You Haven’t Learned Yet?! 15 Celebrities Who Keep Chasing After What’s No Good For Them

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What’s that saying, “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” These celebrities need to take a good, long, hard look at what that quote really means. There isn’t a person walking this earth who hasn’t gotten involved with one — maybe even two — men or women who they knew were no good from the start but just couldn’t resist the temptation to see what that be like. We can give that a pass. But when you keep chasing after the same thing — even the same person in some cases — that has left you heartbroken and worse off than you were when you met them we have no choice but to consider you insane and in need of a (wo)mantervention. Here are 15 celebs who just can’t stop chasing after what’s no good for them.


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Stuck on Stupid: Fantasia Barrino

It hurts me to see Fantasia so thirsty for Antwon Cook. She is really trying to make this work even though he let her be the other woman, dumped her, almost drove her to suicide, and then moved on to Kendra James. Now they’re back together and the beef she recently had with his family doesn’t bid well for their future success. Good luck chasing that dream girl.

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Allergic to a Good Man: Halle Berry

Some women just seem to like a dude that does them dirty. Wesley Snipes knocked her half deaf, she had to get a restraining order on David Justice, Eric Benet was a sex addict, Gabriel Aubrey was racist and we know Oliver Martinez can throw a punch. We hope you turn it around Halle, for Nahla’s sake at least.

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Addicted to Pipe: Any Woman Who Messes with Stevie

Stevie must be laying some major pipe. How else do you convince your bottom bish to go to a couples therapy session with your side chick? He’s got these women dic*-notized and that’s a tough sickness to cure. But like Halle, Mimi’s got a child to think of. She should have walked away the day after she met Stevie 15 years ago.

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He Won’t Do That to Me: Christina Milian

Why do chicks think that a man who will cheat on his wife to be with you won’t flip the script on them after the ring is on? Christina Milian learned that lesson the hard way when The Dream cheated on Nivea with her and then cheated on her with the secretary. Let’s hope she’ll do better next time.

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Putting Trust in the Wrong Place: Gilbert Arenas

Why would you date someone that you know is scandalous? Laura Govan wasn’t shamed to sleep with Shaunie’s husband while she was engaged to Gilbert. You may be in love but some chicks can’t be trusted. Gilbert and those other basketball wives better watch their backs, especially since she’s his wife now.

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Tapping a Dry Well: Lil’ Scrappy

Sometimes you’re thirsty but the well is dry. Lil’ Scrappy really wants to be with his fiancee Erica Dixon, but I think she’s just going through the motions. And we all know his “homie” Shay doesn’t have any real love for him. She is clearly just in it for her 15 minutes. When will Lil’ Scrappy stop chasing after chicks who have no love for him?

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Gambling with a Dog: Cassie

Diddy is 43 years old and I don’t think he’s ever so much as hinted that he would like to be married one day. Plus, look at the way he did Kim Porter. If he didn’t marry, or even remain faithful to, the mother of his children after several relationship rounds, what makes Cassie think a ring — or even fidelity is in her future?

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Young and Dumb: Traci Lynn Johnson

Some chicks are just too young and silly to know any better. I’m going to chalk up Traci’s decision to marry Tiki Barber — a man scandalous enough to leave his pregnant wife for you — to inexperience. We’ve all made a dumb decision or two before we were old enough to get some sense. Most of us didn’t marry that mistake though.

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The Babysitter’s Club: Demi Moore

We all know a chick who just can’t leave the babies alone. If he’s young enough to have come out of your hoo ha, he shouldn’t go in it. But Demi just refuses to learn the lesson. Right after Ashton left, Demi went after 26-year-old Vito Schnabel. When is she going to date a man her own age?

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The Shameless Player: Jesse James’s Conquests

The fact that chicks are still willing to date Jesse James just boggles my mind. This man has cheated with every woman he’s ever been with and he doesn’t even have enough shame to keep it on the DL. Now he’s engaged to drag racer Alexis DeJoria. I give the engagement another month before she finds her man caught out there with another chick who’s tat tat tatted up.

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The Gold Digger: Evelyn Lozada

At this point we don’t even know if Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco’s relationship was even real, but we do know that he headbutted her. If a man hits you once, he’ll do it again and Evelyn knew that because she admitted on “Iyanla Fix My Life” that there were signs this would happen. Fame and money can’t possibly be worth that type of humiliation.

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Gambling on the Rumor Mill: Trey Songz

Trey Songz is kind of a sketchy dude. And we’re not even talking about smacking that stripper in the face with a stack of bills. He is always surrounded by rumors. There’s chatter that he was having an affair with Jovan Belcher’s girlfriend, buzz that he dated Lauren London, and whispers that he and Keri Hilson get it in on the regular. Every time someone asks him about these stories he catches a ‘tude but perhaps he should pay more attention to the lady company he’s keeping.

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The Risk Taker: Kaylin Garcia

We all know a dude who doesn’t respect any women, from his mama to his jumpoff, but why would you date that man? Joe Budden beat on one ex, dogged out another, and kicked a woman out of his show just for telling the truth about his boring raps. What is his new girlfriend Kaylin Garcia thinking? He’s already Tweeted photos he took of her sleeping half naked. She already knew what she was signing up for, but apparently doesn’t care.

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The Confused Groupie: Draya Michelle

Who you choose to sleep with is your business, but why Draya is confused that people call her a groupie or homewrecker is beyond me. Perhaps if she chose to expand her dating pool just a bit beyond ballers, singers, and rappers she wouldn’t have so many problems. But as long as the money continues to be the motive, that bad rep will surely follow.

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Secret Love: Ciara

Why would you be with a man who won’t admit he’s dating you? If he can’t show you this basic level of respect, things are never going to get any better.

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