When It All Falls Down: Industry Sources Say Kim K. Is Ruining Kanye’s Kareer

December 17, 2012  |  

Source: Twitter

It wouldn’t be the first time a man lost his way putting a woman first, but I think most were hoping that if Kanye was dumb enough to let Kim Kardashian play with his heart, he would at least be smart enough not to let her ruin his money. Industry sources say we can kiss that latter part goodbye.

The NY Daily News reportedly got in touch with Confidenti@l’s Marianne Garvey who chatted with a few insiders who say that Kanye’s individual identity has virtually diminished as he is now simply a sideshow to whatever Kim is doing — like being all over tabloids and making appearances on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” — and hasn’t really snagged any type of press on his own. To put it plainly: “Once gracing the pages of VMAN and GQ, his face is now splattered all over whatever Kardashian is promoting.”

“His personal life is overpowering his music,” an industry source said. “Every time he plays, people are wondering if Kim is going to be there. It’s not a good thing for him, especially if he wants to be taken seriously.”

Even worse is the Daily News’ account that Kanye is losing money over Kim. He was supposedly offered multiple opportunities to host New Year’s Eve in Vegas and Miami, but only if he would bring Kim along. He and his ego obviously declined, and a source said:

“Kanye was actually offended by the offers.”

He might want to rethink that offer because a ticket broker said that tickets for Kanye’s upcoming show at Revel in Atlantic City are “not close to being sold out.” People are also using the reaction to Kanye’s performance during the 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert at Madison Square Garden as evidence his shine has essentially dimmed. Though I didn’t watch the concert, I was shocked that everyone’s reaction seemed to be that Ye completely sucked and Kim was the only one who actually enjoyed his performance (because she was tweeting about it the whole time). People were also throwing mega shade at his kilt as if he hadn’t been wearing that throughout the entire Watch the Throne tour last year, but perhaps that’s just more prood that Kim isn’t such a hot look for Yeezy in 2012. I thought this was the type of reaction he was going for by making her his eye candy to begin with though.

*Kanye shrug*


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  • So keeping a h*e who is famous for nothing other than a fat azz and letting some c- celeb use her as an urinal is bad for the old image huh? You don’t say. They will eventually break up, Kanye will go back to making halfway decent music, and she will be on to bigger and blacker d*cks.

  • scandalous7

    leave them alone MN , especially Kanye’s girl. Lets make her as Irrelevant as Ms. Hilton ok.

  • Booboo

    I dunno, this is how celebrity that ain’t about nothing stay relevant… Cuz of article like this. At the end of the day, no matter who’s ruining who’s career, they each have multiple decimals in their bank accounts and go home to their mansions. The rest of us are broke, reading and talking about them. Lol! Priorities ya’ll! Oh thanks MN for making this BS pertinent in our lives…(sarcastic undertone)

  • for real now?

    Kimmy K is the best Kanye can do. He can’t get a girl at Beyonce’s level because a lot of “on their grind” females with solid reps and bank accounts in the entertainment biz don’t want to be associated with his image. Kimmy K is as close to a “Beyonce” as Kanye will get.

    The kimmy k sheen has worn off because she:

    Is not aging well

    Is not the hottest thing out there anymore

    Is overexposed

    Is famous for really nothing

    Is still married to her pay for play husband

    Ouch….Kanye needs to return to his Jesus walks days, tone down the arrogance, work on repairing his image and leave this mess alone.

  • Miss_Understood

    Who are these sources?? I feel that these two are peas in a pod, both love fame and themselves more than they could ever love another person.

  • ANTMilf

    Kanye is ruining his own damn career by being egotistical, having hissy fits about not winning awards, and interrupting people’s acceptance speeches at award shows. All I know the College Dropout Kanye is DEAD!

    • scandalous7

      u said that

  • ladyb

    C’mon Madame Noire ..it’s blatant how ya’ll relish in KimYe slander over here, but anyone with half a brain can see this piece is absolute BS. But I get it.. it’s entertainment for the haters. At any rate, I believe Kanye cares more about Kim than the so called “hits” his rep is taking.

    • Kay

      Well it should be the other way around. He’s runin his career over some pus*y

      • especially some p$$$y that EVERYONE in the industry has tapped!!! Lmmfao

  • bluekissess

    Kanye needs to worry about Kanye produce music and make his own. If he would stay hungry and passionate I don’t think it would be a problem. But, I’m still a Kanye fan.

  • IllyPhilly

    Does anybody remember when Kanye use to say intellectual things in his rhymes? When he was GOOD?

    • bluekissess

      Yes I do. I enjoyed that Kanye

    • honest

      who would’ve thought he would turn into a white fashion designer worshipping dress wearing, no substance rapper?…i loved the Kanye before the graduation album…he aint been the same since his mother died…he needs Jesus and Alexis Phiefer back in his life

    • honest

      who would’ve thought he would turn into a white fashion designer worshipping dress wearing, no substance rapper?…i loved the Kanye before the graduation album…he aint been the same since his mother died…he needs Jesus and Alexis Phiefer back in his life

      • IllyPhilly

        Yup, plus one.

  • Na Na

    I actually think Kanye is bad for Kims career. Ever since they’ve become a couple Kim has been on more worst dressed lists than ever. Her demand for promoting people’s products have slowed and she has just been looking bad in general.

    • ladyb

      TRUTH. In less than a year he’s demolished any credibility she’s had as a style icon. Fans of her fashion just don’t follow her anymore. Kim needs a reality check..it’s just SAD.

  • littleoleme

    I don’t think this can be blamed on Kim. And I don’t know about his ticket sales or what he did for Sandy Relief, but “Mercy” and “Clique” are my songs.

  • Jewel B

    So I guess Kanye’s questionable behavior, attitude and ego had nothing to do with the decline of his career? I’m not a Kim K. fan but let’s just be real here, Kanye jacked up his career on his own.

    • The Bishop

      I’m sorry there is no decline he ranks #4 on top money makers in hip hop according to Forbes with $35mm in 2012. These authors don’t really do they’re research or they would have known that. Thus not publishing hearsay it makes them look even less credible.

    • mlw1924

      preach!! He has a mind of his own..

  • The Bishop

    The NY Daily News? You know this rag is considered a tabloid in New York, essentially it is the Enquirer of newspapers please use more credible sources to back up your argument.