Say What Now? 5 Random Things We Learned During Part 2 Of The BBWLA Reunion

December 18, 2012  |  
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Last night, VH1 closed the chapter on the second season of “Basketball Wives LA,” and though most of the dirt was dished out on part 1 of the reunion special that aired last Monday, there were quite a few random details that got exposed last night. The drama mainly centered on Laura and Jackie, and their reactions to this past season confirmed they’re even more cooky than we originally thought. Check out the highlights.


Source: Blog.VH1

Jackie humped a girl and she liked it

You know how Jackie manages to make everything about her and last night she did just that when she tried to explain her reasoning for getting married to someone of a different sex inside of a same-sex club. Saying that she wanted to draw attention to the fact that everyone should be allowed to get married, Jackie then added random information no one really cared to know about, particularly when she likened her same-sex experiment to something a 17-year-old girl would say talking about dry humping some woman back in the day with her clothes on. No one needed — or wanted — to know that. Please stick to the NoH8 PSAs, Jackie,  and keep your random asides to a minimum.

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Jackie doesn’t know if Doug is gay or not

If someone asked me about rumors my husband was gay, “I never asked him” certainly would not be my rebuttal. Jackie didn’t do much better when she said, “Doug isn’t gay but I would still love him if he was because I thinks gay men are some of the sexiest men.” That admission — along with knowledge that she doesn’t cook or go down on Doug — did nothing to shut down talk she’s just her husband’s beard, even if they have been married for 17 years.

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Nobody knows if they’re coming back or not

For all that ish talking Gloria’s been doing about not coming back next season and being fired, it was quite interesting to learn VH1 hasn’t given anyone a pink slip. Gloria may have written her own by now for talking so much trash, but you have to agree with Bambi’s point about her being that gullible. If you work for VH1, I’m pretty sure you can call up one of the producers or casting directors and figure out what the deal is, instead of talking all sideways in a video on TMZ.

Source: Blog.VH1

Jackie allowed Laura to play her

Jackie thought she was being tough last night when she stated that no one does anything to her that she doesn’t allow. Um so you were just crying about Laura every episode for no reason? Stop it Jackie. Laura not only played Jackie, she played her daughter as well, and Jackie needs to own up to the fact that her deep desire to be so accepted by that random chick is why she got her feelings hurt. She didn’t allow nothing — and she would be a fool if she did.

Source: Blog.Vh1

Laura still can’t explain her master plan

It’s hilarious that Laura views herself as some sort of elaborate puppet master. I think the real reason she can’t explain her grand master plan of Jackie Christie destruction is because she never really had one. The truth is Laura is evil and bitter and she was out to get revenge whatever way she could. She might like to think she was pulling all sorts of strings and being manipulative in an effort to get to some sort of big moment of reveal in the end but as we saw this season, her beef with Jackie was the most anti-climactic plot of the season. She was just being two-faced. End of story.

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  • jenat

    I agree with others who wonder why
    Bambi came on the show wearing the sequins dress and blonde hair; it was very
    distracting. I liked the viewer question of replacing a Miami cast mate with an
    LA cast mate that would make for an interesting season. I missed the first part
    of the reunion because of my work schedule at DISH, but overall I liked this
    season of BBWLA. I’m glad I set my DISH Hopper to record the reunion for me, I
    have other shows I like to watch the same night but there is over 400 hours of
    HD DVR room so I can record this show and my other favorite shows that air the
    same night without using much room; this has been a lifesaver for me.

  • Bambi is so extra is scarey…Malaysia is always sleepy and anybody peep the colored contact comment like who is still wearing those…Draya could always have a seat in my book and Jackie, well she’s Jackie. I expected nothing less from that wig!

    • P.S. ewe whose dry humping them thighs!

      • Miss_Understood

        I was just too grossed out at her continuously saying “when I was little” like it was some perverted kiddie ish!

  • Chloe

    I am throughly convinced that Doug is in the closet and jackie knows it and that is the dynamite of their relationship — she runs him and the household and he gets to play dressup when he’s ready. He ain’t touched Jackie since they conceived her “pride n joy” daughter. lol, all that followign him around to different games trying to keep them groupies away… yeah. okay. *sideye* all of that wasn’t even necessary cuz ole boy ain’t even checking for that..

  • Miss_Understood

    UGH…why did she have on that pleather Inspector Gadget fit??

  • IAJS

    Bambi is a hot tragic mess with that sprite green dress on looking like a bootleg supreme… I can’t deal with this

    • Melyssa

      Dead-n-buried @bootleg supreme. I’m mad at her homie Malaysia for not trying to hook her girl up for the reunion show, I swear she looked better on the episodes.

    • If she wasn’t running that neon pink trap so much we may not of even noticed how dumb she really is…oh who am I kidding yes we would have LOL

  • Ann

    Please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THESE SHOWS OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trisha_B

    This Bambi girl needs to stop speaking!! How is she gonna throw shade at Gloria saying no one never heard of her show, when no one never heard of your music?

  • LMAO at Laura and Jackie having the same hair style.

    I liked Bambi Wambi until she died her hair like that. She looks like a mutant mermaid-barbie reject. What an ugly dress!

    • Bambi was on one last all of a sudden…she was sitting the entire time but never quite took a seat!!!!!!!!

  • Tamz

    This season as a whole bored me to be honest. Yet, I couldn’t turn away….lol I don’t think anyone will miss Gloria and Laura if they don’t return…

  • Mia

    It should be renamed “The Jackie N ‘Em Show!”

  • realadulttalk

    They could have cancelled part 2 of this–it was ultra boring. SN: it’s gullible.

  • rzakia

    I watched a few of the episodes of this show this season and it was just boring. The worst part about it was some of these ladies were just ridiculous and ignorant but still boring. I thought Malaysia was a sweetheart but the rest of these ladies could cease to exist really.