Pass Or Play Part II: Cassie Tries Her Best At The Heatfelt Ballad With “End Of The Line”

December 18, 2012  |  

If Alicia Keys’s “Brand New Me” video wasn’t enough for you today in the “Pass Or Play” department, I thought I’d share this newest joint and video by Cassie called “End Of The Line.” Still going strong trying to make this music thing work (I’m sure most would kick back and let Diddy take care of them), the singer with her still half-shaven head sings about a relationship that’s no longer worth it to make work. Standing in the middle of nowhere wearing a chain-linked halter, white jeans and boots, Cassie does more high fashion as opposed to showcasing serious vocal skills. Seriously, it’s like watching what probably was a gorgeous photo shoot, and then someone decided to stop and make a music video with their free time. While I was hoping it was a hoax, this is the clip that has been circling around the Internet, and it’s definitely tagged as the “official” joint.

As for the track, it’s definitely a little slow and sad for my taste. Slow in the sense that not only are the vocals like someone singing in slow motion stuck in molasses, but the track in itself is kind of depressing. It almost feels like it’s not done being put together in the studio. But I respect Cassie’s hustle, it’s just that she’s so much better at being a beauty and model than she is at trying to be a respectable musician in this rough and tough industry. I appreciate the attempts, but man, I can sooooo do without “End Of The Line.” What about you though? Check out the clip below and let us know what you’re thinking.

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  • Yay!

    All that Diddy money and she still didn’t get a voice coach? Or is it that she is just that untalented her current singing voice is the best they could get out of her? I can tell they even tried to give her a bit of auto-tune help…smh.. The other thing is groupie/manstealer/armpiece bishs just don’t get enough fans to to make a flourishing singing career. Looks what’s happened to A. Keys, who has talent. Move on girl… Have a baby, be a millionaire.

  • LiiSH

    It must be nice to possess Cassie’s beauty. (Despite how nice of a person she may be that is undoubtedly the reason she keeps getting shine.) While an amazing singer like Jennifer Hudson is always subjected to THE MOST lackluster songs known to man, Cassie stays with decent songwriters and production. Lol somebody needs to share. I remember Cassie’s first album, she had Ryan Leslie create her some bumpers… It was such a waste with all her non-singing though!

  • the song is alright, she’s just boring. 🙁

  • kr

    I volunteered 2 min of my life..and dang I want it back. Sean Combs is an excellent marketer/mogul but horrible with artist development/longevity. He’s blinded by love that he can’t tell his side piece that its a no go. 2..really this is going to be your kids step mom..I can’t!!!

  • nick

    Girl work them new boobs!! lol but seriously…what is this? can this even be considered a whole video?

  • You guys are just being Haterz that video and song was . . . . . I’m just playin. That whole thing was a bad YouTube production. Why she got somebodies old Flipcam tryna make a music video? That mohawk isn’t edgy its just . . . a hot damn mess.

  • Kitsy

    I’m sorry, this may sound mean, but she should just stick to doing what she does best: being a wealthy man’s arm piece. Her moment in the music industry has passed and no one is checking for her next single. She’s only stayed in the public eye because Sean Combs added her to his harem of fools. I’m not mad at her – being a concubine was once a genuine profession (and still is in many parts of the world) and she should milk it for as much as she can, because that man will soon grow tired of her and move on to the next Sweet Young Thang.

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    While I can admire Cassie’s determination, this just isn’t it! Sorry having a singing career isn’t meant for everyone.