Who’s Having The Worst Week Ever? … Kenya Moore

December 15, 2012  |  

Source: Bravo

It was bad enough when we thought Kenya was just a ridiculously desperate, ring-thirsty, woman code-breaking reality TV wanna be housewife, but now that we know the, apparent, actress’s getup is all for show, we have no choice but to crown her as the holder of MN’s worst week ever title.

The shade for Kenya was going to be real no matter what this week as we saw her act a plum flirtatious fool while bouncing it up on Peter in Anguilla and making several indecent proposals toward Apollo, but the RHOA newbie’s supposed man, Walter, outing their relationship as nothing but a romance for the cameras left us all dumbfounded. We weren’t shocked their relationship was fake because he actually seemed interested in her, we were floored that someone would pretend to be so crazy and man-hungry all for the sake of a check.

Things didn’t get any better when everyone pretty much dismissed Kenya’s statement that she’s embarrassed to have allowed such a deceitful and hateful man in her life and decided she’s even crazier than they first thought and they’d appreciate if she stop giving g normal single women a bad name. Let’s just say this chick is not only not making any friends, she’s also losing fans. Maybe next week will be better for her.


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  • With a clip of her spinning around like a little girl pretending to be a flamenco dancer talking about some gone with the wind fabulous, I highly doubt next week is going to be any better for her.

  • Phillip g

    I think the person having the worst year is the poor girl Nene Leakes beat down after she caught Greg and her together. Nene aint playing when it comes to Greg, Werk it Nene

    • thedoggonetruth

      When did nene beat down another woman over greg?

    • mlw1924

      wht? Elaborate..

  • bluekissess

    Who’s having the worst week ever? The parents of those children who died in CT today. MN is a little insensitive right now. Kenya is able to take a couple more breaths. Kenya can celebrate Christmas with loved ones. Situations like these should put EVERYTHING in retrospect. God please BLESS those parents who lost a son, daughter, brother, sister husband & wife.

    • Megbabe

      You are right they are having the worst week ever. But MN is still going to update their site, it is a blog, and had they not updated anything we would complain about lack of new stories. Can’t win these days.

    • Pivyque

      That’s a matter of opinion. You know who I think is really having the worst week ever? People that have been abused (sexually, physically, verbally) every day this week. Losing someone is apart of life. Being abused shouldn’t be.

      • bluekissess

        I really didn’t post my comment as a debate. If you’ve read my comment I said things should be looked at in retrospect. Taking any kind of innocence from a children is horrible rather it be by gun or abuse. What’s bad is bad. Let’s not compete on which bad is worse than the other. Again that wasn’t the point of my comment.

        • Pivyque

          I read it. I wasn’t trying to start a debate. I was just stating who I thought had the worst week, but I can see how my post may have come off like that.

          • bluekissess

            Totally understandable. Happy Holidays & God Bless.

            • Pivyque

              🙂 Thanks! Same to you!

    • Kay

      Could you imagine a post that stated that? Who’s having the worst week ever? The parents of the kids that died in CT. Then people would have been in an uproar about the insensitive phrasing so they can’t win for losing

      • bluekissess

        I guess you can’t. MN is known to display and talk about the same topics and people have complained.