Rumor Control: Morgan Freeman Says He Never Issued A Statement About Sandy Hook

December 17, 2012  |  
Credit: WENN

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Actor Morgan Freeman said on Sunday that he did not issue a statement blaming the media for sensationalizing the Newtown School shootings that left 20 children and six adults dead.

The actor added that he never made or posted the statement that became a Facebook and Internet sensation, saying it was a hoax.


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  • Kenedy

    He shoulda claimed that statement, cause that was a damn good statement & true too. Most of these crazed killers get what they want….attention, fame, sensationalized. I really hate watching the media’s coverage of such, because they sound like fools just babbling on, trying to sound smart

  • Trisha_B

    He may not have wrote that statement but i agreed w/ it! Murder’s like that boy (i refuse to mention his name) are ones that seek attention. Grew up shy, loners, many people walked past them & didn’t even notice their presences. They often do these things for attention, leaving their mark knowing that they will finally be noticed. What ever circle of hell that man is in, he’s getting satisfaction knowing the world knows his name & what he looks like. I understand it might not have been avoidable since his mother was a teacher at the school & it’s played a big part in it, but i still think they shouldn’t plaster his face online or on TV. It’s disgusting that murder’s get titles like ‘most famous serial killer.’ The media needs to stop making these killer’s famous. They are scum. I do wish his was still alive to get what he deserves, but make him know no one knows who he is, what he looks like & he didn’t get the fame he wanted…. Now i’m hearing of a copy cat in indiana that had 47 guns & $100,000 worth of ammunition in his home ready to visit an elementary school smfh

  • Miss_Understood

    He look like a California Raisin in that photo

  • MLS2698

    I’m going to stop speaking about in blogs too. But I will say this: I did some winter cleaning this past weekend and had a load of clothes, shoes, etc I wanted to donate to a charity that helps a local children’s hospital, and I ran across 5 ” Boys & Girls ” T-shirts that I owned from a work-study job I had some years ago. Well, I started to keep two of the shirts as mementos, and chuck the other three into a bag for charity. But because the shirts say ” STAFF ” on them, I decided to throw them away. Why? Because I didn’t want some fool walking into ANY B&G Club acting as if they are staff and possibly pulling off something crazy!