“She Knows What’s Up:” Gloria Goes In On Bambi, Shaunie, And Evelyn’s BBWLA Backlash

December 17, 2012  |  

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“Basketball Wives LA” star Gloria Govan has been catching a lot of heat since the airing of part one of the reunion show from fans , co-stars and even executive producer Shaunie O’neal. In an exclusive interview with Necole Bitchie Gloria opened up about Shaunie and Evelyn’s response to her “If if weren’t for me, Basketball Wives LA wouldn’t exist” comments as well as Bambi’s accusations that she had been loving on rapper The Game and his crew. Check out some of what she had to say.

On Shaunie and Evelyn’s response to her “I’m the reason there’s a spinoff comment”:

“To Shaunie, she didn’t have anything directly to say, she kind of jumped on the bandwagon because she knows what’s up. In terms of Evelyn she needs to stay in her lane, I understand she’s on Shaunie’s side no matter what because that’s her home girl. Evelyn out of all people should understand how spinoff’s work”

“I knew if I had to respond to really anybody I was going to have to go into full length conversations, so I just left it all alone (on twitter). That’s how I felt about Evelyn, like girl you of all people need to stop talking, I don’t know if that headbutt got you all delusional or what but she knows what’s up.”

On Bambi accusing her of “getting around”:

“It’s really frustrating because they didn’t allow my response to Bambi be aired.  Bambi is not a cast member, she is not even on the opening credits, she’s just Malaysia’s friend.”

“It’s just really sh-tty to have someone lie on you, and then not be able to defend yourself or correct yourself to the point where people believe you. Its like the first person to the finish line kind of thing, like no matter how you get there, I think that whoever says some bullsh-t first is what people are going to believe. And rappers of all people, they lie on their package. I don’t mean to be vulgar. And Matt and Game were friends you know, so that was even more like damn that was a low blow. And it was frustrating to hear it from Bambi too because first and foremost I have never seen you a day in my life, ever, like I didn’t even know you existed before you came on this show. And so for her to be like “I saw her” you didn’t see me nowhere. I don’t even kick it, I don’t even know how to tell you how to get to Compton. So for her to take these fake-A$$ Compton rumors and try to make them relevant, is what’s really more frustrating. Even beyond that, that’s why I’m a prime example of why you don’t get on the producers bad side because they took this one little thing and just gave her a platform, just because your mad at me don’t try to water down my name.”

On if she’ll be returning to the show next season:

“No, I don’t think so. I think at this point I want to kind of branch out in terms of what I want to be doing next season and I don’t agree with the direction the show is going. There is more and more women on there, and I have the upmost respect for Bambi, my sister and Jackie. I just feel like the direction of the show is becoming more of a Bad Girls Club, then it is a Basketball Wives show.”

What is interesting however, is that The Game at some point did allude to having slept with Gloria and Matt openly stated that she cheated on him as well. Either way I suppose none of that matters now since Matt and Gloria are now happily married and whatever went down they seem to have put it behind them.

What do you think of Gloria’s response to the drama? Will you be sad to see her go if she doesn’t return next season?

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  • feleez

    UTMOST is the word whoever wrote this story was trying to use. “Upmost” is not a thing.

  • kds0116

    Okay, I will be the first to step out to say: although I am not the biggest Gloria fan; I did like what she had to say about everybody. She does need to pull it down a notch, but basically, she is the link in LA to BBWM. I don’t think we know all the behind the scenes stuff because the way it appeared on BBWM, they hated Gloria and Laura who use to be Shaunie’s friend but slept with Shaq while she was Shaunie’s friend and while Shaunie and Shaq were married. With Shaunie being a “Shot Caller” in this game, why would she cast these two sisters in the first place. I am sure there are plenty of other “wives” or wanna be wives that she could have gone to. And even though Draya is my favorite out of all the BBWs, I never hear anything about her even being remotely connected to a basketball player. Even though on BBWM, Royce wasn’t actively with a basketball player, she had a connection because she had a baby by one. So I am seeing quite a bit of inconsistency here.

  • MiA

    Your – you’re
    Then – than
    Come on MN, that’s elementary grammar. Does anyone proof these stories?

  • Ms_Mara

    She doesn’t like the direction of the show? lol They’ve been heading in the same direction from the start. She’s pulling a Kim Zolciak and tryna act brand new. But the pics and tweets are still out there.









