‘I Wouldn’t Care If You Were A Prostitute, And You Hit Every Man That You Ever Knew…’ Celebs Who Don’t Care About Their Woman’s Past

December 19, 2012 ‐ By Meg Butler

Women like to shade other ladies with questionable or busy pasts, but it’s clear a lot of men don’t feel the same way. These 15 celebrities didn’t care where their boo-thangs had been before they dated, slept with,  or married them — and they don’t care what we have to say about it either.

Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Lil Wayne

We couldn’t start this list without acknowledging the man who inspired the headline. When you come out with a song titled, “Prostitute Flange” and announce, “I Wouldn’t Care If You Were a Prostitute and You Hit Every Man That You Ever Knew. See It Wouldn’t Make A Difference If That Was Way Before Me And You Girl,” you can only assume he’s living what he’s rapping about. We can’t say if he was literally speaking on the past of ex-girlfriend Trina, who joined him on that track, but every now and again Weezy’s face pops up in an Instagram pic with a random groupie, and that special relationship he has with Superhead is oh so suspect.

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  • Shanna Hullaby

    There’s a lot of shaming in this article. The morality of the men is never called into question even though they have been with multiple partners only

  • All these “judges” we got up in here. But on the day of judgment, they will SURELY want God to forget about their past. Everybody has a past, don’t judge because my sin may be different from yours.

  • L-Boogie

    Well, more power to them.

  • guest@gmail.com

    Don’t most, if not all, of the men on this list have DAUGHTERS??????? What kind of example does that set??? I’m sorry but an uninhibited past of having sex and impregnating or getting pregnant by multiple men is NOT CUTE – PERIOD. And then when their daughters grow up to follow in the footsteps – and/or date a man who exhibits that same kind of behavior – they want to sing a different tune because someone is mistreating THEIR CHILD. Smh. What happened to those things called MORALS and VALUES????

  • MImi

    MN, you need to hire me to proofread your articles. I am finding too many grammatical errors and misspelled words in your post lately.

  • Bri Kirsten

    what’s sad is that this website is an online magazine for women and yet this article is a mild form of slut-shaming. I’m not a fan of Kim-kay but calling her “sloppy thirds” is offensive. A woman’s value is not weighted by her vagina. it shouldn’t matter what she was doing before she met her current love interest. I would think your writers would be a little more feminist considering you write for women. guess i was wrong…

    • guest

      Promoting or normalizing sexual recklessness, and promiscuity should be a shameful thing because it ultimately has negative impact on individuals and society as a whole( that goes for both men and women)…forget the feminism, try to be more concerned about reality. Kim kardashian is not sloppy thrids, she is more like sloppy sevenths.

  • CriticXtreme

    Not until your cribs, you are robbed, you’re blamed for kids that aren’t yours, your finances are ripped and when you have HIV, will you care. Every woman has to be properly veted.

  • Angel

    So basically this post ignored the fact that ALL of the men mentioned have shady pasts, or better yet, shady PRESENTS. I know this slideshow was for entertainment purposes but it only reinforces society’s double standards. And I’m also not quite sure when being a stripper automatically deemed you as having questionable morals. Did I miss that memo?

    • Yeppers

      You take off your clothes and bend yo naked a$$ over in front of men’s faces… And your morals aren’t in question?!?

      • Justify

        So is the guy who got his face in said crotch. Ewwww soo immoral

      • MLS2698

        Strange men at that!

  • huh

    Black men are the only race that refers to black women as ho3’s nd other ugly names when they disapprove of alledge behaviors or maybe the person did do whatever, yet worship other race of women who have done the same. There’s a double standard nd it must be based on race? I guess the hate of themselves makes some men this way

  • Donna

    Wow! I need to get me a hustle as a groupie and holla at KIm Kardashian how to work that game and get PAID!

    • chanela

      you gotta be non black to do is successfully though. not only to be successful, but to also get respect and forgiveness about your past. black women though? it doens’t happen for us

      • Laidback

        Lies!!! It indeed works for bw but rarely with bm. and no sex necessary,
        wm just like giving us stuff. just dont have sex with em.

  • dhgwen

    That is the definition of the new “man”: He luuuuuves a trick! He needs you to be more ran-thru than him to justify his current and most importantly, his future ish.

    • SUGAR

      I totally agree

  • We cannot live, suffer or die for somebody else, for suffering is too precious to be shared.

  • UmmYeahOK

    All the men are hoes, they may as well date women like them. *shrugs*

  • rzakia

    My only question is how can these men care if the women they are with have questionable pasts when they share the same histories? If you’ve been with more groupies than #1 records you have then you probably don’t care if your partner had done the same.

  • KG

    Jbuck@yahoo.com well said. Everybody has a past, no person is perfect people can change. But behavior such as these should not be glorified or view as a way of life. Also these men who made these statement seems to have no morals or values themselves…jus saying

  • Drake and Wayne are just…..smdh

  • Fresh45

    Everybody should want to be with someone who doesn’t care about their past. Who wants to be with someone who is going to judge them for something they used to do. I’m not saying you should always excuse a person’ past,but if they’re good to you,then what they did before you shouldn’t matter.

    • bigdawgman

      As far as numbers, I could care less. AFAIK Kim K never stepped out on anyone, so who really cares how many guys she was with. But some behaviors are are not excusable (I”m looking at you Gloria and Tiger!). And if a person has a suspect pattern of behavior, it is best to be careful.

    • chanela

      it can definitely tell you a lot about that person though. you mean to tell me that if you dated a man who used to molest children, you would still be with him and have kids?if you met a man who used to cheat on all of his girlfriends, would you still give him a chance?

      come on now. stop it with this “judging” crap. everybody freakin judges. people just pick and choose what people shouldn’t judge others on, but make no mistake a about it, EVERYBODY judges!

      if you see someone who has sex with tons and tons and tons of people, don’t you think that maybe that person doesn’t care too much about consequences? that’s a red flag, i’m sorry.

      • Fresh45

        That’s why I said you shouldn’t always excuse a person’s past. Something as tragic as child molestation isn’t something you should excuse,because it means that person is sick in the head. If that person makes you happy and treats you how you want to be treated,their past shouldn’t be an issue unless its something that you can’t deal with.


    Sloppy thirds???? Isnt KK more like sloppy fifties????? I’d love to be a plastic surgeon on la la land. Between all the cooch-tightening and silicone-injecting going down, it gets costly to stay in groupie shape. LOL I’d love to swipe all of their black cards….smh.

    • Your bullshit upsets me

      I keep thinking I’m in the wrong profession lol

  • jbuck@yahoo.com

    The sad part is – this is what our young minority girls and women are apsiring to – get pregnant by someone like Wayne who could care less about your past, your present or your future because he’s not trying to have one with you. And if he happens to get you knocked up (which most think is the ultimate cash-cow goal), then you are set for life and can try to party like a rockstar – until you are taking him to court behind 3-years of back child support. I really do hate that this is what is glorified in the media constantly. It is NOT cute to have # babies to # different men – or # babies to # different women – and NOT BE IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH ANY OF THEM – BECAUSE THAT’S THE PERFECT EXAMPLE TO SET FOR SAID CHILD(REN). SMH. SO SAD.

    • Ms. Kameria

      VERY well said.

    • ieshapatterson

      True and this will prove in mind of some young girls that a hoe will STAY winning.just act like she does and you’ll be with a rapper too.smdh

    • Ruby

      It’s just another recipe for a broken home