You Signed Up For The Wrong Show: Reality TV Stars Who Should’ve Been On A Different Series

December 21, 2012 ‐ By
Now that most of my favorite reality TV shows are a few seasons in, I’m starting to feel like I actually know the cast members, and the more I find out about them, the more I can’t help but feel like a few have signed up for the wrong show. I’m not talking about the typical, nobody on this show is really a basketball wife, so why are you wrongness, I mean people whose personalities and issues would actually make them better for a different series altogether.
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  • ♏ ®

    Jackie Christie belongs in the loony bin. Just that.

  • Moony

    Brande you need to go work for a production company or casting or something. Olivia does not need to be on LHH. You are so spot on. Her time was wasted on that show.

  • Moony

    This writer is a true pop culture fan! Lol You really did your work and it all makes sense. Jackie is Crazy and needs Iyanlya. Shaunie definitely belongs on Hollywood Exes. It really makes so much more sense.

  • I like Olivia, and think she is pretty decent when it comes to singing as well, but R&B Divas is a better place for her. I think she would benefit from the lack of drama!!

  • As much as I love her I would have to put Trina Braxton on celebrity rehab as well!!

  • Golden Girl

    Olivia idk! I give up on her. She isn’t doing anything with the frame from L&HH.

  • Darkfather504

    Houston we have a problem – Jackie Christie gets married every year

  • Maldrie

    I think some of you need to take the time out to R-E-A-D what was typed carefully before you comment. Any-who! KeKe just needs therapy to be able to let go of that pain she is holding inside of her from being hurt, once she is able to do that things will be better in her marriage and she will be able to trust her husband to be out of her sight without thinking the worst. He is not the other man that did her wrong so she needs to stop punishing him for the past man’s mistakes.

  • Kenya needs to be on Iyanla Fix my Life…or a new show that should be called “Hoe have a Seat.”

  • Numero Uno

    Wow. So many typos already and I’m only on page 4. Almost makes me not want to keep clicking through to the rest. Smh.

  • lena

    Jackie Christie also needs to be on TLC’s “What Not To Wear”

  • J Garnes

    Joseline, Mimi and Steebie definitely need to be on TLC and have a Sister Wives show! That mess would be pure fckery but entertaining nonetheless! I got a good chuckle out of this list!

  • who in the hell edits this flu ckery?

  • Miss_Understood

    I totally agree with this list

  • kb


  • So true.KeKe is crazy. and Her man is a dingbat for being ok with going everywhere she went.

  • NYC Gal

    All of these women are seeking fame because why would you want to embarrass yourself and getting peanuts for it.

  • Dawnn

    I was so tickled from Shaunie but it is true. She sit there and watch the rest of them act foolish and cuss and fight each other. She should at least got some guys staff to intervene when they do start fighting. I guess when you getting rich off your buddies acting ignorant and foolish, you just be laughing all the way to the bank. Shaunie does not want it to stop. She is making too much money.

  • realadulttalk

    I feel like every post since that open letter post has been a numerous page click–I feel as though you are trying to make a point. Someone let me know when a post has less than 3 pages.

    • Sheena

      Lol, still filled with errors though. And Brande’s work is usually flawless. Guess their giving their readers the middle finger saying they do’t care whether we come or not.

      • Shaela129

        Please do us all a favor and stay off the site if this truly urks you this badly. Really though!

      • Ally

        Maybe you both should write it yourselves then…

  • Erin George

    R&B Divas is a TV One show, not VH1. Don’t open with an error. Check your work.

  • this was a great list many of these are spot on