  • yeah47

    Why is it that Gloria talking trash on Bambi one minue , then she said she had the upmost respect for her. Did she mean Brooke?

    • realadulttalk

      She might wanna keep Bambi’s name outta her mouth–Bambi wants to whoop this woman. That’s not a feeling you easily let go.

      • Suga

        Somebody needs to whoop Bambi’s azzz. She’s trying to be relevant! At least the others were either married to a b-ball player or was common law married. Being in a relationship and having kids with a man for years makes you a wifey. They are closer to being a wife than Bambi’s tired azz. She’s only relevant because of Malaysia. Go sit down somewhere.

        • realadulttalk

          I 100% agree with you–unfortunately I think Brooke is the only one who would even try. I personally can’t stand Bambi and find her to be a bully–I’d like anyone to punch her in the face. Heck-I volunteer me.

          • aj

            Finally I been feeling that way about bambi too. She talking about things she knows nothing about and she doesn’t know how to act like a lady. You aren’t even a wife!

  • Yvette

    No, I will not be sad to see her go. All of them need to go. The entire franchise needs to go!

  • Miss_Understood

    If Gloria was really the reason there was a spin off why can’t she be heard on the show? You can tell Shaunie O’Nostrils has some say so cuz when John Salley corny a s s does their reunions, he is clearly one sided towards Shaunie and her goons…

    • MLS2698

      What does she mean by the ” direction ” of the show? All they do is talk trash about each other………she said, they said, we said, I said, who said? SO SAD.

      • Miss_Understood

        exactly, the direction she is referring to is the show leaving her bougie a s s in the dust!

    • im just me

      Omg!!!! Shaunie O’nostrils ahahahhaahhahah im hella weak…this just made my da

  • realadulttalk

    Hmm, I notice she jib-jabbed all at Evelyn but no comments about Shaunie? Guess she knows where her bread is buttered.

    • Yvette

      She made a comment. She said that Shaunie “knows what’s up” and is on Evelyn’s bandwagon, which I think is true. Whatever Evelyn says Shaunie will back it up. Shaunie knows she better stay on Evelyn’s good side. She knows first hand what happens when Evelyn decides someone in her “circle” is not being “loyal” to her. Just ask Jennifer…lol!

      • realadulttalk

        There is a hierarchy and while Ev might be second–Shaunie is most assuredly first. Ev doesn’t control Shaunie–Shaunie controls them all. It was Ev and Tami fighting for that second spot. The 1st spot is pretty set–she who holds the biggest bank account shall be the leader of the pack. That wasn’t a comment IMO–she jabbed at Ev w/the whole headbutting remark. Her remark about Shaunie was very confusing-probably intentionally so b/c later she can say they took her words outta context.

        • Shaunie is no leader, she is a follower. If she was any type of leader she would have nipped Evelyn’s and Tami’s antics in the bud last year but she co-signed on all of it, including her arse almost getting hit with a bottle.

          • realadulttalk

            Correction–to get involved would make them her friends. They are not her friends–they are associates. I don’t think enough people really know the difference between friends and associates. I have about 3 friends–I love them dearly, would do anything for them and they are my sisters. I have tons and tons of associates. When we’re together (associates) it’s all love, BUT I wouldn’t go outta my way to defend or protect them–they’re grown and I’m not involved. Mess with my friends and before they even get a chance to get mad I’ll be in your face ready to box.

  • UmOk

    *yawns* what time is the RHOA recap

  • “I don’t know if that headbutt got you all delusional or what but she knows what’s up.” LOL!!!!!! Best part of the whole interview.

  • bluekissess

    That franchise is old and tired. Just because they dated or “hooked up” with a basketball player DOESN’T consider them a wife. Girlfriend and jump offs shouldn’t be included.

    • Demecho

      I agree with you 100%. I am still trying to figure out why “wives” is even in the title. I think only 3 of them are married & if your husband is not currently playing in the league. I still dont think that qaulifies you as a basketball wife.

      • Treacle234

        Please at the end of the day Matt is a professional basket baller. She is is his wife, hence she is the title just like Malaysia. If they need to be in a league then jackie ain’t no basketball wife, after all he is retired.