Just In Case The Mayans Were Right: 14 Songs To Listen To Before The World Ends

December 20, 2012 ‐ By M A


So the world may or may not end on Dec. 21. We’d like to be optimistic and assume that we’ll all see 2013 … but on the off chance that we don’t, Madame Noire has put together 15 must-listen-to tracks before the world potentially comes to an abrupt, cataclysmic, apocalyptic, meeting it’s maker end. You ready?

MadameNoire Video

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  • Duke Williams

    wow……just making an observation………..99.99% of them were black……and oh by the way…..we actually gained more respect for Clint Eastwood….you got the one dead wrong!!!!!

  • odie11

    Wow, what a bunch of bi gots. Seems that if someone had different values, that makes you someone your can’t have respect for.

    No wonder the country is falling apart. Apparently 98% of Black Folks voting for Barack Obama is not “ra cist,” but someone voting for a conservative automatically makes them an “Uncle T om.”

    Way to go to show the double standard.

    When is this country going to turn its back on ra cism?,,,Black ra cism that is.

  • Luche

    love Michael Stipe and REM. HE IS UBER-COOL

  • elchucko

    Wow, lots of black folk 😉

  • guest

    The list is mostly African American….hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • rioman69

    I like how 99% of these are all black celebrities. you guys must have noticed that so you threw in a Clint Eastwood for supporting Mitt Romney? lol doesnt seem such a bad political choice now does it? and talking to the chair that someone wrote for him? what a real stretch to find a white person. How about Kim Kardasian? havent we had enough?

  • Jean-Damien Washington

    It kills me how blacks do not want biracial individuals to acknowledge who they are, elections in the US are more based on fiscal standing than ethnicity if one was to investigate Oprah’s statements they are not in the corner of the democratic way. I stopped after I saw so many I explanations to an articled entitled we…who are the we.

  • Andrija Sekulic

    Outside of The Final Countdown the list couldn’t be shittier even theoretically

  • James Boatman


  • James Boatman

    typical racest


    Gorgeous Stacey Dash for having the audacity not to follow the herd politically? Damn, guess we just should never have given women the right to vote if they were going to have their own minds and not going to vote with the block. But no Samuel L. Jackson, who in a obscenity laced tirade screamed at us all to vote for the Prez because he is black? I am assuming this article is meant to be humorous….

    • barry

      This site it funny. Very racist toward blacks and whites. Plus you see the true colors of the person who wrote this. You can see he or she is nothing but a little lost sheep. If they had a brain in their head, they would know that democrats keep them on the dole just to get their vote. Funny how black people still believe that they are slaves, even though slavery in the united states was ended by a white republican in 1865. The sad thing is you keep shooting yourselves because you refuse to educate and inform yourself that you can do something with your life. Just because a democrat says you cant help yourself and you need the government to teach you the way, doesnt make it true

  • MJ

    how come most of the ppl on this list is black ppl?

  • Carlos

    is this a black person site? Stacey Dash is only smart person here…..what site is this? is this BET?

  • billyboy

    and all but two are black…humm, who would of thunk it?

  • jomodamusicman

    I’m critical of the author of most disgusting people because all the people the author thought as disgusting were blacks except for one. But when it came to the music, to listen to for the end of the world, most of the artists were white. My, question to the author of this article, WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD I LISTEN TO WHITE MUSICIANS WHEN THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END AND WHILE THE WORLD WAS THRIVING & BOOMING ALL I LISTENED WAS BLACK ARTIST LIKE STEVIE WONDER, ARETHA, SAM COOKE, JB, JERRY BUTLER & O V WRIGHT. WHAT HYPOCRISY. ARE U GETTING KICK BACKS FROM THESE WHITE ARTIST!

  • Ohiogirl

    You are an idiot! I have no respect for a judgmental hate monger who thinks his opinion is worth something!

  • Guest

    So, you lost respect for a black woman that voted for Mitt Romney? Is that not her right? Maybe she doesn’t believe in Obama’s agenda. I am a woman and I have every right to vote against Obama…not because he is black, but because I don’t like him as a President. I’ve lost all respect for you.

