“I Want To Eat His Children”: Celebrity Quotes That Made Us Question Their Character

January 10, 2013  |  
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In American society, celebrities are put on a pedestal. People look up to them, want to dress like them, talk like them, and spend ridiculous amounts of time following their whereabouts, love lives and everything in-between. So it seems that just because they’re in the spotlight, celebrities can do no wrong, well in this case, say no wrong. Well, take a look at these 10 quotes from famous celebs that made us go hmmm.

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Katt Williams vs. Mexico

Katt Williams has been grabbing a lot of headlines for his wild behavior lately, but at a show in Phoenix last year, he made the news for his offensive rant about Mexicans living in America. He reportedly told an audience member: “No this ain’t Mexico, it used to be Mexico, motherf**ker, and now it’s Phoenix, goddammit. USA! USA!”
He went on to tell the man to go back to his country and later gave a half-a** apology to anyone who thought he was being “hateful,” but stated he meant what he said. Seems to me all those chemicals from his perms are getting to his head.

Method Man on Natural Hair

In an interview he did a while bac, Method Man expressed his disapproval of women who rock their hair naturally. “No. I don’t like peasy afros, sorry. I don’t like dreads either. I like a woman to get her hair did.”
Wow, really? So apparently natural hair isn’t “did.” Disrespectful. But what else should we expect from Meth right?


Don Imus Disrespects Rutgers’ Women’s Basketball Team

So Don Imus is another character who is known for having a few issues when it comes to the respect department, but after he referred to the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team as a bunch of “nappy-headed hos,” he really showed his true colors. And this time his narsty mouth not only shocked the nation, but put an end to his popular radio show back in 2007. I guess he got what he deserved. Well…that was until he got a whole new radio show in 2008.


Mike Tyson Wants Says He Wants to Devour People’s Children

He’s certainly not known as the nicest man on Earth, but in an interview preceding his much anticipated fight with Lennox Lewis back in 2002, Mike Tyson really upset a few people when he said: “Lennox Lewis, I’m coming for you man… I want your heart. I want to eat his children. Praise be to Allah!”
You want to eat his children? And then praise God? I’m convinced that that man had taken way too many shots to the head. Either that or it’s something he could have been smoking…

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George Bush vs. Kanye West

Following Kanye West’s shocking allegation that George Bush didn’t care about black people during a relief concert for Hurricane Katrina victims, the former President did an interview with NBC where he responded to the statement by saying:
“It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true, and it was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency.”
Really? Our country was attacked, we took on more than one war, and millions of people lost their jobs and lives while you were president and catching a verbal jab from Kanye was one of the worst moments of your career? Yeah, something ain’t right with this one.

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Kanye West Crashes Taylor Swift’s Party

Okay, so this incident is more about what was done than what was said, but who could forget when Yeezy interrupted poor little Taylor during her acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs?
His exact words were, “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you…I’ma let you finish. But Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!” Ouch.
Seriously Kanye? I know it’s old, but damn that was messed up!

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Rihanna’s “Risky Business”

We all know that little Miss Ri Ri is no stranger to controversy, but in a recent pic that she posted on Twitter, she really raised some eyebrows. The picture displays her in Chris Brown’s hotel room on her knees with a caption that reads, “Risky Business.”
This coming from the same girl who got knotted up by her man, left him and came back, but claims that their relationship is “nobody’s business.” Oh really? I can’t tell. Stuff like this has me really thinking that she’s a major attention-seeker, maybe trying to sell a few more albums. And boy, isn’t this the best way to do it.


50 Cent Calls a Follower “Autistic”

After a fan on Twitter threatened to shoot 50 if he didn’t hurry and release his album, the rap star wrote something that offended millions of people, including some celebs. He responded by saying, “Yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic.”
Ouch! As if that wasn’t bad enough, he went on to say, “I don’t want no special ed kids on my timeline follow somebody else.” Fif later apologized for his insensitivity, but only after he caused an uproar in damn near the whole Twitter community. Way to go. We all know you’re a hardcore rapper, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an a-hole too.


Tracy Morgan Offends the Gay Community

During a show in Nashville, TN back in 2011, comedian Tracy Morgan said some things that really set a lot of people on fire, especially the LGBT community. Apparently, he isn’t too fond of gays, so he told the audience that if his son ever spoke to him in a sissy voice he would pull out a knife and “stab that little n***a to death.” Whoa! That’s a bit harsh.
Although he later apologized, I think it’s clear that he really has a little too much hate in his heart.

