Will You Be Watching Tiny, Tonight? Sneak Peek Of VH1’s New Talk Show ‘Tiny Tonight’

December 17, 2012  |  
Source: VH1

The time has come for a whole new level of ratchetry on TV — or is it? That’s the topic Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and her girls will, appropriately, be tackling on the sneak peek of her new late-night talk show, “Tiny Tonight,” tonight. Joined by Tamar Braxton, Claudia Jordan, and Trina, the ladies will turn to their resident correspondent/Tiny’s hairdresser, Shekinah, to hit the (white) streets of Atlanta and figure out what is truly ratchet. Unfortunately no one understood a word she said so it’s a good thing Tiny gave her own brief definition when introducing the segment, saying:

“When bad decisions and wrong choices get together and make an ugly-a** baby, we call that ratchet.”

Could this be exhibit A?

“Tiny Tonight” debuts tonight at 10pm on VH1. Check out the sneak peek below. Will you watch?

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  • Gye Nyame

    I always thought “bad decisions” were “wrong choices”…

    • Kenedy

      I know, its like saying “combining eggs and yolk”….one stems from the other…smh

  • Ms_Mara

    I watched it and in some parts the subtitles really were necessary! I doubt I’d watch it again though.

  • Ms_Mara

    I watched it and in some parts the subtitles really were necessary! I doubt I’d watch it again though.

  • Ladybug94

    Oh wow, I didn’t know this. I’ll pass however, I can’t stand hearing her talk.

  • bluekissess

    It looks like bafoonary <— not sure if that's the correct spelling. I don't remember that this show has any promotion. I'm not sure if I'll watch

  • Guest360

    Love TIny. Love watching her and TI raise their beautiful family. But.I can’t say I’ll be watching this. Is the show really about “ratchetedness”? Nothing more? Thats it? Thats VH1s entire line up besides maybe one or two shows. Even Tiny and Shekinah have their moments where “bad decisions and wrong choices make an ugly a baby”. Especially Shekinah!! Tiny can’t speak worth a damn (love her but you know its true lol) and Shekinah doesn’t seem to know the difference between the inside/outside voice and how to take breaths in between her sentences. And they’re doing a talk show together? I just…can’t. No words lol

  • toussuite

    These interviews are the most ratchet thing to happen to 2012…

  • So its the Wendy Williams show but with talking wax figures?

    • Ms_Mara

      Pretty much. Just without the horrible theme song and terrible out-loud reading Wendy does.

    • Okay, so im watching it now… and honestly… its not that bad. Its like a late night version of the View or the other one with Aisha Tyler… it come on CBS… the Talk. they exchange their opinions on various topics like on the other shows. So its straight. I totally recant my statement from 4 days ago.

  • Patricia

    No, I will not be watching. Why is Shekinah’s wearing a scarf on her head when talking to people on the streets?

  • Jerzee Gurl

    I’ll watch if there are subtitles when Tiny talks.

  • I can’t stand Tiny but like Claudia and Tamar so I might try….but I really can’t stand Tiny or that side kick’s speech impediment!

  • realadulttalk

    Why why why does she not have better people on here with her?? That’s my only point of contention.

  • Miss_Understood

    I just cannot take her or Shekinah’s “ratchet accents”

  • Na Na

    Shekinah is hilarious! that man said….I’m sorry I just don’t know what youre talking about!!! lmao #instantclassic

    • BAPS

      LOL well the correct term is supposed to be “wretched” … somewhere and somehow it became “ratchet” which has a way different meaning that’s one reason he probably didn’t understand LOL… Just like I don’t know how “conversed” became “conversated” LOL….

  • JaneDoe

    I respect Tiny’s hustle so yes, if I can stay up long enough I will take a peak

  • rzakia

    I like Tiny so I’ll watch the show. On another not it is a little disturbing that Trina and Tamar look fake…