Wedding Bells Are Ringing: Actor Donald Faison And CaCee Cobb Get Married!

December 16, 2012  |  


Congratulations are in order for actor Donald Faison and Jessica Simpson’s former personal assistant, CaCee Cobb! People confirm the two were married on Saturday afternoon at actor Zach Braff’s home. He and Faison were co-stars on NBC’s Scrubs.

Faison and Cobb have been together since 2006, a year after Cobb came to “fame” after appearing on then couple Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Faison, of course, has maintained quite the acting career with credits including Clueless and Waiting to Exhale.

Jessica Simpson served as a bridesmaid for Cobb as they not only worked together but are best friends.  The entire Simpson family, including Joe Simpson who has seen better days in the media, were in attendance. It has also been reported that other celebrities were there but no one but Simpson was identified.

The two were engaged in August 2011.  This is the first marriage for 35 year old Cobb and the second for 38 year old Faison. In addition, Faison has four children: three with his ex-wife, Lisa Askey and another from a previous relationship.

We wish them all the best!

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  • ok

    This a deliberate attempt to provoke black women. These type of marriages are only running rampant in the entertainment industry. In “real life” this is not a typical pairing. BLACK MEN ARE STILL MARRYING BLACK WOMEN. I married a black man and he has black friends that also marry and date black women.

  • Awwww congrats!!! I love Donald Faison! Even though this is his second marriage I still wish him the best!

  • YouHeardMe!

    All I have to say is,MMHMHMH SMFH! Another sellout.

  • Meyaka


  • Keli25

    Congrats to him, but why is it on madamenoire?

  • black rose

    Agree with previous poster. When these sites post stories of black men marrying white women…they want the negative comments. Its buzz either way. Ill take bait….its obvious he has a preference…. sistas its just not us. Good luck to them. Hes kinda corny so i feel no lost. Now if it was Idris then….. lol

    • Herm Cain

      Successful brothers are always corny until you got 2 or 3 bastards and you still supporting Tyrone then you need love a real man etc etc etc FOH

      • Gye Nyame

        Ok, now I know what happened to you. You were that guy that was smart and had a good job, but the sisters weren’t checkin for you, and every where you looked you saw the sistah of your dreams with a brotha that wasn’t worthy of her or her time. So you got bitter, and ended up with a sloppy white chick, and now the black women that rejected you in elementary, middle school, high school, and your first 2 years of college (that’s when the rejection became too much and you decided to try white girls), are the enemy. I know it hurts, it’s not right, and its not fair, but let me offer you a hug and a Kleenex…you’ll get over it someday…I promise.

        • Soulsis

          Gye Nyame, I heart you : )

  • g

    Can we just say congrats and move on w/o the racial talk?? Half y’all will never even get a chance to walk down the aisle…so be happy for him and keep your negative, rude, unnecessary comments to yourself.

  • TatumPascal

    I don’t know Donald Faison, have never met Donald Faison, and will most likely never meet Donald Faison. His life has absolutely no impact on mine, what so ever. I couldn’t care less if he fell in love and married a black woman or a white woman. His love life does not have any effect on my love life or prospects what so ever and to have any negative feelings towards this man and his marriage, however mild they may be, is wasted energy and emotion. He doesn’t know me and is not pressed about how I feel. If you are so bothered by his marriage that you feel the need to leave a negative comment, why are you that pressed? You probably knew he was dating a white girl before you clicked on the article. Do you think your negative comments are going to have any impact on his life or any black male you know that is married to or attracted to a white woman?

  • Ms_Mara

    Congrats to them. I’m pretty indifferent about him since I never watched Clueless or Scrubs. I just wanted to see the comments cuz I just KNEW there would be some cuttin up. LOL

  • Soulsis

    MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women…….and more often than not articles about black men marrying non black women so as to play on their insecurites in order to increase activity on our website. #racebaiting101

  • Where is the picture of the bride?

    • Click on the word People in the first paragraph. It will take you another window on Peoples web site. Her photo is there.

  • Herd ya

    I wonder how many black men she dated before him. None. I’m sure she loves him and not the cash he throws to her. Funny how successful white women choose white men but success ful black men choose white women that are not successful. I’m sure if she had more money she would be marrying a white man but broke white women will choose a colored boy to fool

    • real rap

      im curious…do u feel the same way about ertha kitt, diahann carrol, iman, josephine baker, donna summers, alfre woodard, erika alexander, heather headley, thandie newton, garcelle beauvais, tamera mowery, whoopie goldberg, eve, serena williams, just too name a few, who have married or date white now that they have fame.

      • Gye Nyame

        But she was talking about black men, and you just asked her about a bunch of black women. I mean honestly I don’t care who he marries, but historically black men date and marry white women for different reasons than black women dating and marrying white men. I know people love to say “love is color blind” but there are many psychological reasons men do this. People don’t understand how young people are when they are impacted by race and the media. People should watch the doll test that was re-examined in 2010 to see how these 4 and 5 year old black children dislike themselves and their skin…but the love whites.

        • real rap

          yes i understand that she was talking about men. i asked the question in an attempt to ascertain if she feels the same animous for women who are guilty of the same behavior. if she does then its all good but if not, then her views would be sexist and just as.wrong. i didnt realise my premise was that hard to follow.

          • Gye Nyame

            You wanted an oversimplified answer for a complex issue. Your premise wasn’t hard to follow at all…but it was flawed. I was just pointing out that it is impossible to compare the two when you factor in the psychological aspect.