Keyshia Cole Thinks Black Girls Are Cool, But She’s Bi-Racial

With all the things Keyshia Cole has been through in her life, which were made public through the singer and her family’s repeated attempts at reality TV stardom, we always rooted for homegirl. But when she acted as though she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to take part in BET’s Black Girls Rock! annual celebration because she was all of a sudden claiming to be biracial, we were stumped. And a little bothered. And clearly, a lot of other people were too. It didn’t help that she later tried to clarify her statements and only dug a bigger hole for herself by making it clear that she’s not sure what she’s biracial with. Oh boy…just stick to singing, boo.



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  • Lb

    Kanye is a sell out period… Ha! He don’t like black people

    • I keep thinking the same thing every time I see him with Kim K and her scandalous family.

  • littleoleme

    I am natural, but I understand why Method said what he said. That generation (I’m guessing he’s in his 40s and I’m 24) were sort of bought up in a time where relaxed hair and weaves were becoming the standard. We can’t really fault him for sticking with what he knows.

    • IllyPhilly

      His didn’t seem offensive imo, he said he didn’t want a peasy afro or dingy dreadlocks. Remember how his sh!t use to look, he ain’t wanna look at a chick and see himself.

      • littleoleme


      • bullheadedtaurus

        I was thinking the same thing!! He was looking kinda grimy in many appearances and he wannatalk about a woman’s head? Boy please….

        • IllyPhilly

          LOL. I know, right.

      • Tamz

        Hahahahahahaha!!! He used to be a hot mess back in the day but he cleaned up nice.

    • We can fault him for what he said, because he is a grown man and should know better than to make public statements like that. Just because we are taught something, doesn’t mean we have to follow it. We all have a mind of our own to think for ourselves.

  • McChesney Simon

    Kanye’s delivery was dead wrong but she did not tell no lie Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.Now explain hoe did Beyonce lose that category but ended up winning Video of the Year.

    • Kay

      Because they didn’t want to give both to beyonce because if you win video of the year, best female video or whatever is irrelevant

    • IllyPhilly

      What video was it?

      • littleoleme

        Single ladies

        • IllyPhilly

          Oh wow. No, no, no.

    • Kenedy

      “Of all time”…nuh, you’re reaching…Category “of all time” includes Micheal Jackson’s thriller…you’re going to throw single ladies into that category?

      • McChesney Simon

        if i want to i will don’t tell me what to do

        • How old are you?

          • McChesney Simon

            my age has nothing to do with the question.if i want to do something i will do it an only GOD will stop me.I could be 85 or 15 If I feel Beyonce had one of the best videos of all-time I will say that.It is called having a mind of your own and your own view on something and not taking what the media force-feed down your throat because believe it or not they is a person out there that does not love MJ and actually think that his music and videos are crap, so thus who are you to tell them to think differently.

            • Simmone Walters

              I asked your age, because you write like a 6 yr old. My 12 yr old niece knows that you put a space between sentences, she knows that you always capitalize the noun I and to use commas!!

      • IllyPhilly

        OMG, that was the video he was talking about! OMG. Single ladies? I’m agree Kenedy. In fact she has like twenty five videos that look just like single ladies.

  • KJ23

    Even though I love the show Seinfeld, I can’t look at Michael Richards without getting a little heated. I can separate him from Kramer, but when I see Michael Richards as Michael Richards… yeah, not too happy.

  • Dee

    I don’t support how Kanye went about the whole Taylor Swift business but he wasn’t wrong and he wasn’t lying…IJS

    • Guest360

      Doesn’t matter if she was the best or someone was better. She still won. Let her have her moment and make your comments about who deserved it with your friends or maybe Bee herself. No need to bum rush the stage and act like a jacka** to someone who didn’t deserve that kind of public humiliation. Clearly I’m still not over this lol. I’ve had a negative opinion of ‘Ye ever since.

    • bullheadedtaurus

      He was lying…Single Ladies consisted of 3 chicks (1 questionable) in onesies humping and sweating. How creative was that? I did that with my cousins back in the late ’90s on Vhs and I didn’t get an award! I WANT JUSTICE!!!

      • Dee

        If you want to go by that, Taylor’s video was pretty blah too. It wasn’t like the whole “I like my neighbor but he is dating a witch” thing is novel. I really can’t stand any of the people involved in the mess, actually I loathe all of them. I still think Taylor should not have won that award.

    • Now, I go hard for Bey, love her to death, but she doesn’t have to win everything! & yes, like you said, Kanye went about it all wrong. But at the same time, nothing Kanye does surprises me!

  • IllyPhilly

    What do you expect from people who are told what to think? When it’s time to form their own thoughts, they panic. Tyson’s “I’ll f**k you ’til you love me” was a tad bit more disturbing to me.