Evelyn Wants Contact, She Gets Contact: Judge Lifts BBW’s Restraining Order Against Chad At Her Request

December 18, 2012  |  

Source: WENN/Jimmy Louis

Former Miami Dolphins player, Chad Johnson and ex-wife Evelyn Lozada made their first public appearance together since their extremely ugly divorce yesterday in court. Why were they in court you ask? Thankfully, they weren’t there pressing assault charges against each other. Instead, they were doing something remotely opposite. They were there to lift the restraining order that was put in place after the two had a fallout over Chad’s infidelity, which ended in a head-butt lifted.

A video recovered by TMZ depicts Evelyn and Chad standing before a judge in a Florida courtroom as the judge proceeds to ask Evelyn if she feels threatened by Chad or is afraid of him. Evelyn responds “no” each time and the judge honored her request and lifted the restraining order.

Now Im sure that while some are in shock after hearing this news, others aren’t as Ev has been hinting to multiple media outlets that she would like to begin talking to Chad again and how she believes he deserves a second chance. One can’t say for sure that Evelyn’s request to lift her restraining order against Chad will result in a romantic reunion between the two, but then again, the possibility is certainly there.

Just last week, Evelyn told Radar Online that it was difficult having a “no contact clause” with Chad because he still wears his wedding ring and expresses that he wants her back.

“I haven’t spoken to Chad, we can’t – we have a ‘no contact’ clause, but I hear things. He recently did an interview on ESPN and I saw clips of it but it wasn’t easy to watch because he is still wearing his wedding ring, and says he still wants to be married.”

Ironically though, she also told Rumor Fix that although she had some questions for him, she didn’t think that reconnecting the lines of communication was a good idea.

“He hasn’t tried to speak to me directly and I don’t think he is going to risk his freedom, I also don’t think it would be good for us.”

I guess she’s had a change of heart since then.

Check out Evelyn and Chad’s courtroom footage on the next page. Do you think it was a good idea to drop the restraining order?

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  • JustSaying

    Chad should just come to me.

  • LiiSH

    Lol she trying to get a reconciliation special. That way they can air their T.V show + 2 part special on what went wrong and how they are fixing it.

  • ashley79

    I just want to tell Chad to run as fast as he can.

  • Mia

    I don’t know what her endgame is, but this bish is playing chess. She does everything for a reason, best believe!

  • Say What?

    The real question is when will Evelyn’s butt have contact with a seat?

    • Dawnn

      Yes, I be glad when she does finally sit down somewhere. Nobody should not be even surprise at this foolishness. She went to the media with in a very short period of time her so called “domestic abuse” incident that which I have questions about. I am sorry, I am not buying any of this she is doing. I sincerely believe she is playing a game with this domestic violence. She makes it look bad for individuals who have truly been abused. It is not anything to play games with. You have lots of women and men die from the hands of a person of domestic violence. Here, she is still continuing doing interviews with almost every media outlets and sadly, Madame Noire utilizing space to report this. I know there is a timing for victims to speak out when they are ready who has been truly been abused physically by a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. So far, I don’t recall any person ever coming forward telling their story this quickly as she has, in interviews I have seen. It is sad, the cow has been milked, and she is still attempting to milk it even more.When you no longer can’t. Wow! unbelieveable!

  • rzakia

    Well of course she had a change of heart, she wants that spin off to happen. Not to mention they are now filming for bbwla so she’s going to need a story line for that as well.