        • Herm Cain

          Shut up your insecure you use that psychological self hating s**t to deflect why can’t it be two people in love the end women like you annoy me because you won’t look in the mirror and admit to your faults that have you lonely so you come up with bs theories to justify your lonely a** life FOH

          • Gye Nyame

            Wow you’re angry, and it sounds like you’ve got issues. But let me set the record straight, I’m not lonely at all. I’ve been married for 10 years, I have two beautiful children, I live in a nice home, ang I have great family and friends. I look in the mirror everyday and I love what I see, I have never had a problem with men (black, white, or anything in between), hell I’m married and I still have dudes wishing they could wife me up, lol. But just b/c I point out that from the time a young man is born, the media does everything to convince him that a white woman is what he should desire and she is a prize, and I’m sorry a lot of people of color subconsciously suffer from the images and messages they have been fed. You either need a hug or a bl*w job, cause you are too angry.

      • g

        Maya Angelou, Kerry Washington, Billie Holiday.

      • YouHeardMe!

        Hell Yeah! This is not gender specific. Sh*t if it were a couple of the same sex I would still feel the same.

    • Fresh45

      No need to be so bitter.

    • Live_in_LDN

      ‘I wonder how many black men she dated before him. None.’ So? What are you trying to say. There’s a 1st time for everything in life.

  • Congrats you two! Good luck with dealing with the hate!

  • thegoodluckpig

    i feel like I’m reading bossip whenever I scroll down to the comments section. whenever there’s a story posted about interracial dating it’s just an excuse for race baiting. let people love who they love. if a black man or woman married interracially then they’re a sell out, speak proper english then you’re not one of us, a cornball. it’s 2012 if you’ve found someone you want to spend 6 years with you’re lucky and deserve nothing but well wishes. le sigh

    • SMHgurl24

      at the end of the day if you dont got haters you aint doin something right. i can bet that these race driven ppl either dont have someone and they mad or are in such a pathetic excuse of a relationship so they have to bash others for their own sad lives..

      • YouHeardMe!

        You believe what you want. How about the simple fact that brothers don’t have a clue about thier own race let alone go out of thier race and make even another race. How about sisters tired of brothers giving up on thier sisters when most of us sisters haven’t given up on our brothers. But its all good for real. We’ll be reading about some mess that the snow bunny did to cause him to catch a case. Like all the rest of the SELLOUTS!

        • SMHgurl24

          You ladies who believe these men are sellouts would still be hating even if these men were with black women because your drama seekers. You have no reason to complain but you do because of the fact you believe these men go with other races to spite black women. And EVEN if that was the case why on all of God’s green earth would you want to be with such a shallow individual like that?! I mean really is your self esteem that low that you would want to be with a man who would only see you as a status symbol? Smh women everywhere of every color need to get their lives together if thats the case.. And there are plenty of black men who would be with black women but the first step to finding the right one would be to stop the race game and be yourself.

          • YouHearMe!

            What ever you sure got alot to say about the subject you either white or black with a white man. You aren’t saying anything new. We all have a right to our opinions and because everyone dosen’t see things in your rose colored glasses dosen’t make them ungrounded nor does it mean that ones life isn’t in tacked nor does it mean that we haven’t found ourselves. Shoot having strong opinions on subjects of race shows that one has found themselves and one knows where they stand in this world and people like us don’t fake the funk when it come to such subjects we keep it real and say what we mean not what someone wants to hear. So maybe Alaska is the place for you and your opinions cause its apparent you like snow and there is alot of it in Alaska, too each is on, but what you’re saying is BS. This is the real world baby and just like we have to deal with the SellOuts of the world you have to deal with sisters like myself that speak honostly and the truth. SMMFH!

            • SMHgurl24

              Hehe was actually looking into moving to Alaska for a bit. Gotta love the outdoors but honestly i’m neither white or in any kind of relationship and saying I have to be either of those to hold my opinion justifies my point even better. Yea we have a right to an opinion but that doesn’t mean i’m gonna keep my mouth shut about it. You have a very narrow view on the world and i’m not saying this out of malice its just the truth because if you really knew the reality of it, you would see that color doesn’t bring on suffering. Your opinions stem from hatred and ignorance and if thats what “keepin it real” means, then I would rather live w/rose colored glasses any day. Its actually kind of sad that people hide behind that “keepin it real” crap when all they wanna do it cause harm. As much as I would love to be enjoying Alaska and the snow, it seems that me and my opinions are needed on the main land. Heres a clue why don’t you look into whats really going on in the world and then ask yourself if ppl like me see through rose colored glasses.

  • sideeye

    He luvs white his ex is white too. Whatever

  • He has 4 children !! Two baby mommas

  • DTJ

    Many people dont realize that some of them wouldnt even be born if theyre parents didnt “sell out.” race and ethnicity have nothing to do with love

  • Prissy

    CONGRATS Sell Out!

    • bluekissess

      Why is he a sell out? Lol

      • Apparently any black person who date/marry a white person is considered a sellout. Then again, I could be wrong and it can be another reason.

        • bluekissess

          I figured that would be the answer. I wonder if he did enjoy the company of black women would he still be liked by black women?

          • i like him as an actor. i don’t care who he dates/marries….it’s no reflection on me. but apparently who he marries, is a reflection on some others, lol!

    • Mia

      I wouldn’t call him a sell out at all. Cornball is more accurate!

      • YouHeardMe!

        Okay a cornball SELLOUT! How’s that!