    • jomodamusicman

      I agree with criticism of Stacey Dash totally. Not only did she announce she was supporting Mitt, she did it in a bathing suit which to me said to Mitt & Ryan “CAN I PLEASE BE BOTH OF YA’LLs MONICA LEWINSKY” She acted & looked disgusting, even Whoopee commented on how disgusting she looked coming out in the bathing suit for a political candidate for the Prez. Nicki Minaj also came out for Mitt, but at least Nicki didn’t do it in a bathing suit

  • borninmombasa

    De is all coons , I think the author is a racist!

  • cindyloo

    Looks like the author has a problem with Mitt.

  • OlderWoman

    This is a racist site.

  • Tyrone Muhammad Santini

    When is Prince going to stop wearing the Maybeline and Max Factor?

  • KimS

    I would say “Let’s get Crazy” by Price would have more appropriate.

  • vinwire

    Do any of the people know who you are…..? Do any of them care?

  • Yeh right..

    Listen to these songs and you may want the world to end….

  • axmickl

    This has to be the most worthless rag ever published. Do you actually read the drivvel printed here?

  • OlFashion

    I’m sorry Madame Noire, you missed it with the 15 songs to listen to before the world ends list. Skeeter Davis should have been #1 on this list with “The end of the world”! Europe could have been your #2.

  • ShellyB

    There’s only 2 white people on this list? RACIST……………..

    • Bob

      noire don’t like blacks

  • Jack

    You lost respect for Kanye West in 2012??? What about all the previous years of his career where he has acted like a total jackass with a god complex? Guess you weren’t paying attention.
    Nor were you paying attention when the entire world got tired of Sanders.
    Nor were you paying attention when it was established well back into the 80’s that Eastwood was conservative in nearly every way. How was his pull for Romney a shock to you? Oh that’s right, because you’re not paying attention. Bet you didn’t actually WATCH the video of his conversation with the empty chair, but chose rather to criticize it in chorus with all the others who you’ve heard criticize it who probably never watched or read the dialog either.
    And why the hate for a black woman who voted for somebody other than Obama? You probably don’t know her reasons either. You would do well to respect for her for not being a “do as all the others do and vote for Obama because he black”.
    For what it’s worth, Berry was the only significant name in your lineup, and on the count of her, I agree with keeping dating drama away from one’s kids until that person has proven their mettle enough to become actual family. Most of the other names in this article (save Sanders, West, and Clash) were so insignificant, most probably don’t even know who they are anyway, so like with Kanye, who really cares?

    • get it right

      Who created this list? Stacey Dash, really? Just because she voted for Mitt Romney? There’s a lot of people who voted for Obama who now wish they hadn’t. He sucks as a leader. Worst president ever and it wouldn’t matter if he was pink or green, he sucks.

  • slickvik

    why is this so racist 99.9% of them black

    • OlFashion

      This is a site for black women. Madame Noire. Noire!!!

      Noire is french for black, to those that didn’t know.

    • jomodamusicman


  • johnsnare

    Wow. Fourteen of the group are, “African American”. Interesting.

    • ShellyB

      Right? And one of the two white people was on here for promoting fiscal and personal responsibility as well as leadership and American values. These same assholes that vilify this country have no trouble making their $$ off it. HYPOCRITES.

    • KLTWJ

      The name of the site is MadameNOIRE…….get it? MadameBLACK? This is a black-centric site. That’s why Stacey Dash is on this list. She didn’t follow the Samuel L. Jackson election talking points.

  • John Walt

    And just who respects this site? Just who exactly, respects you?

  • Guest

    R.I.P MJ… I wish he was still hear with us… Got goosebumps watching that video.

  • Kisses

    That opening pic is an….interesting choice.

    I didn’t click so if they’re not on the list, I suggest “Wanna Be Starting Somethin” and “Tootsie Roll.” Hell, why not. By time you get to the last “Dip, baby, dip!” you’ll be rolling thru the Mayan apocalypse crunk as a mubb LOL

  • Ms_Mara

    May I suggest ‘One Day On This Earth’ by Brutha? See yall tomorrow. 🙂