions are overly critical, insulting and down right rude.

        • jasmine

          I agree. I don’t think MN has a problem with differing opinions, but if commenters are referring to the author as a “skank” – that’s too much. People say they don’t want to be referred to as children, but if you act like one, then no need to get offended. I think they have a problem with commenters being disrespectful to authors and other readers…and I do too. Even if there are typos, grammatical errors, etc, that is no reason to personally attack or call someone names. I had no problem with the tone of this article at all.

          • I absolutely agree with you Jasmine. I mean, other than the clicking, I don’t have a problem with this site.

    • kiki

      I totall agree it’s lie people that put themselves out their in the entertainment industry and get upset when someone doesn’t like their work… it’s the nature of the beast. Even if it’s done in a disrespectful manner. I’m not saying that’s ok but that’s the chance you take in the business you’re in. Ladies as the saying goes if you can’t stand the heat…..

    • Legacy

      Thanks!!! That is the whole purpose of a blog to put out your views. People will always disagree or take it more serious than need be. Stop linking your personal twitter and facebook to your articles if they are harassing you. Or set your page to private so when people act a fool you can block them. Done! Black people cannot handle when people dont agree with them. Just like how people attacked stacey dash … how you get mad at someone else’s views. Have a seat.

  • Its the Readers Turn

    Madame Noire Staff, Now its the readers turn.

    1. You need to be professional and thoughtful about what you write. I read on here a story about girl who was murdered. The bloggist blamed her boyfriend and based it off the fact she watches law and order, as if it were a joke Really??? Any stories where someone is murdered need to respected and state facts. Not joked about.

    2. Also- its is very tacky for you argue with the comments. You are playing this role asking people not to bring their issues to facebook and twitter. Uhm then stop arguing with foolishness in the comments. Your writers want the last word. Well guess what its some people that wont shut up just like some of your writers wont shut up. When you post let it be and let the audience sound off.

    3.I am sorry but alot of the disrespect and flack you get are partly because of the way you handle business.. I dont have twitter, facebook or anything I dont care to argue. I much rather read a clutch article. Madame noire used to be classy now the writers are very immature at times. I can recall the article about Brandy and her being thirsty to be married. Many had their views. Then you posted another article arguing and defending her saying its ok she is pushing him to pop the question. Your writers do not write a story and move on. They write in defense mode.

    4. That is what annoys me about this site it makes it hard for me to enjoy reading anything. It seems the very thing you are trying ask readers to do and consider, your staff needs to do it as well. If a fool acts a fool and you act a fool its hard to tell who the fool is. You need to not feed into rachet behavior. Your writers need understand when some is murdered that its not a joke or a game of lets guess what happened and write like it did.
    5. I understand about the ads and slide shows. But you had to write this article because you participate in the foolishness, its a blog and there are people out here who get hyped up quick about topics. Get over it. this article alone … is my point. let go of the stank attitude and you wont attract it. Like you said people hide behind a computer and get bold. I feel the same about your writers. Its like they want to be the sole authority in what they write about.

    Madame Noire is not all bad. But acting a fool you attract you can state your opinion and let go. I read article all the time I dont agree with and I write and people disagree. You wrote a two page article full of attitude to ask people not to do what your writers do alot. Staff at Madame Noire have several seats. Then in 2013 get back to business…

    • Yikes! But I’d be lying if I said I disagreed with you. MN you should be above writing something like what I just read above. Why so much attitude? Curb yourselves! You’re the business with the professionalism requirement. Your readers are just readers, let them be for Christ’s sake!

      • By the way, I think many readers attack the site because they doubt its credibility and legitimacy. I am not one of the people this letter is addressing since this is my first time commenting, but I read regularly and I agree (though not always fully) with some of the commenters.

      • bluekissess

        Preach girl preach

    • bluekissess

      I absolutely love this.

      • its the readers turn

        Thanks for you comments I am not trying to be rude sorry. I think MN has some good points its few of the writers that get low with the trolls. If you dont want strangers attacking then set your page to private, block them and move on. Any one on a public platform is going to be subjected to criticism. Look at the tone. I am not a troll and never commented until now. I dont argue … I just skim on my lunch break and go back to my life. IF anything the crazy people should make you laugh

    • Lisa

      Damn you pointed out everything in one whim! I just though all of this…. Wow too true. Some times the truth hurts.

    • Lisa

      Girl this is true. Its rough but true. Sorry. Because you cannot fight everyone who disagrees then write these articles trying to put people in line with that tone …….. I remember that article about the girl who was murdered. The comments blasted her for that you would think she would have apologized that girls family could be reading

    • I had to give your comment a thumbs down because of the typos.

