What Had Really Happend Was…9 Dirty Little Secrets We Learned During VH1’s LHHATL Special

December 17, 2012  |  
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Because one season and two reunions just weren’t enough to capture the craziness that is the lives of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s” cast, last night VH1 aired a “Dirty Little Secrets” special that brought even more skeletons out of Rasheeda, K. Michelle, Scrappy, Joseline, Mimi, and Stevie J’s ratchet closets.  If you thought you knew all there was to know about these characters, you were wrong. Check out nine secrets we learned during last night’s special.

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Jim Jones is who we have to thank for LHH

You wanna talk about somebody looking like the definition of struggle? Last night Mona and them showed footage of Jim Jones from five years ago looking like a straight refugee and threatening to kick the a** of anybody who got in his way when the premise for this show was first developed. Apparently VH1 got word that there was “this rapper guy named Jim Jones who all the kids loved” and they wanted to make a show based around him. That didn’t work out so well because of that whole a** kicking threat, but once they threw some ladies in the mix — and the producers felt safe — “Love & Hip-Hop” was born.

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Joseline put them paws on her

When everyone saw the fight between Scrappy and Stevie J last season, no one knew the fight initially kicked off between Joseline and Ericka. While the ladies were in the middle of screaming and determing who was irrelevant and whether or not Erica slept with Stevie J, Joseline actually reached her hand and “smushed” — Atlanta producer word — Erica in the face. Without showing the footage in sequence it was hard to tell what happened immediately after but now we know both Joseline and Scrappy put them paws on somebody.


Stevie J was slobbing down Joseline before the LHHATL audition

Negro is triflin’ as hell.

One of the producers of the show talked about the first time he met Mimi and Stevie and apparently in the midst of getting Mimi’s info and running out to put change in the car meter, the producer saw Stevie outside kissing on Joseline on the roof of his car. It’s no wonder they had to cast these three on the season. Stevie had the nerve to try to come back inside and introduce himself as a good guy who loved Mimi…we all see how true that was.

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Mimi and Stevie J are still together

And on that sorry note, when asked the status of their relationship on last night’s special, Stevie said he and Mimi are a couple no matter what. In typical Mimi fashion, all she had to say was “are we?” which let everyone know that answer was yes and “no matter” what was quite accurate for the status of their relationship as Stevie switched between camera time seated next to Joseline and then next to Mimi throughout the entire special. SMH

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Joseline’s English has gotten no better but she still knows how to work the pole

I really thought the major secret last night was going to be Joseline picked up Rosetta Stone and learned English in the past three months, but we’ll have to settle for a small victory when it comes to her inability to speak the language of the land — at least she knows her speech is terrible. Joseline said she had no clue she was so hard to understand but after actually watching herself on camera — and having so many people tell her — she realized the letter b isn’t a substitute for v in the English language and the word skrip is actually strip.

One thing she does (still) know how to do though is work the pole. In one of the more ignorant segments of the night, Joseline proceeded to jump on stage and show that she hasn’t come to far from her roots. But that should have been expected considering they were filming in a strip club to begin with. The good news is she’s looking more feminine these days.

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H*es ain’t winning no more

Pass this on to Karlie Redd if you get the chance sometime today. That chick got a grand total of 1:27 on the “Dirty Little Secrets” special last night and all she had to say was her sex life has gotten better since she’s been on LHHATL. I suppose that means Roscoe Dash has a better pipe game than Benzino. How do you bust it open for tracks and your career is still losing though?

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Correction: some h*es aren’t winning no more

I say that because for some reason Shay is coming back for season 2 of LHHATL. If you’re having a brain fart, Shay is the best-friend/side piece of Scrappy who was only on the show because she was sleeping with Scrappy and who got royally embarrassed when he proposed to Erica on the season 1 reunion. Given all of that, I thought for sure Shay’s relevance would naturally have fallen by the wayside but on last night’s special she kept talking about it being time to turn the tables on Scrappy and that she left all of her tears at the reunion. I don’t see how anything she does could really affect Scrappy now since he’s moved on but I guess that’s why we’ll have to tune in.

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K. Michelle’s still got the one-liners

If  you’re wondering whether the beef between Rasheeda and K. Michelle has subsided since the reunion and initial questions over the validity of K’s abuse story, allow me to share this one-liner from the hot-headed singer: “Rasheeda is a fake Chilli. She needs to stick to the rivers and the lakes that she’s used to.” ‘Nuff said.

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Mona-Scott Young is going to pimp this show for all it’s worth

I mean have we seen a “dirty little secrets” special on any other show. LHHATL has been such a gold mine for VH1, they want to make sure we don’t forget a thing about these people. You’d think they’d be promoting the NYC version of LHH which is premiering in just a few weeks but Mona and her peeps are thinking long-term. Face it, these people aren’t going anywhere.

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