You Talk Too Much! Bow Wow – Once Again – Opens Up About Past ‘Romps’

December 16, 2012  |

Okay Bow Wow, you finally have a new job (one of the 106th & Park hosts) and some money coming and you still can’t shut up about who’s been in your bedroom?

Bow Wow was on tv/radio personality Sway’s “Sway in the Morning” show to discuss a variety of things and of course, his sex life came up.  It started when he had to pull out a mystery question from a bag and answer it (there’s some video footage on The YBF). The question simply asked, “How old were you when you lost your virginity and how do you rate yourself?” Well, Bow just went right for it saying he was 16 when he lost his virginity to a girl he knew he “couldn’t pass up.” Sway, good interviewer he is (no shade there, Sway is awesome), pushed to find out if the person was a celebrity and Bow Wow said her initials were “EB.” Whomever was in the background immediately guessed it was magazine/video model Esther Baxter.

Boom pow, the crowd (those in the studio with him) goes wild – just as Bow Wow expected.

Only…Esther said it never happened.  She took to Twitter to address it (and trust, these are the two tamer tweets because she went in on him):


So now there’s a battle of the denial tweets between the two of them.  It’s actually very silly but these are both people who tend to like attention (Esther dated Joe Budden last year and it turned into a very public debacle, complete with accusations of domestic violence). The truth is anyone’s guess.

Oh and Bow Wow also discussed the women he would or would not sleep with or date (he shot down Karreuche, Lil Kim, Selena Gomez and Ciara.

Seriously, he does not shut up.

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  • ieshapatterson

    Uuuhhh who cares??

  • IllyPhilly

    Damn 16? I started too early.

  • TeahMonae

    I think he should do like Diddy and change his name. I know he took the “Lil” off but still, he is grown now and “Bow Wow” just doesn’t fit anymore.

  • Ai

    Something can be said of men who gossip like women…

    • Kaori

      What is that ‘something’? And, what constitutes ‘gossiping like women’?

  • Charla

    Well it’s not like he’s the one who brought it up. He was asked both questions and he answered. Besides I think he’s telling the truth because obviously it was going to get back to Esther Baxter. She’s probably just embarassed about it and rightfully so.

    • Kaori

      He could have been a respectable person and not answered. And with all the lying he does, who knows if he is being truthful.

      • Charla

        Gosh someone fancies herself as the madamenoire know it all… all of the time.

        • Kaori

          Let’s stick to making comments that are germane to the article.

          • Charla

            Please don’t respond to any more of my posts. I want to remain civil but become very annoyed when I get an email from disqus and it has your name in it. Thank you.

            • Kaori

              Oh, you didn’t like that huh?

            • Kaori

              Sorry, nope. I don’t care what you do and do not want.

            • Kaori

              Get annoyed.

            • Kaori

              Get mad.

            • Kaori

              You only have yourself to blame.

            • Kaori

              How about those emails now?

            • Kaori

              I didn’t know an opposing opinion could make someone so upset.

            • Kaori


            • Kaori


            • Kaori


              • Charla

                Thanks for showing everyone you’re an immature pyscho. I got to you that much? Take a Xanax sweetie.

                • Kaori

                  No, sweetie. You didn’t ‘get to me’. Neither am I an ‘immature psycho’. What you did was provide an opportunity for me to get a few laughs.

                • Na Na

                  This person used to go by the screen name Kairyo or something crazy. This bish been cray cray. She’ll keep posting under your name relentlessly.

        • Kaori


        • Kaori


        • Sheena

          Lol, yes this girl or boy is crazy!

  • TipTip919

    He is taking a lesson from his girl “Supahead”. Tell all the people he slept with and the majority of it is a damn lie!!

  • FoundLove

    *yawns* who cares…next!

  • Kaori

    I can’t help but to think that Bow Wow is lying.