  • get real

    Wht is the “slide show”? If its the silly grey boxes that u have to click one at a time just to see the “10 reasons why”etc then yeah that’s a joke. One thing they didn’t address is the constant worship of white people on this site. Mostly “massa” and why its so great to date the lice carrier.

    • I thought it was just me who noticed that. However, I visit many blogs and I see that disease everywhere.

  • Mia

    I agree with most of what was written, but don’t threaten your readers to stop visiting the site if they don’t like something. If enough people walk away, the five of you may be calling up unemployment. I’m always very respectful on this site but I do feel that as journalist, we shouldn’t see so many spelling and grammar errors. It happens quite often. We expect a level of quality as well. Finally, while this was a great open letter to address some problems, I can’t help but think you may just be adding fuel to a fire. I just hope I don’t see a spike in people acting stupid because of the attention their ignorant behavior received.

    • EasyReader

      Exactly! I’m going to piggyback on another post of yours (your sentiments mirror my own thoughts). Content will be what it will be, but more effort needs to be put forth in correcting some of the glowering mistakes many of the writers here on this site make. That severely detracts from the credibility of this site.

      • Ronnye Clarke

        They’re not perfect and as she said it is a small staff trying to get the stories. Here’s a piece of advice, when you referred to “the glowering mistakes…” What’s a glowering mistake. Get the point? You can’t attempt point out someone’s errors with errors with a sentence that has errors as well.

        • EasyReader

          Duly noted, however, what is the error? The intention for the use of the word “glowering” was to emphasize the “off-putting” nature of the grammatical errors made by the writers on this website. I am well aware of the definition of the word glower as a verb.

          Small staff or not, a quick once over by someone other than the person who wrote the article could correct much of the mistakes made. That is no excuse.

          • SomeCallMeBougie

            You tell Em, EasyReader and Mia! Look how R. Clark’s 1st name is spelled! I can SEE how they’d take defensive offensive offense to the idea of grammatical and typographical errors being emphasized – the ‘point’ being that to just ‘let em slide’ is why “They” think “We’re” overall Ignorant in the first place!

    • IllyPhilly

      MN need to stop being so sensitive. Aw, poor babies.

    • York

      I agree–we’re not (all) children that need to be talked down to! Soon as I read “Since Some of Y’all Don’t Know How to Act,” all I could do was shake my head–I felt some type of way reading that and I do my best to stay respectful up on here! NOT a good way to start off a “serious” discussion, regardless of whether you’re an offender or not!

      MN, this is NOT an “Us. vs. Them” situation! A simple “we would like to remind you to remain courteous so this can be an enjoyable experience for all” would have sufficed!

      And frankly, regardless of the pop ups or multiple slides, there are too many articles that are just poorly written and it’s irritating to click on a few slides and glean absolutely NOTHING from them. I commend anybody who can write something and put it out there for anybody to read, but if there was more attention paid to things like fixing grammatical errors, topic selection, and actually STICKING TO THE TITLE OF THE TOPIC, rather than “pleasing the advertisers,” things might run a little smoother from a reader’s perspective….IJS. I want to see this site succeed, not fade away after readers become tired of the same ol’ friction!

  • NunyaDB

    I would like to politely and respectfully bring to your attention that you spelled “Y’ALL” incorrectly. I hope I’m not “throwing shade” by doing so.

    • EasyReader

      I was going to address that same error…

    • ItsJustForDecoration

      Yall is already a slang word in itself…

      • It is ? I’m from the South and find it funny/strange/odd to hear a person say “YOU ALL”.

        • Kaori

          It’s actually a contraction, not slang.

          • Drew Smith

            Who the hell gave your comment a thumbs down for writing the truth about a contraction?!?! Who am I, where am I and what the F am I doing? Pure sadness.

            • Kaori

              People are weird like that.

            • hollyw

              It seems to be the same two people who’ve disliked virtually every negative comment on here…weeeird… -___-

    • hollyw

      Those in the Midwest commonly spell “Y’all” as “Ya’ll” or “Yaw” (different drawl). Ya’ll is technically slang, as “ya” is slang for “you”, and was originally used in English literature by the likes of Hemingway and Faulkner… 🙂

  • Gye Nyame

    I understand the message you are trying to send, but your tone and method were uncalled for. I don’t appreciate being “spoken” to like a child or “student” b/c I’m an adult woman. There was a way to convey this message without the condescending undertone. You’re not our teacher and we are not your students…we’re grown folk and should be addressed as such.

    • Jay

      You’d only take offense to the tone if you were one of the offenders they were speaking of. I didn’t take issue with the open letter because it doesn’t apply. There was nothing condescending about it. If anything, it was heartfelt and humble of them to be vulnerable enough to express when feelings are hurt and when rude behavior won’t be tolerated. The majority of people who would be offended by this post are probably the ones being rude and disrespectful to others.

      • Jay, I’m wondering if you and I read the same letter, because I didn’t get any attitude from it either.

      • Gye Nyame

        I’m not one of the offenders, and neither are 98% of us who support this website. You deal with the “bad apples” accordingly, and you thank your supporters, but NOT in the same article. Black people are so used to people openly disrespecting them, that they will defend this writer for her unprofessionalism. The first thing you learn about ADULTS, is that if you want them to change their behavior you never treat them like children…you will only get the opposite effect. Thanks MN for wasting an opportunity to address a serious matter with tact and class.

        • Gye Nyame

          And let me add this, have you ever considered that the “type” of people you attract to this website is a result of your “baby mama/daddy” and “ratchet” articles? If you want a classier clientele that has social media etiquette then raise the quality of your content to attract and retain those customers, this will also include using spell check…sorry.

          • Papillon


          • LMJ82

            Wow….I wish I could like your comment like 10 times!

          • sammi_lu

            Your two cents are like gold..yesss!

          • York

            OO LAWD! PREACH! I want to click the “Vote Up” button SOOO many times on both of these responses!

        • Suchalady

          Agreed! This letter was written so rudely. I’m sure they could have gotten the point across without being condescending. Also, you can still make the slideshows smoother, MN. Having a whole new page load, with the ads restarting isn’t necessary.

      • Guest112

        This ‘article’ would leave most w/a sour taste in their mouth, whether
        they are a part of that ‘bad group of children’ or not. It just doesn’t
        read well & comes off as holier than thou. Journalism is going to be
        offensive, no doubt, but to
        purposely single out a group and demean them? That act itself is
        childish and creates a negative ripple effect. Then to end it by saying
        ‘Ok, good talk…’. This article was one of the best/worst compliment sandwiches I’ve ever been privy to.

        • LMJ82


      • Love_Sexy

        I agree with you 100%. I was not offended by her letter at all and she made some very good points. I see alot of the behavior she listed on other websites as well.

  • lovely

    The attitude is there because, honestly, some of you all are annoying as what. I ain’t mad at MN, do you boo boo lol!

    • Guest112

      Not trying to throw shade or be ‘that guy/girl’ but I’m quite sure that calling some other readers/posters annoying is counter productive. MN tries to address this very issue in the paragraph titled ‘ When It Comes To Social Media”. I respect your opinion and I hope you’ll respect mine, even if you don’t agree.Thanks.

      • Kaori

        Why does one even have to qualify their opinion with such a statement as “Not trying to throw shade”?

    • TRUTH IS

      I had to laugh @ do you boo boo….Am torn on this topic….damn if you do, damn if you dont

  • wajon

    I agree why so much attitude

  • Nikki

    I appreciate that you addressed the slideshow issue. However, I’m still not satisfied. I read other websites and their slideshows don’t upload a brand new webpage when you click forward.

    • Yeah I was thinking that! They should do like Huffington Post and have a pop out slideshow that doesnt make you reload the whole page, which takes forever due to all the ads.

      • That slideshow making folks click click click makes me just forget about the article or research the subject and read it somewhere else if I’m interested. I dont like that click to the next page 10 times to read a 2 page story. They definately need to get better wth that . Probaly a way to post more ads, but if I’m not clicking, I’m not seing the ads.

        • bluekissess

          When I see the list I pump the breaks. I’m sure that story is not important to click click click

      • Trisha_B

        They clearly made it known that they do it all for the money. The more clicks to reload the page, it makes it seem like more visitors are visiting the site. I’m sure it’s not that hard to do the pop out slideshow like other blog sites have done, but money money money lol. I’ve started to skip post that have more than 5 pages. Or i wait to read other comments to get the jest of the article

        • bluekissess

          What money? It’s not being put back into the website

      • bigdawgman

        Download Google Chrome and get adblocker plus! add-on. No more ads! Ever!

        • Wow!! I’m going to try that! Thanks!

          • sassybuttclassy

            It doesn’t work for this site. the ads are dominant to the articles.

    • Who does your research?

      I could see myself spending a lot of time on this site, but the multi-click template always drives me away. I’ll check out a few articles, get tired of the clicks, then leave for a few weeks.

      • bluekissess

        What other sites do you visit? I would love to know. I’m thinking about ditching this nonsense and go back to theybf or “bossip”

        • Its the Readers Turn

          clutch magazine is very classy. They do not go in and argue with their audience

          • pretty1908

            Right since when did authors argue with readers…. now we are going to have chefs coming out of the kitchen to verbally spar with people who didn’t like their food

        • Chere Williams

          Necole Bitchie is a fave of mine, more celeb based but good, in my opinion!

  • Well alllllllllrighty then! I guess someone went too far….

  • msindie

    So much attitude in this Write up. Why?

    • les

      I dont know but the writers seem like they have a beef with people disagreeing with them

  • Kaori